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This is a list of quotes by Dr. Crygor.


  • "ATTACK!"
  • "Amazing!"
  • "Brilliant!"
  • "Egad!"
  • "Eureka!"
  • "Excellent!"
  • "Flawless!"
  • "Gadzooks!"
  • "Genius!"
  • "Hurry!"
  • "Impossible!"
  • "Inconceivable!"
  • "It cannot be!"
  • "Mu ha ha ha!"
  • "No!"
  • "Not bad!"
  • "Ohhhh..."
  • "Aaaah!"
  • "OK!"
  • "Ridiculous!"
  • "Too bad."
  • "Unacceptable!"
  • "Unfortunate."
  • "Very nice."
  • "Voilá!"
  • "Yes!"
  • "You're doomed!"

Video games[edit]

WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$![edit]

  • "Hello. I am the genius Dr. Crygor. I made a miscalculation, and now I have an output error. Urgent. Flush this thing 15 times to restore order. My games are realistic. <player's name>, let us begin." — First Games description
  • "Hello. Dr. Crygor here. An experiment in fun is now in progress. <player's name>, your input is desired. My reality games are scientifically void of boredom." — Second Games description
  • "Very good, indeed. My <player's name> Theory was valid. Yes." — Outro
  • "I am the one, the only, Dr. Crygor. Scholars like me disapprove of falsehoods, so I cannot cope with unrealistic games. <player's name>, you know the difference, don't you? I should hope so." — Grid description
  • "Must...take...break." — Intermission
  • "My thirst must be quenched." — Intermission
  • "Which to drink?" — Intermission

WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$![edit]

  • "I've no interest in this diary nonsense. I've got SCIENCE stuff to do! But...Wario said he'd help with my rent if I wrote this for him. Science doesn't pay the bills, I'm afraid." — Booklet
  • "Do you recall the storm clouds that were hanging around last night? I made them rain... I did it with a little invention I created using the theory of balloonic entropy." — Booklet
  • "I've discovered the equation of success! The person playing the microgame when the balloon explodes is a loser! If you follow my directions, you surely will be the victor!" — Booklet
  • "Me? I'm the reknowned[sic] Dr. Crygor and the games I've invented are indeed thrilling. You must clear the game your[sic] presented with before the balloon explodes. You must focus!"
  • "I am Crygor. Yes, Doctor Crygor, genius without parallel."
  • "The game I have invented is an intensely innovative game that makes use of a balloon in ways unseen by lesser minds such as yours! I have attached a balloon to the top of the television. But this is no normal balloon! You see, it slowly inflates while the TV is on."
  • "The players of my game must take turns playing the microgames. If a player beats a microgame, that player goes to the end of the line, and the next player takes his turn. All players must continue playing microgames until they finally beat one."
  • "The other players may tap their A Buttons when they are not playing to inflate the balloon even more quickly. Clever, no?"
  • "Now for the genius of it all: whoever is still playing when the balloon bursts LOSES the entire game! Pure brilliance! I wish you all the very best of luck."

WarioWare: Twisted![edit]

  • "Muahahaha! With my new invention, I can defy the very law of gravity itself! I call it...THE GRAVITATOR!" — Booklet
  • "With my command over the force of gravity, nothing can stop me! Why, I can even walk on the ceiling! In fact, I'll test my hypothesis with a little jig right now!" — Booklet
  • "What's that, you say? If I alter gravity's pull, then we will all be (ahem) dancing on the ceiling? Good point. Would you like to become my assistant?" — Booklet
  • "All you have to do is tilt the GBA to change the direction of gravity. This should not be a difficult concept to grasp." — Booklet
  • "These'll turn your world upside-down!" — Speech bubble
  • "Hello. Crygor here. DOCTOR Crygor. In my games, I've found a way to manipulate the very power of GRAVITY ITSELF!!! It...sounds more complicated than it is. Just try it, and you'll see. Oh, yes... You'll ALL see... Moohahaha!!!" — Set description
  • "Spin the earth! Then you can boogie down up there!" — Intro
  • "The Gravitator is now complete!"
  • "I'm a genius!"
  • "Impressive! You cleared my stage! Did you enjoy my new invention?" — Outro
  • "My invention makes me the master of GRAVITY ITSELF!!! And now, I'm sharing this power with you. You'll need to learn how to control gravity if you want to win... YOU HEARD ME!" — Spindex description
  • "It's too powerful to be toyed with!"

