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This is a list of quotes by Larry Koopa.


Mario is Missing![edit]

  • Hi Luigi. We figured you would be coming by. Pity you're never going to see your brother again. I don't even know which door leads to Mario.
  • Nice try, plunger puss, but only fire can hurt me.
  • No plumbers behind that door? Go ahead, try another. The wrong door has many handles, plumber dude.
  • Uh, Luigi, old pal, buddy. You know, I've always been on your side all along. Really. Don't burn yourself with that fire flower, pal.

Mario Kart 8[edit]

  • Larry!

Mario & Luigi series[edit]

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam[edit]

  • AH HAHA!
  • What’s this balloon squeaking on about?
  • SHUT IT! Don’t make me show you what I can really do!
  • You're standing on the wrong side of this face-off! And where's my backup?! Ludwig, get your shell OVER here!
  • You got it, boss. Dark Star Points, coming up!
  • Fine! But I’m doing it of my own free will, not because you’re some kind of leader...
  • you think of yourself as KING? Oh, forget it...

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions[edit]

  • Hey, Greenie! Time to get pummeled!
  • Did ya find him?
  • We’ve looked all over and haven’t found squat… Does that mean Lord Bowser was kidnapped?!
  • Heh, I overheard some good stuff back there! Forget that goofy Goomba. You work for me now, Lakitu! I’m putting together an army for the great Lord Fawful!
  • Hmph!
  • Bahaha! Perfect! This is where we’ll build my fortress! And then we’ll take over that village over there… This is gonna be great!
  • Huh? Hey! Goomba and Shy Guy! What are you doing?! Get back to work!
  • BAHAHA! You wanna fight me?! You’re pretty bold for a Goomba!
  • Fight harder! Bahaha!
  • That won’t work for me. The thought of obeying a Goomba makes me sick.
  • Hmm. You’re serious about this, aren’t you? HMMM… I suppose I’ll allow you the pleasure of my company. But you'll need a plan…
  • The other Koopalings are trying to conquer this whole kingdom! They’ve been brainwashed by "Lord" Fawful. To be frank, they’re all much stronger than you. How’s that gonna work?
  • Bahahaha! It cracks me up when you talk all serious like that. Well, Iggy’s in the forest, and Morton’s near the valley. Wendy took the sea. I only know about those three. I lost track of Roy, Ludwig, and Lemmy.
  • You should know I don’t intend to try very hard. Also, I’m not gonna be captain. Seems like a lot of hassle.
  • He’s still brainwashed. He won’t listen to us when he’s like this. We’ve got no choice but to pummel him.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey[edit]

  • Oh…great.
  • How’s this working out for you? Pretty good?
  • Why don’t you let me try a different approach?
  • Already forgotten! Hahah!
  • Ugh…he’s annoyingly strong.
  • She’s right, Roy. Don’t let the kid get to ya. But on the down low, I feel the same way.
  • Yeesh, this again…
  • OK, I think Ludwig was right. This is definitely not normal. What is making them attack us and then get amnesia?
  • Yeah, but…we’re stuck with the kid right now.
  • C’mon, Wendy. It’s not worth it. Let’s hurry back to the castle. The kid says he doesn’t need us. Let him prove it.
  • Morton? Iggy? You coming?
  • We should go, too. Come on, Wendy.
  • Lemmy! Hey, Lemmy!
  • Yeah, keep it down. The whole castle is under their control.
  • Must have been the castle finally landing!
  • Gah! How did he do that?!
  • It’s Lord Bowser!
  • Lord Bowser! Are you OK?
  • Nope! But I won’t just sit here when Lord Bowser needs me.
  • You're probably right...
  • I went into the castle with Wendy, but…
  • I managed to rescue Lemmy before he was caught, but then we had to escape.
  • Yeah. Looks like his body just gave out…
  • He gets it!
  • I mean…we should. But I think he actually figured things out all by himself.
  • Lord Junior! Come with me!
  • Sorry, I guess it’s not THAT urgent. I was just thinking we should go distribute the Skeletone and cure the blorbs. It CAN’T be comfortable to roll around like that.
  • Oh! I remember why it was so urgent. ‘Cause afterwards, we can party! WOOOO!
  • If you say so…
  • Get ready! (before the start of a level)
  • All right, it's just the two of us. Let's go! (before the start of a level if no troops are added)
  • Here goes nothing! (Larry Rally)
  • We need backup! Hurry! (Call for Backup)

Mario & Sonic series[edit]

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (Nintendo 3DS)[edit]

  • What're you supposed to be? I've got no interest in anyone who doesn't know how to handle a horse.
  • Raring for a different kind of horse race?
  • All right, let's see which one of us is the better rider!
  • Ahhh, I lost! It's a rare rider that can rival me. You're utterly unstoppable! I'll race you for the title of top rider anytime! Just come and talk to me.

