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This is a list of quotes by Toadette.


Mario Kart series[edit]

Mario Kart: Double Dash!![edit]

  • "Oh, I lost! Poor me!"
  • "Whoo hoo!"
  • "Yahoo! I'm the winner! Woohoo!"
  • "Not bad!"
  • "Hey!"
  • "Yo!"
  • "Yahoo!"

Mario Kart Wii[edit]

  • "Oh no! Next time!"
  • "Oh yeah, I did it!"
  • "Okay!"
  • "Alright!"
  • "Bye!"
  • "Bye bye!"
  • "Red team's the best!"
  • "Blue team's the best!"
  • "Alright! Not bad!"
  • "Okay! Not bad!"
  • "Ha ha! I did it!!!"
  • "Hey! Okay! Okey dokey!"

Mario Kart 8[edit]

  • "Yahoo!"
  • "Wheels up!"
  • "Ya-hey, I won!"
  • "Okey dokey!"
  • "Oh no..."
  • "Here I go!"
  • "Watch out!"
  • "All right!"
  • "Bye!"

Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix[edit]

  • "Hey, what's the deal?! What did you do to my hotel? It looks like a corkscrew now! Nobody wants to vacation in a corkscrew!"
  • "See, that didn't take very long, Mr. I'm-in-a-rush! It looks good as new!"
  • "I hear you guys are looking for some shiny globes?"
  • "I saw them, you know. They flew in that direction."
  • "But...the sea is fraught with danger! Fraught, I tell you! Hey, I'm not done talking!"

Mario Party series[edit]

Mario Party 6[edit]

  • "I'm the winner!"

Mario Party 7[edit]

  • "Mushroom."
  • "Yay! I'm the Superstar!" (Becoming the Superstar)
  • "Woo-hoo! I'm a winner!"
  • "Oh, I lost!"
  • "Let’s go!"
  • "Yeah, I got it!"
  • "Oh, no!"
  • "Woo-hoo!"
  • "Yess!"
  • "Yeah!"
  • "I’m not scared!"
  • "I did it!"

Mario Party 8[edit]

  • "Mario Party 8!"
  • "Toadette's the winner!"
  • "We're the winners!"
  • "Yippee, yeah!"
  • "Yowsers!"
  • "Yeah!"
  • "Nyeeh!"
  • "Yeah! I did it!"
  • "I'm a Superstar!"
  • "We're all Superstars!"
  • "Cool!"
  • "Yeee haaa!"
  • "Eek! Nonono!"
  • "Whoopee!"
  • "Woo hoo!"
  • "Wa ha ha ha!"
  • "Ohhhhhh!""

Mario Party DS[edit]

  • "That dumb Hammer Bro is beating up my music instruments! Get rid of him!"
  • "Thank you! Here's something for your troubles. It fell from the sky!"

Mario Party 10[edit]

  • "Oh, yeah!"
  • "Aww."
  • "Yeah!"
  • "OHHHHH!!"
  • "Yee-haw!"'
  • "Whoopee!"
  • "Whee-hee-hee!"

Mario Party: The Top 100[edit]

  • "Battle (number) has finished!"
  • "(players) did wonderfully!"
  • "Everyone got an amazing score!"
  • "If you didn't score so well, keep your chin up and try again!"

Super Mario Party[edit]

  • "We're in the homestretch now!" (When landing on the Star Space in the Homestretch)
  • "You got a Star in the homestretch! Well played!" (When buying a star in the Homestretch)
  • "Amazing! First (Character) got a Star, then (Character) did the same!" (When both characters buy a star in Partner Party)

Mario Super Sluggers[edit]

  • "Please! You have to help us! Stop Bowser Jr. as soon as you can!"
  • "You can get to the back of the garden from here, but..."
  • "Hmmm... Toad Flower Garden has been rearranged! Can you fix the path, please?"
  • "Thank you so much! Now you can see what's happening back there!"
  • "Maybe we can fix the flooded fountain, too."
  • "Please! Take me with you!"
  • "I want to do my part to protect this island and all the ballparks Princess Peach built!"
  • "You need me! I won't take no for an answer!"
  • "Princess... I... This is difficult to say, but..."
  • "Woo-hoo!"

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam[edit]