WarioWare: Touched![edit]

  • "My labor of mechanical love is finally complete! I call it the "Tri-phonic Undulating Nanobot Automaton", or TUNA! With my brilliant TUNA, I can transform an apple core back to its original deliciousness!" — Booklet
  • "I have hypothesized that TUNA will allow me to live for at least another 437 years, during which time I can experiment continuously...while traveling in my flying space." — Booklet
  • "Use the wonders of centrifugal force to triumph over my scientifically challenging microgames! Simply plant your stylus firmly on the Touch Screen and spin and rotate it with vigor!" — Booklet
  • "Ahem! Dr. Crygor here. My research has yielded a dizzying array of Slightly Unscrewed microgames! (Can you accrue over 30 points?)" — Set description
  • "It's really quite simple: spin to win!" — Intro
  • "Mwahahahaha! It's finished! Behold my new invention! I must test it out!"
  • "Insert the remains of an apple... Turn... Recycled! Ha! It works! And... Wha?!" (in non-North American localizations and in the DSiWare version)
  • "I've been upgraded! Perfected, even!"
  • "The galaxy is my giant oyster!"
  • "Excellent! Prepare for liftoff!" — Outro
  • "My experiment is a freakish success!" — Intermission stage
  • "This karaoke robot will solve all my cleaning needs! I have named him...Mike! I should test him out! All systems on!"
  • "I'm going out for a while; clean the lab or something."
  • "Mike! Where have you been?! It's time to go back home!"
  • "How dare you say that?! I wrote your software!"

WarioWare: Smooth Moves[edit]

  • "I'm beat!" — Upon losing to Penny at the Invent-Off
  • "Salutations! Dr. Crygor at your service. My mechanical friend Mike is here as well. Our research shows that our stage requires a substantial amount of movement! The data we've compiled show you might even lose weight! Good luck!"
  • "Hrmph! You weren't even trying!"
  • "Well... I must give you credit."
  • "You might look a tad trimmer."
  • "You're pleasantly plump, but at least you're healthy!"
  • "A little more... Your clothes look tight!"
  • "Ah-ha! Perfect! The ideal body shape!"
  • "See? If you set your mind to something, it will happen!"
  • "You're a little thin, but you're a scrapper!"
  • "This is fine and all, but you don't look healthy."
  • "Is something wrong? Oh yes, the diet."
  • "You're working too hard! Everything in moderation!"
  • "Not even I thought you could lose so much!"
  • "Eek! You're so skinny I can't see you!"
  • "What happened?! You're all shriveled!"

Game & Wario[edit]

  • "Be my robot-building assistant." — Website
  • "Good day! Are you interested in robot design? Put your drawing skills to work for me, the great Dr. Crygor!"
  • "Ah, you must be my new assistant, <player's name>."
  • "Is this your first time designing robots? Don't worry, there's nothing to it!"
  • "All you have to do is follow my instructions and draw perfect lines!"
  • "If you score 300 points or more, you'll be recognized as a robot designer."
  • "What is this?!"
  • "What is this junk?! It's insulting! Get back to work and fix this right away!" — Scoring under Bronze
  • "It looks OK but seems really inefficient. Total waste of energy!" — Scoring over Bronze
  • "This is truly a fine effort. I'm almost impressed!" — Scoring over Gold
  • "With a little training, I think you could be a master robot designer. How'd you like to be my full-time apprentice?" — Outro