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (Wii U)[edit]

  • Heya! I'm Larry, and I'm here to root for King Bowser. I actually wanted to just hang with friends, but he's the king, ya know? What's a Koopaling gonna do? Still, I can't complain - I've been having a blast here in Rio. Wish I'd had a chance to fix this crazy hair of mine before going out though...
  • I came to Rio to cheer on King Bowser, but decided to duck into the Olympic Equestrian Centre for a sec and now I'm hooked! The qualifier was really something! Probably the second or third best one I've seen! Not sure what the best was, though. They kinda blend together...
  • Heeeey! You ain't too shabby with the reins, huh? Maybe you didn't do so hot this time around, but you still got a horse in this race, I say!
  • Man, you really had me on the edge of my saddle. The way you handled that horse was, uh, something else! Something scary, that is... You goofed a few times, but I guess it IS hard to find the best path across the course without a whole buncha practice, huh? Hint hint. In the end, though, you still managed it, somehow. Never a dull moment, that's for sure! Hope the finals are just as exciting.
  • I had my seat for the finals all reserved and ready to go, but then you lost in the semis! Ah well. Give it another shot, will ya? I'll be back again to cheer you on.
  • Think you're hot stuff on horseback, huh? Bet you're also thinkin' you can take on the best of the best sometime. Well, here he is! Right in front of ya! ...Whoa! Where're you lookin'? Down here, horse brains! If you wanna be number one, you gotta beat me first! Not that you can... Heh heh heh!
  • You were good. Really good. Almost TOO GOOD! ...Bah, forget it. Anything I'll say will sound like an excuse. I'll just have to give it my all next time!
  • Sure, you didn't win — but you were still pretty good! Nice for me to get some practice in too, yeah? Anyway, I'll compete against you anytime.
  • Bwa ha! I could've won that qualifier with one hand tied behind my shell! You just watch — I'll win the final BLINDFOLDED by the time I'm done!
  • I made it to the Equestrian qualifier, but man, was it rough! My mount just wouldn't listen to me. Horses just don't seem to like me for some reason... But you? Oooh, I'm jealous how some people can just connect with animals instantly. Stupid horses! WHY WON'T YOU LIKE ME?!
  • I'm glad I survived the <phase of tournament>, but me and my horse might as well have been on two different planets. Blech! A fan of mine said we looked like we were perfectly in tune with each other, but I know that's bunk! I tell ya, this horse stuff is harder than I thought.
  • Aww, man. It's so embarrassing losing in the qualifier! I'm NEVER gonna hear the end of it from the others. King Bowser's probably gonna flip his shell, too. Ugh!
  • I'm glad I made it to the final, but King Bowser told me that I had to win or else. ...Or else WHAT?! I don't even KNOW! That sentence never ends well, right? Like, no one ever says "You have to win or get a puppy!"
  • I'm set to be in the final, but that means I've spent the whooole time at the Olympic Equestrian Centre. I need a break. Bet the horses do too! I wonder if they'd wanna go to Copacabana Beach... But I guess if I rode a horse around here, it'd spook everyone. Not like they asked me to take 'em here, anyway.
  • These horses are really talented animals. I tell mine to do something, and she just does it! 'Course, that makes my job all the more important, because if I lose, I can't go blaming it on my ride.
  • Losing in the semifinals? Man, lame. LAAAAAAA-MUH. I had my victory speech all written up and everything. Next time for sure!
  • Man, I just won a medal at my Olympic Games debut. I must be some sorta Games wunderkind! Seriously. It was way easier than I thought. Still, better watch my tone when Bowser's around. Brag too much around him, and you'll be sorry!
  • I know I had victory in the bag, but how come I win a medal and my ride doesn't get anything? Not even HAY?! Maybe I can sneak him some carrots later. It's not quite a medal, but I bet he'll enjoy it anyway.
  • Ever since I made it to the final, I figured that gold medal was as good as mine already! Maybe I shoulda paid more attention to what I was doing...
  • The Mario League is so hot right now! I'm pumped for the next match! But don't you think it would have been better to call it the BOWSER League instead? Oh well, the Olympic Games are about peace and all, so I guess I'll just kick back and have fun! Heck, maybe Peach and me will even hit it off...
  • I've been spending so much time watching horses at the Olympic Equestrian Centre that watching the Mario League team events feels kinda weird. These games are probably more in the Olympic spirit and all that, but at this point I just associate the Games with horses. Can't be helped!
  • So King Bowser's competing in the Mario League? See, cause I kinda sorta... forgot to go root for him, so I REEEEEEALLY hope he doesn't notice. I doubt he's checking the stands to see if I'm there, but since my hairdo kinda makes me stand out, I'm still nervous.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020[edit]

