List of quotes from the Mario Tennis series

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This is a list of quotes from the Mario Tennis series; the quotes are listed by game, and then by character.

Mario Tennis (Game Boy Color)[edit]

Princess Daisy[edit]

  • "Welcome, Nina/Alex. You sure are an aggressive player."
  • "Welcome, Nina/Alex. Welcome, Kate/Harry. You two combine for some aggressive play."
  • "You truly are an incredible player!"
  • "I have never seen teamwork as good as yours! You're amazing!"

Mario Tennis (Nintendo 64)[edit]


  • "Let."
  • "Fault!"
  • "Double fault."
  • "Out."
  • "Net."


  • "First/Second/Final Set. Service, (character)."
  • "Let."
  • "1st/2nd Serve."
  • "Love-15." - 0-15
  • "Love-30." - 0-30
  • "Love-40." - 0-40
  • "15-Love." - 15-0
  • "15-All." - 15-15
  • "15-30." - 15-30
  • "15-40." - 15-40
  • "30-Love." - 30-0
  • "30-15." - 30-15
  • "30-All." - 30-30
  • "30-40." - 30-40
  • "40-Love." - 40-0
  • "40-15." - 40-15
  • "40-30." - 40-30
  • "Deuce." - 40-40
  • "Advantage Server." - Adv.-40
  • "Advantage Receiver." - 40-Adv.
  • "Game Point."
  • "Game (character)."
  • "Change Court."
  • "Break Point"
  • "Tiebreaker."
  • "1-0."
  • "1-All."
  • "2-0."
  • "2-1."
  • "2-All."
  • "3-0."
  • "3-1."
  • "3-2."
  • "3-All."
  • "4-0."
  • "4-1."
  • "4-2."
  • "4-3."
  • "4-All."
  • "5-0."
  • "5-1."
  • "5-2."
  • "5-3."
  • "5-4."
  • "5-All."
  • "6-0."
  • "6-1."
  • "6-2."
  • "6-3."
  • "6-4."
  • "6-5."
  • "Set Point."
  • "Game & Set (character)."
  • "Match Point."
  • "Championship Point." - only if going to win the match and tournament in Tournament Mode
  • "Game, Set & Match (character)."
  • "Oh, stop it!"
  • "Hey, come-a back here!" (after Wario snatches Mario's trophy in his victory cutscene)
  • "Congratulations!"
  • "Oh, *cries*... Poor Mario..." (lose)


  • (crying) "Ohhh ho ho ho ho! Ohhh ho ho hooo!"
  • "Oh boy, Luigi win! Hahaha! I win, I win, I win, I win! Luigi win, Luigi win-d'oh! Hey, my trophy."
  • "Come-a back here! What's the matter for you?!"
  • "Ohhh, my trophy!"

Princess Daisy[edit]

  • "Alright!"
  • "Here we go."
  • "Oh, no!"
  • "Yippee! Yahoo! Oh, thank you! Thank you all! Thank y-woah!"


  • "Look! I'ma dance! I'ma sing! I'ma so happy! Hahahahah!"
  • "Hehehe. You guys are having a party?"
  • "Mamma mia!"
  • "Uh-oh!"


  • "I win! I win! Ha ha ha!"
  • "Wario number one, Wario! Wario number one, Wario! Wario number one, Wario! Wario number one, Wari-oww!"
  • "What's going on here?!"
  • "Mamma mia..."

Mario Power Tennis[edit]


  • "First/Second/Third/Fourth/Final set, (character) to serve."
  • "Love-15."
  • "Love-30."
  • "Love-40."
  • "15-love."
  • "15-all."
  • "15-30."
  • "15-40."
  • "30-love."
  • "30-15."
  • "30-all."
  • "30-40."
  • "40-love."
  • "40-15."
  • "40-30."
  • "Deuce."
  • "Advantage, server/receiver."
  • "Tiebreaker"
  • "1-0"
  • "1-all"
  • "2-0"
  • "2-1"
  • "2-all"
  • "3-0"
  • "3-1"
  • "3-2"
  • "3-all"
  • "4-0"
  • "4-1"
  • "4-2"
  • "4-3"
  • "4-all"
  • "5-0"
  • "5-1"
  • "5-2"
  • "5-3"
  • "5-4"
  • "5-all"
  • "6-0"
  • "6-1"
  • "6-2"
  • "6-3"
  • "6-4"
  • "6-5"
  • "Game point."
  • "Break point."
  • "Game, server/receiver."
  • "Set point."
  • "Game and set, server/receiver."
  • "Match point."
  • "Championship point."
  • "Game, set and match, server/receiver."