  • "That's it! Juuuump!"
  • "Oh, hi there!"
  • "Look at what I made!"
  • "It has lots of interchangeable parts, so it's super versatile."
  • "And it took me three hours to build."
  • "It's true. Sometimes my genius frightens even me."
  • "My next project is gonna be a life-sized papercraft for you guys!"
  • "Good luck on your adventure!"
  • "I wish I could go with you... I'm actually getting pretty good at this adventuring thing."
  • "A Copy Block? Why didn't I think of that?"
  • "Paper, eh? How intriguing!"
  • "With my brain and these guys' dexterity... Well, the possibilities are very exciting!"
  • "I'm going to check out what they're cooking up."
  • "Who knows? Maybe we'll end up collaborating on something amazing!"
  • "I knew it!"
  • "Bowser's minions already have a new papercraft!"
  • "Exactly! That's bad news with a capital B! And N!"
  • "This is a job for a brave and braided genius...Toadette!"
  • "OK, let's get down to brass tacks."
  • "We need to get working on a new papercraft too. Lucky for you, I've got more ideas than you can shake a stick at!"
  • "However! I'm gonna need lots of Paper Toad helpers! And I need safe place where I can work!"
  • "What do you mean there's no such thing as a safe place in this terrifying world?"
  • "After all, I heard there's a village of Toads in the west part of Mount Brrr. That seems like a good spot to work!"
  • "The only thing is it's a bit out of the way."
  • "What's that? It's way higher than you expected?"
  • "And the path is basically a giant puzzle?"
  • "And you have no idea how to get there?"
  • "No problemo!"
  • "In my extensive research of the area, I learned that the puzzle of Mount Brrr CAN be solved! And when you solve it, you'll have cleared a path straight to the Toad Village."
  • "Luigi, hush!"
  • "Everyone! It's ready!"
  • "C'mon Toads! Let's show 'em what we've been working on!"
  • "Heh heh..."
  • "It's our victory parade!"
  • "C'mon! Let's go!"

Mario + Rabbids series[edit]

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle[edit]

  • "I'm fine. But I'm concerned about the Princess's safety!"

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope[edit]

  • "The view here really inspires me..."

Super Mario series[edit]

Super Mario Odyssey[edit]

  • "I hope you achieve all your dreams!"
  • "Congratulations, Mario! You achieved something new!"
  • "Your new achievement is [achievement name]!"
  • "I knew you could do it! Have a Power Moon - you've earned it!"

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe[edit]

  • "Here I go!" (When starting a level)
  • "Let's go!"
  • "Woohoo!"
  • "Yeah! Toadette!"
  • "Yay! I did it." (as Peachette; course clear)

Super Mario Maker 2[edit]