  • Wha… What is it? You want something from me? I don’t need nuthin’ from you!
  • What? You came for the Excitement Battery? Eggman Nega sent you?
  • Yeah, suuure! Unlikely story! Why would I trust anything you say? Magikoopa gave me this battery to hold onto. I’m not going to hand it over to some random guys who ask for it.
  • Uh-huh. Ask me if I caaare. Shy Guys! Yo, Shy Guys!
  • Oh ho, that’s just for starters. There’s a lot more of them where they came from!
  • Go get ‘em, Shy Guys! Get these guys outta here! You’re not getting this battery! Let’s see how you deal with a mass of oncoming Shy Guys!
  • Let's see if you can handle all these Shy Guys!
  • What a letdown! You Shy Guys are a total disgrace! You couldn’t even get rid of these guys? But nobody’s getting this battery! It’s not over yet! We’ll settle this somewhere else. If you can find me, that is!
  • What!? You found me already!? Ugh, it was a real pain trying to sneak in here after I lost my pass! You can chase me all you want, but I’m only handing over this battery to Eggman Nega.
  • Ahahaha! Like I’d believe that!
  • King Bowser? What’s this thing have to do with King Bowser? Now I know I really can’t trust you! If you want this battery, you’ll have to win this event!
  • Ahaha! If that’s what you think, then you can just slink away and forget about the battery.
  • If you really want this battery thing, you're gonna have to take me on and win!
  • Tch! Oh, all right. By the way, this battery has to be charged before you can use it. How? I dunno.
  • Whoa! What’s going on?
  • Huh. So, that’s the power of Magikoopa’s magic? But, what do I care? It’s not my problem anymore. See ya!

Paper Mario: Color Splash[edit]

  • Took you long enough, pal… I’m almost done digesting that giant steak I ate. *BELCH*
  • You grill a mean steak, Mario. You should have been a chef! At least that way, you would’ve had a nice long culinary experience. But instead, I’m gonna cook you up a tuna-fist sandwich before we get to Starlight Cape!
  • Lord Bowser is expecting the Big Paint Star, and I have no intention of disappointing him. Have you even seen his disappointed face? It’s heartbreaking! Enough small talk. Let’s get this over with.
  • Ahaaaaaaaaa! I love the smell of impending doom! It was my henchmen who hijacked this train, and it’ll be my henchmen who…keep the train, uh…hijacked.
  • Well, well, that's one cheeky Toad! Why can't he embrace his inner coward like all his friends? Crush that dirty Toad!
  • Amateurs…
  • Minions! Crush them!
  • Agh! Stupid Toad!
  • If you love engines so much, then why don’t you marry this smoke!
  • Well, that was fun, but I'm bored. Thanks for playing, loser!
  • Was that a Replica just now? Tacky, Mario. I expected more.
  • You stopped up my smokestack, you little pest!
  • I haven’t lost yet!
  • WHAT…?! No! This can’t be… I… I lost! I can’t ever face Lord Bowser again! I’ll have to go on the lam. No, maybe I’ll go on the lamb… Lamb chops sound pretty good righ-

Television shows[edit]

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3[edit]

Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas[edit]

  • {*with Bully, Big Mouth, and Kooky*} ♪ For he's a jolly bad Koopa, which nobody can deny! ♪
  • Desert Land!
  • Save us!
  • Wait for us!

The Beauty of Kootie[edit]

  • Tell that to the Mario Bros., Kootie Pie! They'll be here any second!
  • Relax, sis! I got a scheme so sneaky that Dad will wish HE thought of it!
  • I turned you into Mario's dream girl! It's the perfect way to stall him!
  • So long, sis! I gotta split!
  • Yeah, who is this guy anyway?
  • I'm not sure King Dad would like this...
  • Luigi!