WarioWare Gold[edit]


  • "Why must fungi grow in such spooky climates? I'm all g-goose pimply."
  • "Aaah! Mike! Thank gallium. I mean, there you are!"
  • "I was worried about you!"
  • "Why did you run off like that? You know how much I miss you!"
  • "U-unknown?"
  • "Eee!"
  • "Is this just another prank, Mike, because [pranks are incompatible with (unintelligible).]"
  • "AAAH!"
  • "A robot? This is quite odd."
  • "This poor, poor robot!"
  • "Hm?"
  • "AAAH!"
  • "Ah! Ah! Ah! Aaah!"
  • "We couldn't abandon her in a haunted forest!"
  • "Whaa?"
  • "My fungi! I dropped them! They're back in that forest. Oh, Mike—"
  • "Oh! A brand-new concoction?"
  • "Oh, it smells...g-great."
  • "Oh! Ugh!"
  • "What? A pop star?! Of course I support you no matter what, but..."
  • "Wait! ... Penny! Oh! My voice. The tonality. It's effervescent!"
  • "I must agree. I-I quite like it. But the taste! It's worse than f-fermented dishwater! Eeeee!"
  • "Much better. That really did the trick."
  • "Maybe...the agonizing stomach pains?"
  • "Now...when will the effects wear off?"
  • "Uh...Penny?!"
  • "Oh! I have some hot moves of my own. Just watch...and learn. So nice!"
  • "Ooh!"
  • "All thanks to my...magnetic moves."
  • "Now let's split it up equally."


Winning a microgame[edit]
  • "Unbelievable!"
  • "Excellent!"
  • "Success!"
  • "Quite!"
  • "I see!"
  • "Marvelous!"
  • "Fascinating!"
  • "Looking for a job?"
  • "Perfect!"
  • "Exemplary!"
  • "Good work!"
  • "I'm simply giddy!" — Completing 15 microgames without losing a life
  • "Persistence is key!" — Completing 5 microgames with only one life
  • "I'm on pins and needles!" — Completing 5 microgames with only one life
  • "Exhilarating!" — Completing a microgame right before time runs out
  • "You sly dog." — Evading a trick
Losing a microgame[edit]
  • "WHAAAAT?!"
  • "But... how?!"
  • "Terrible results!"
  • "Unthinkable!"
  • "!"
  • "You're on thin ice!" — One life left
  • "I'm getting nervous!" — One life left
  • "Pull it together!" — Losing 3 microgames in a row
  • "Wake up, already!" — Idling
  • "You've been had!" — Falling for a trick
  • "Do you have what it takes?" — Start/Restart
  • "Crygorian genius!" — Start/Restart
  • "Eureka!" — Start/Restart
  • "Time to hustle!" — Speed up
  • "Keep up!" — Speed up
  • "Steel yourself!" — Boss microgame
  • "I can't watch!" — Boss microgame with only one life
  • "How advantageous!" — 1-up
  • "I'm so relieved!" - 1-up after only one life
  • "Realize your earning potential!" — Bonus
  • "Up for a challenge?" — Level up
  • "How unfortunate..." — Game over
  • "That was... painful." — Game over
  • "I like your determination!" — Continuing
  • "I like those results!" — New high score
  • "You should be proud!" — Scoring above Mission requirement
  • "Well done!" — Scoring at least 2/3 of Mission requirement
  • "HAHA! WE ESCAPED!" — Story complete
  • "I congratulate you!" — Outro
  • "Don't be a stranger!" — Quit


  • "They call me Dr. Crygor, the genius!"
  • "This calls for tea!"
  • "Hmmm."
  • "Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm..."
  • "Listen closely."
  • "I'm so grateful!"
  • "Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
  • "Eh ha ha."
  • "Of course."
  • "I'm a jack of...nearly all trades!"
  • "Greetings!"
  • "Hmm..."
  • "How dare you?!"
  • "Ooh hoo, ooh..."