  • (at the end of the intro) "Hey, Mamma-mia!"
  • "Sorry, bro."
  • "Let's-a play!"
  • (in the intro) "I got it!"
  • "Yah! Wahoo! Yeah!"
  • "Ohh. Mamma mia. (sighs)"
  • "Yeah, hoo-hoo-hoo! Hoo-hoo! Luigi, ha-ha! Nice job, way to go, ha-ha!"
  • "I love you so much. I love you."
  • "Look out!"


  • "Oh, this looks bad..."
  • "Ow, my nose..."
  • "We did it!"
  • "Hey, where are you going?"
  • "Luigi ready!"
  • "Luigi time!"
  • "Go, Luigi! Yeah!"
  • "Huh? Oh, no!" (*cries*)
  • "Yeah, yay, wahoo, yeah!"
  • "Uh, oh....."
  • "Congratulations."
  • "Yay! Congratulations."
  • "Hey, are you okay?"


  • "Yoshi!"
  • "Smash!"
  • "Bummmmm!!"

Diddy Kong[edit]

  • "I'm Diddy, hoo-hoo!"
  • "Come on!"


  • "Here's your trophy!"

Bowser Jr.[edit]

  • "This game... It stinks! It stinks! IT STINKS! STINKS!!"
  • "Yes!"
  • "I'm comin'!"
  • "My turn!"
  • "Take this!"
  • "Whoo-hoo!"
  • "Heheha! Wheeee!"

Princess Daisy[edit]

  • "Hi!"
  • "Alright."
  • "Thank you."
  • "Hey sweetie, I'll take that."
  • "Tch! I'm so sure!"
  • "Tch! Whatever!"
  • "Alright, yes, I won! Take that!"
  • "Hey! Come on!"
  • "Yes-yes! We did it, we won! High-five! Yes!"
  • "Aw, man!"

Princess Peach[edit]

  • "Hi!"
  • "Service!"
  • "I won! Oh, yay for me!"
  • "Over here!"
  • "With Love!"
  • "Get it together."
  • "Look out!"
  • "Oh, Luigi!"
  • "Oh, no! I lost? How could I lose?"
  • "Congratulations!"


  • "Camelot! (laughs)"
  • "Oh, no, wa ha ha ha ha..."
  • "(sings) Heh-heh-he-heh-heh!"
  • "Peach Dome Tournament... aah, that's us!"
  • "Uh oh, run away!"
  • "This way... ah, wait for me!"
  • "They hate us."
  • "Ready... aim... fire!"
  • "Don't expect mouth-to-mouth."
  • "Sorry! Hee hee hee."
  • "Heh heh. He walks funny."
  • "Take this, Mr. Eyeballs!"
  • "Eh... Cut!"
  • "Hey, prop guy!"
  • "Look out!"
  • "Waluigi!"
  • "Waaaa-luigi time! Waluigi win!"
  • "Oh no, I lost! AAAAWWW! Grrr..."


  • "Nintendo! Heh heh heh heh heh heh."
  • "Yours!"
  • "Cheaters..."
  • "Gimme that! Crazy-eyeballed man!"
  • "It's the fuzz!"
  • "What's this dump?"
  • "Oh, shut up."
  • "What the heck is going on... what?"
  • "Wario time!"
  • "Wario!"
  • "Oh no! Somebody cheated. I CAN'T LOSE!!!"
  • "Stupid..."
  • "Hello? Ma, I told you not to call me here, I'm making a video."
  • "Heh heh heh, I won! I won, I won! I won I won I won! I won, I won! I won I won I won!"

Mario Tennis: Power Tour[edit]


  • "I was so happy they came to visit me."
  • "I thought I'd never see them again, but they came back to see me... I feel like the happiest guy ever."
  • "They were worried panic would break out if people found out who they were."
  • "They want us to be good enough to win at the Island Open. That's what they're hoping for. If we win, then you can bet they'll come for us."


  • "We know you can't send all of us. But that's why we all work so hard to be chosen!"


  • "Being considerate of your opponents is a wonderful thing."
  • "But if you're going to keep fighting, focus your energy on winning. That's what sports is all about."
  • "Stay on your toes."