  • "Here I go!" (When switching from Edit mode to Play mode)
  • "Yay!"
  • "Yahahoo!" (Course clear; Super Mario 3D World style)
  • "Wow, ouch!" (When hit by enemy in New Super Mario Bros. U style)
  • "Ha ha, Toadette!" (Course clear; New Super Mario Bros. U style)
  • "Nonono!" (Edited from Mario Party 8)
  • "Alright!" (Touching Checkpoint Flag; Super Mario 3D World style)
  • "Nice!" (Landing after falling from a high distance; Super Mario 3D World style)
Story Mode[edit]
  • "Well, it wasn't easy, but we finally finished the castle."
  • "Huh?! Who left that Reset Rocket lyin' around?!"
  • "Ugh..."
  • "I can't believe it... Princess Peach's castle... WE HAVE TO REBUILD IT!"
  • "But we've used up our entire budget! This is really bad..."
  • "Of course! Why didn't I think of that?! You can collect enough Coins for us to rebuild!"
  • "With your help, we can make an even bigger and better castle than before!"
  • "Go see if the Taskmaster can scrape together a few jobs for you. We need funding!"
  • "Let's lay this foundation."
  • "Mario, you're back!"
  • "I hope you have some good news for me. Were you able to get some Coins?"
  • "Way to go, Mario!"
  • "We need those Coins to rebuild the castle!"
  • "OK, choose Foundation to put in the work order."
  • "You're sure about this, right?"
  • "OK! Let's get building!"
  • "Construction has started on the foundation."
  • "We'll keep working while you're off making moolah."
  • "So get out there and do some more jobs!"
  • "Job's done!"
  • "The foundation is complete! It's even bigger than it was before!"
  • "This castle is gonna be rock-solid!"
  • "..."
  • "OK, let's get this castle rebuilt. Where do you want to start?"
  • "Please do some more of the Taskmaster's jobs. We need more Coins!"
  • "Need more Coins..."
  • "We've got work to do!"
  • "Check out the castle."
  • "Construction has started on Main Hall 1F! Red Toad is heading up the project."
  • "Construction has started on West Hall 1F! Green Toad is in charge of this one!"
  • "Construction has started on East Hall 1F! Blue Toad is taking lead on this project."
  • "We've got the construction covered. Just get out there and complete more jobs!"
  • "Let's get some more of those jobs done, yeah?"
  • "Nice. Main Hall 1F is complete!"
  • "Look at that... The West Hall 1F is finished!"
  • "OK! West Hall 1F is complete!"
  • "Lookin' good! Go, Chief! Go, Chief!"
  • "We have new building options now!"
  • "OK! East Hall 1F is complete!"
  • "It'"
  • "Oh, right. You can press Right Stick to see the whole castle."
  • "Perfection! Whoever designed this exquisite castle deserves a raise!"
  • "Keep up the good work!"
  • "Construction has started on Main Hall 2F!"
  • "Main Hall 2F is done! You can get to the second floor by going in the door on the ground floor!"
  • "This design is perfect. Almost...TOO perfect!"
  • "Looks like there aren't any work orders to give at the moment."
  • "In that case, do whatever you want! Take some jobs, chat with the crew... It's up to you!"
  • "Hey, looks like my entire construction crew is SLACKING OFF up there! I blame the union."
  • "Construction has started on West Hall 2F!"
  • "Construction has started on East Hall 2F!"
  • "Construction has started on Main Hall 3F!"
  • "West Hall 2F is done!"
  • "Looking good... No, looking GREAT... NO, LOOKING GLORIOUS!"
  • "Nice! East Hall 2F is done!"
  • "The castle is bursting at the seams with elegance! It's like looking into a mirror!"
  • "Red Toad FINALLY came back. That wasn't a bathroom break... It was a bathroom vacation!"
  • "Aaaaaanyway..."
  • "Main Hall 3F is complete!"
  • "Yep, this baby's really coming together. They grow up so fast... *sob*"
  • "Construction has started on the West Hall Doors!"
  • "Construction has started on the West Hall Cannon!"
  • "Construction has started on the East Hall Doors!"
  • "Construction has started on the East Hall Cannon!"
  • "Mario! We're making great progress."
  • "Hee hee! My vision is springing to life right before my eyes!"
  • "Mario! The East Hall Doors are finished. The first and second floors of East Hall have been connected!"
  • "This new area harmonizes perfectly with the avant-garde stylings of the anterior parapets... ALSO IT LOOKS AMAAAAAZING!"
  • "Construction has started on the West Hall Roof!"
  • "Construction has started on the East Hall Roof!"
  • "Construction has started on the Main Hall Roof!"
  • "This new area is perfect too... but that goes without saying."
  • "The East Hall Roof you ordered is done!"
  • "I need a new word to describe how great this new section is. How about... Splenderificamazarvelous!"
  • "My crew FINALLY came back. Was there a lazy-Toad convention in the bathroom or something?!"
  • "The Main Hall Roof is dooone!"
  • "The perfect castle! Mario, you're witnessing a moment in history!"
  • "Construction has started on the stained glass!"
  • "HAAAH... Fresh air... Finally! I owe you one, Mario!"
  • "And with that...the stained glass is finished! I think we're finally done!"
  • "Mario! The new castle is finally done!"
  • "Oh, and what a beautiful castle it is... My name could go down in history for this!"
  • "But now's not the time for that! Let's go get Princess Peach!"
  • "Phew..."
  • "Phew... Thanks, Mario."
  • "Euuuuugh... That's the first time I've seen Bowser up close."
  • "If he tries to pull something like that again, we'll be ready!"
  • "Right, Mario?"
  • "Hey..."
  • "...Mario, do you have any extra Coins?"
  • "I mean...we could build you something for 1000 Coins. Whatcha think?"
  • "I was hoping you'd say that. All right, that'll be 1000 Coins."
  • "Understood. It's go time!"
  • "It's done!"
  • "Pretty sweet, right? ...Look at you-you're speechless!"
  • "I can make some more stuff if you have the Coins to spare."
  • "You know, it would take a normal person twice as long to make this."
  • "Such dazzling beauty... I can see my reflection in it."
  • "The theme for this design is "infinite glamour and intellect." The inspiration? Why, me, of course!"
  • "Aw yeah! This came out perfect, too!"
  • "Yeah, it's good. But is it TOO good? My talent scares me sometimes."
  • "It's done...but it feels like something's missing..."
  • "To think that I, of all people, would have forgotten the Super Hammer! I guess I'm not perfect after all."
  • "...We had some free space, so I threw Luigi in there."
  • "Wow! We've built everything! We make a pretty good team, Mario."
  • "I've done all I can. Time to retire. Take it easy, Mario!"
  • "The big Mario is complete! Wanna see the entire thing?"
  • "Hee hee! Pretty amazing, right?"
  • "There isn't anything else I can do for you, so kick back and take a load off!"

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

  • "Welcome! Let's hurry off—to adventure!"
  • "Choose up to four treasure trackers!"
  • "Done adventuring already?"
  • "Let's move out!"
  • "So, did you find anything?"
  • "Awww. You want to cancel the expedition?"
  • "That's it for today! Job well done."
  • "Oh! Welcome back! Find anything?"
  • "Ready to go on another adventure?"
  • "I'll be waiting for you!"'

Paper Mario series[edit]

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door[edit]

  • "Congratulations on getting the Super Boots! These cool kicks power up jump attacks!"
  • "OK! That's just super! It looks like you've mastered the Spin Jump!"
  • "Well, I hope to see you again soon! Good luck on your adventure!"

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker[edit]

  • "Hey, okay!" (before a boss fight)
  • "[sighs] Oh, no!" (losing Wingo during her camp)
  • "Hey, wait! [to the player] Oh, no." (breaking the fourth wall)
  • "Yeah!"
  • "Help me!" (before the first final battles with Wingo)
  • "Oh, yeah!" (after collecting a Star when clearing a level)
  • "Here I go!" (before starting a level)

Super Nintendo World[edit]

  • "Everyone, I'm Toadette. Welcome to Mount Beanpole. Did you know that there was a hideout for Yoshi and his friends in the mountains here? Anyway, now that I'm in trouble, can you listen to me a little? Do you know Captain Toad?" – Yoshi's Adventure


  • "Ouch!" – Various Mario games