WarioWare: Get It Together![edit]


  • "Hrmm... am I swimming? Am I flying? Paddle, paddle, paddle! Look at my flippers go!"
  • "Indeed, what the gallium is going on around here?"
  • "I don't recall my level looking like this at all."
  • "Ah! You're here too? Extraordinary!"
  • "My part of the game... something's gone awry! Do you know what it might be?"
  • "Game bugs? Glitches? Wonderful! I shall be sure to study them in my laboratory!"
  • "They work!" (spoken)
  • "Precisely!" (spoken)
  • "Not again!"
  • "You see! I AM a genius!"
  • "It is me, Dr. Crygor, the genius scientist! My level is finally back to normal... Urk! Pity, then, that my stomach is full of aches! I made some High Tech games for you. I must head to the restroom rather immediately, so here—try to beat my futuristic games! Just don't break them. Urk!" — Second stage description
  • "Mike! There you are! I'm not letting you out of my sight again. You're coming with us."
  • "What's with all the bouncing? You look like a couple of tiny kangaroos!"
  • "It is rather s-s-spooky!"
  • "I am not! My superior intellect is incapable of such an irrational fear."
  • "I say! The corruption is particularly pervasive here."
  • "My intellect IS truly formidable, but this... this is rather beyond even me."
  • "Ah! I've got it! Let's see if my granddaughter Penny can be of assistance."
  • "Alright then, I'll give Penny a call."
  • "Ah, so glad you're here! Allow me to explain..."

Winning a microgame[edit]

  • "Marvelous!"
  • "I see!"
  • "Indeed!"
  • "Superb!"
  • "Remarkable!"
  • "Perfection!" — Completing long microgame before bomb starts ticking
  • "'Twas nothing!" — Completing long microgame before bomb starts ticking
  • "Correct!" — Completing IQ/choice-based microgame
  • "Precisely!" — Completing IQ/choice-based microgame
  • "My, my!" — Winning after being KO'd within microgame
  • "But of course!" — Completing microgame when considered the best fit
  • "Auspicious...!" — Completing microgame when considered the worst fit
  • "Exciting!" — Completing 10 microgames without losing a life
  • "Carry on!" — Completing 5 microgames with only one life

Losing a microgame[edit]

  • "Nauseating!"
  • "I say, now!"
  • "A travesty!"
  • "For shame!"
  • "Nonsense!" — Losing IQ/choice-based microgame
  • "That stings!" — Losing after KO'd in microgame
  • "Ruuude!" — Losing after KO’d in microgame
  • "Impossible!" — Losing microgame when considered the best fit
  • "Dreadful..." — Losing microgame when considered the worst fit
  • "Beware!" — One life left
  • "Oh dear..." — Losing 3 microgames in a row
  • "It burns..." — Burned

Microgame intermission[edit]

  • "Let's begin!" — Game start
  • "For science!" — Ready
  • "Of course!" — Ready
  • "I'm honored!" — Ready
  • "Faster! Chop-chop!" — Speed up
  • "Quickly, now!" — Speed up
  • "Steady, now!" — Boss stage
  • "The pressure!" — Boss stage with only one life
  • "A successful experiment!" — Story completion
  • "Thank gallium!" — 1-Up
  • "Riches await!" — Bonus stage
  • "Most amusing!" — Level up
  • "I'm done for..." — Game Over
  • "Back to the drawing board..." — Game Over
  • "What a score!" — New high score
  • "Impressive results!" — Scoring above Master Mission requirement
  • "Not bad at all!" — Scoring above Expert Mission requirement
  • "Another go it is!" — Play again/Continue
  • "I have work to do." — Continuing on first playthrough
  • "My work here is done..." — Quit

Break Room[edit]