  • "OK, you got it. Time to stop you in your tracks."


  • "That must be some player to clear Master level."
  • "Watching a strong player like this, I forgot I was a coach... I feel like I'm a player again myself."
  • "Heh heh. Spinning around actually feels pretty good. Thanks to the power of Kate's rear end, I'm no longer afraid of spinning machines."

Royal Tennis Academy Headmaster[edit]

  • "In every competition, there are winners and losers. That doesn't make losing any easier, though."
  • "You can never know the outcome of a match until you actually play. It's a good thing to bear in mind, don't you think?"
  • "Skill is key, of course, but even the most talented player can lose if his luck turns sour."
  • "It's a lot of pressure, I know, but you can't let it affect your game. That's why I'm saying this."
  • "You can use that anger to help you win, but remember, you're there because you love tennis!"
  • "Playing in the Island Open proves you're the academy's best. That alone is worth it."
  • "Just do your best. We're all with you out there!"
  • "You represent the best the academy has to offer. Do us all proud."
  • "I'm getting all worked up just thinking about what this year's competition will be like!"
  • "I hereby declare the opening of the Island Open Doubles Division Tournament!"


  • "When you played Master level, it was beautiful. I got goosebumps just watching."
  • "If you join our ranks, we'll win the Island Open for sure. Don't slack off, now."
  • "Next, try for the high score. Keep at it. See you later."
  • "It's OK. I'm free at the moment."
  • "A sportsman learns with his head and remembers with his body."
  • "Harry says he's gotten over his trouble with things that make his head spin and is going to challenge the Swift Spin, too."


  • "Not another word!"
  • "Yeah, well, just make sure you keep this to yourselves."
  • "One look at your faces, and I know you heard everything we were talking about. Become the best players around, and maybe you'll get to know who those masked players are."
  • "Listen up, folks! Ranking match time. Open the court."
  • "If you want in the Island Open, then fight like there's no tomorrow!"


  • "I counted on you and all you did was screw up! ...Well, I guess I did, too."
  • "How dare you knock us out of the standings! I'll get my revenge! Mark my words!"


  • "Stop, stop!"
  • "So now you know. That's why they wore masks, and that's why their identities are a secret."
  • "You should have thrown in the towel earlier. It's your tenacity that did you in, you know."
  • "I'm serious. People thought you might just give up and quit once you, um, regained consciousness."
  • "However, you won't be getting any special treatment, you know. That's not the way to improve."
  • "I'm Coach Mark. Welcome to the academy, Clay. Glad to have you here."
  • "Clear the court! We're holding a ranking match."
  • "Sore losers... If you're gonna keep winning, you'd better get used to the losers hating you for it."
  • "I beat a lot of players in my time - stole their dreams, tromped on their hearts to make varsity. But I told myself for every player I beat, I'd work extra hard to make up for their dreams."
  • "Even the best players can't play to the fullest without teamwork."
  • "Just because you're number one in the junior doesn't mean you can rest. Go get those seniors!"


  • "I've never heard of players named Clay and Ace. They should be easy. They may just call it a day once they see that shot I've got."

Princess Peach[edit]

  • "It is so nice to see our tournament champion again."


  • "Once they started scoring on us, I got flustered, and before I knew it, we'd lost."


  • "Good morning, Clay. ... ... You'd better be awake, 'cuz I'm coming in!"
  • "I sure hope he's not dead..."
  • "Seriously, I oughta brain whoever thought up the academy's "trademark" Welcome Workout..."
  • "You did all right out there. You'll make an OK partner."
  • "So MOVE it, Clay! Get outta bed RIGHT NOW!"
  • "I was worried we'd be burying you out behind the courts..."
  • "Alex and the other coaches lost to the masked players. I can't even believe it..."
  • "But still, those guys... They play like nobody I know. Their shots were just incredible!"
  • "Well, duh! Why do you think we're asking!? Who are they?"
  • "Good luck to both of us!"
  • "Looks like you're all set to go!"
  • "But don't start slacking off just because I'm with you... I need a dependable partner."
  • "What's wrong with being tenacious? As far as I can tell, that's a good sign."


  • "You're right. I may be out of luck for tennis, but I can still win in other ways..."
  • "After Clay's team knocked you down to second place, shouldn't you be more... I dunno, chastened?"
  • "You two get to the final and whip Elroy and Tori good. I'll be rooting for you."