  • "Dr. Crygor at your service!" — Select
  • "The experiment... begins!" — Select
  • "Genius at work!" — Select
  • "Splendid I say, splendid!" — ↑↑↑ Prezzy
  • "I am grateful, to be sure." — ↑↑ Prezzy
  • "You have my thanks." — Prezzy
  • "I shall accept this." — Prezzy
  • "Oh, honestly, now!" — Prezzy
  • "I am a genius, after all." — Level up


WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! Japanese diary entries[edit]

It has been requested that this section be rewritten. Reason: Needs grammar check

February 28

From now on, I would like to write about the results of my research. But the research is a secret! It would be a problem if someone stole my research. Today's research was definitely good, but at the end it failed and exploded. Even if it explodes, I don't have hair, so it won't become afro.

March 1

Today's research didn't go very well. Maybe a little more alcohol would be better. It was my luck to think so...

What happened after that is left to your imagination.

March 2

Today I went to 9-Volt's house to play a game, and discovered a strange object. It was a yellow, square creature, but what the heck was that? I would like to make it a new research target.

March 3

Listen, today, I did a little experiment.

I attempted to heat gummy candy using a frying pan. After some time, many bubbles came out. I scooped them with a spoon and ate them. It tasted really good! A definite recommendation for all of you.

But, there are three things to be aware of. First, try not to get burned! Hot gummies are very hot. I burned my tongue, and it still stings... Second, cold gummies stick to your teeth, unlike normal candy! Lastly, completely cooled gummies get really hard; most probably due to lack of foam. It's like candy, and it's tasty when you lick it.

Try them out if you have the chance.

March 4

Today was my worst day.
Do you know the jetpack I invented? It's an excellent item that allows you to fly in the sky if you carry it on your back, but today I used it to go to the city to buy research materials. Then, to my surprise, I ran out of fuel while I was flying, and I almost fell... I had no choice but to pick up a taxi and send it to the port, and from there I swam back to the island where my lab was located.
As expected, I almost drowned on the way.

Oh, I forgot to buy research materials...

March 5

I repaired my jetpack and life-support suit today. It was an easy task for a genius like me, but the impact from the fall still hurts... Maybe I should've increased the battery capacity of my jetpack.

March 6

I did a little experiment today. Well, listen.

When I'm tired of research, I always drink tea with glitter, but today I also wanted to drink coffee. But I also want to drink the usual tea. So I decided to mix coffee and tea.

The color became coffee-like, but the aroma was more potent than tea. It's strange. I decided to try it. It's not good...
How can I say it? The synergistic effect of the bitterness of coffee and the bitterness of black tea makes it taste incomprehensible... It tastes like both coffee and black tea, but it seems my tongue doesn't know how to react.

In a particular country, this drink is sold commonly. Is there a difference between what I made and how it was blended?
As you get used to the taste, it may gradually become delicious.

I need to do some more research.

March 7

Great discovery! After drinking coffee and tea yesterday, I don't feel like drinking coffee or tea at all! If you apply this, you can stop drinking and smoking quickly. Let's announce it at the next academic conference.

March 8

Today I was invited by Wario-kun to have a barbecue on the beach. I was asked to bring a dish of ingredients, but I hadn't had a barbecue in decades, so I needed to figure out what to grill. So I got a special drink I invented to make him intelligent, but Wario-kun drank it all. I was still experimenting. Well, just right. Let's observe Wario-kun's progress.

March 9

Wario-kun's condition after drinking a special drink seems to be quite good. It was quite a powerful drug, but it might be because Wario-kun could endure it. However, when he excreted, he returned to their original state. Let's continue the experiment.

March 10

When I was about to buy some research materials I forgot to buy the other day, it rained for the first time. So, I went shopping with a "rainy-weather jetpack" that I devised, but I left in my usual outfit, so I was soaked...

March 11

Do you guys know? If you eat gum and chocolate together, the gum will melt.

Long ago, when I was a child of ten, I discovered this fact and excitedly told my friends about it, but no one believed me. But I remember researching with different gums and reporting my findings to my friends before they finally believed me. Around that time, I began to aim to become a researcher.

In subsequent research, I found that gum was soluble in oil. That's why it seems to melt chocolate and anything with oil content. However, it is not recommended since the body does not digest melted gum. Only those who are confident in their body should try it.

March 12

I had a hard time today. I was walking elegantly in the sky with my jetpack, but I fell asleep partly because of the fine weather. And when I woke up, I was lying under the building. It looks like it hit a building. Do you have to turn on the drowsy driving prevention function?

March 13

Do you people know? Each strand of hair has its rate of growth and lifespan.

According to my research results, hair grows about 0.3 mm per day. However, eyelashes and eyebrows grow slower than that, so even if you don't bother to cut them, the hair will reach the end of its life and fall out.

Of course, this experiment was done when my hair was still thick.

March 14

Today, with the help of Orbulon, I researched a spaceship. Among the planets in the universe, there are many places where civilization is more developed than the earth, and the world where Orbulon was born is one of them. I could refer to the structure of the spaceship of Orbulon considerably. If you add my technique to this, you can do something extraordinary.

March 15

I haven't been getting enough exercise recently, so when I was dancing flamenco, my leg was cramped, and I struggled for about half a day... Phew, it hurt...

March 16

Kat & Ana's swords were modified by me into high-tech swords, but today Kat brought them with her saying that her sword was broken. When I wondered how it was broken, it was just that the battery was dead...

March 17

Today, 9-Volt brought his skateboard with him saying that it was broken. This is also a skateboard that I modified, but the air intake part was certainly broken. It seemed to be clogged with something, so when I disassembled it, I found a large amount of powder from the fire extinguisher. I hope you don't treat me harshly.

March 18

Today, Orbulon came to ask me to repair the spacecraft. Sheesh! I'm not a repairman! However, I was able to refer to spaceship technology quite a bit. In a year or so, I might be able to build my own spaceship.

March 19

Wario came to the lab today. And, surprisingly, he said, "I'm going on a space trip tomorrow, so build a spaceship by that time!" Yesterday, I had just said that I might be able to make one in a year or so, but I felt like I had lost to Wario and refused.

Hmmm! There is no such thing as something that I, a genius, cannot create! Let's start working on it all night now!

March 20

I made it... I never thought I could build my masterpiece spaceship in just one day. I'm a genius scientist. However, there are about a hundred places where I'm a little uneasy...

Wario invited me to go on a space trip as well. I've been thinking about doing space research, and I'd like to see how the spacecraft works with my own eyes, so it's a good time.

I'll go.

April 15

How strange! It would have been nice to go out into space on a spaceship, but as soon as I warped, I came back to Diamond City! Moreover, the date is April 15th!!...It seems that I was going to build a spaceship, but ended up building a time machine...As expected of a genius scientist...

April 16

I've done a lot of research yesterday and today to find out why the time machine was created, but I still don't know the cause. In the first place, warp may mean going beyond time. Since the spaceship was just copied from Orbulon's, I don't understand the principle of warp properly... I think I need to study it a little more.

April 17

I had an argument with Spitz today about time slips. He seems to be interested in Sci-Fi, so I asked him to tell me a detailed story, and I became quite motivated. If I could move freely through time, other research would go much further, but...

April 18

As I researched time slips, I realized that I needed to study more before researching. I often do not understand what my predecessors in physics were doing. I can't help it because it's a little out of my field of expertise, but there's no way I, a genius, can't understand it. ...Do you want to study?

April 19

Hey? Come to think of it, is Mega Microgame$! already on sale? Will the game be well received? I was curious, so I asked the children of Diamond City. Then the answer was, "The demo is interesting!"

April 20

Dribble came in today saying that the taxi was in trouble. I just took a look and it's pretty bad. There were rattles here and there. It seems that the car has finally become unbearable after driving recklessly. But it was often treated so roughly. He said he would take care of the car a little more.

April 21

I received a report from Mona collecting her impressions of playing Mega Microgame$!. ...It seems that no one has written much about me. The game itself is interesting, but... Some people wrote that they wanted to be my assistant, but you need to be prepared to become my assistant, right? There may even be human experiments. If possible, it would be nice to have someone with a strong body like Wario...

April 22

Wario came to ask for his bike to be repaired. When he wondered what was broken, the seat was torn. He said he farts too much!

If you use this, it might be the driving force of the bike.

April 23

Today I would like to report a study on tobacco. Listen.

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you. Not only is the incidence of cancer greatly increased, but it also makes people more susceptible to respiratory and circulatory diseases. Some studies have shown that smokers shorten their life expectancy by 22 years. In addition, I think rough skin, dull skin, increased wrinkles, and the progress of aging are serious problems for women. People often say, "Smoking makes my head clearer," but that's simply because the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine withdrawal have been suppressed. It seems that many people who become addicted to drugs have a hard time quitting it. Cigarettes are harmful not only to those who smoke, but also to those around them. If you want to take care of yourself and the people around you, you should definitely stop smoking.

April 24

I received a call from Wario asking me to attend a round-table discussion on Mega Microgame$!. I was busy with his studies, but I was threatened that he would destroy the lab if he didn't come, so I reluctantly decided to go. The round-table discussion ended in about three hours, but it was quite useful as a reference, such as how to inspire. Isn't it possible to apply the ideas for game creation directly to research? Hmmm.

April 25

I've been thinking about it for a long time, but I'm going to end my diary today. The reason is that I will study the time machine in earnest. I want to immerse myself in research, but the people around me seem to misunderstand me as a handyman or something, and I'm only asked to do repairs, so I can't really do my research. I'd like to have a little more organized time, so I'm thinking of making the lab off-limits as well. Let us know if you have any good results. Please wait until then.

Made in Wario manga[edit]

  • 「まずは天才科学者てんさいかがくしゃのわしのゲームじゃ!!新開発しんかいほつのチップを搭越とうごうした・・・におうメイドインワリオ!!」 "First up is my game as a genius scientist!! With newly-developed microchips... This is Niō Made in Wario!!"
  • 「ミニゲームをクリアすると・・・・・・においチップから素敵すてきかおりが!!」 "If you win the microgame... a nice scent emanates from the computer chips!!"
  • 「だがゲームをミスすると・・・悪臭あくしゅうが!!」 "But if you lose the microgame... STINK!!"
  • 「おおさすが社長しゃちょうじゃ!!」 "Oh, that's the President!!"

WarioWare: Smooth Moves Japanese blog[edit]

  • 「ワリオクンか……。わるくないが、機械きかいがクサくなりそうだ。」 "Is it Mr. Wario? The machine seems to be stinking, but it's not quite as bad." — Comment on Penny's blog entry dated December 15, 2006

Miiverse Sketch Masterpiece Collection video[edit]

On a drawing of a close-up of a frog
  • 大胆だいたんじゃな!」"So bold!"
On a crude drawing of a frog
  • まえはいいんだがうしろあしざつだな…。」"The front is fine, but the hind legs are rough..."
On a drawing of a roughly-drawn front view of a frog
  • ひとちゅうはいってそうじゃの。」"People are going inside."
On a drawing of a semi-realistic frog
  • 「リアルじゃ!!」 "It's so real!!"
On a drawing of a scribbled frog eating a fly
  • 「ムシをうリアリティとカワイイかおのギャップがいいのう。」 "Liking the gap between the bug-eating reality and the adorable face."
On a rough drawing of a frog opening its mouth
  • せんまよいがない!達筆たっぴつじゃな。」 "No hesitation in the line! Skillful handwriting."