Princess Toadstool for President[edit]

  • This is as sneaky and slimy as you can get, Dad. I love it!
  • A brilliant foil print for badness, King Dad! Let the fiendish feast begin!
  • Too bad, Dad. I was sure you were finally gonna become boss of the Mushroom Kingdom!
  • Bad King Dad? Are you kidding?
  • Yeah, Dad! I noticed!
  • Uh, maybe you could try being, uh...nice.
  • It's a miracle!
  • Good scheming, Kooky!
  • Not without more cheating! While Dad conducts a nice campaign, we'll conduct a dirty one!
  • That's why we're fixing things, so she won't make another one!
  • Looks like King Dad will win by a landslide!
  • Don't let the mooding public hear ya say that, King Dad!
  • You got it! Soon to be ruler, Pop!
  • Cant'cha hurry up? Dad needs his Nice Guy Potion now!
  • I'm not rushing. I'm helping!
  • It's that louse, Luigi! Let's Koopafy him!
  • Where'd Luigi go?
  • Sure, you're the biggest fake around!
  • We couldn't help it, King Dad! We had to vote for her! She's so nice, and you'
  • Exactly, Dad!
  • Oops! He's got more 'rrrr' than ever!

Never Koop a Koopa[edit]

  • Huh? Dad!
  • I like your big bang theory, King Dad!
  • Double-cross, huh?
  • Got it, King Dad!
  • Thanks for the cheating lesson, King Dad!
  • Not one day, Dad. Today! Just watch me following in your dirty footsteps!
  • GUARDS!!! Take the prisoners MY room!
  • Sign the kingdom over to me, or your pals go back for a Bob-omb party!
  • The Mushroom Kingdom is mine! MINE!!! I can't wait to tell Dad that I double-crossed you!
  • Careful, King Dad-uh, ex-King Dad! I'm the NEW king of Mushroom Kingdom! See?
  • Course! Since you GAVE me the idea to cheat you out of it, I'll make sure you get a cushy assignment! Say, cleaning the royal stables?
  • Hey! That's mine!
  • Um, locked in my room.
  • But, King Dad! You should be proud of me! I was only doing bad like you taught me!

Reign Storm[edit]

  • Yeah, bad King Dad!

Tag Team Trouble[edit]

  • Uh, King Dad, speaking of easy money-
  • But, King Dad! There's some easy money right over-
  • Um, sorry King Dad, but we all can't be as smart as you are.
  • I wanna register my team: The Sledge Brothers!
  • Too bad, King Dad! Looks like your scheme to win the prize money won't work as easy as you thought!
  • You are getting very sleepy! You are completely...under my power! You will do exactly what I say! You cannot wake up for two whole days! Understand?
  • Hey! Aren't those the Mario Bros.?
  • But I've already set booby traps all over the ring!
  • Watch, King Dad! Here comes booby trap number one!
  • Watch this booby trap, King Pop!
  • Quittin' time?
  • Uh-uh! No way! Not me! Aaaah!

Misadventure of Mighty Plumber[edit]

  • Why buy toys in a store when you can cheat and zap 'em outta the TV?
  • Okay, okay! Don't be such a nag!

A Toadally Magical Adventure[edit]

  • Hey, King Dad! The wimp with the wand just touched down!
  • The wand! The wand!
  • Bully for you, Bully! But it's MY turn, and I say it's time this Piranha Plant grew up!

Misadventures in Babysitting[edit]

  • You're in the Mushroom Kingdom, kid. I'm Cheatsy Koopa!
  • And any enemy of the Mario Bros. is a friend of ours!
  • Kid, this could be the start, of a beautiful friendship!
  • Nah! You got 'em following us!
  • Now, if you can lure the Mario Bros. up here, we'll play a trick they'll NEVER forget!
  • Look, kid. You've been real helpful, but the truth is, Junior, we really don't like you very much!
  • Did ya see the look on that brat's face when we heaved him into the Pipe Maze?

Do the Koopa[edit]

  • Whew, that's a relief! If it was 'pesky plumbers', we'd REALLY be in trouble!
  • I hate sneaky, unless I'm doing the sneaking! Whatever those Mario Bros. are up to, we've gotta stop!
  • No way! We'll let Mario find it! Then we'll snatch it away from him!
  • Now we're sure the Mario Bros. will have a pleasant trip in Dark Land!
  • No! I got it!
  • Yeah, Bully! That means you CAN'T control him!

Kootie Pie Rocks[edit]

  • Hmm, those pesky Mario Bros. must be up to something really special.
  • A Milli Vanilli concert? I wonder what Kootie Pie is gonna say?
  • What good side?
  • (*with Kootie Pie*) MILLI VANILLI!!!
  • I can't wait to see you pull this one, King Daddykums!
  • Welcome to Kastle Koopa!

Crimes R Us[edit]

  • You did great, kid! The Mario Bros. fell for it big! Here's your lunch money back.
  • Pilfer the pyramids in the Koopahari Desert?
  • Just following orders!
  • Dad never planned on giving you half of anything! We're double-crossing you!

7 Continents for 7 Koopas[edit]

  • We need some water fast, before we're all blown to Koopdom come!
  • Phew! It worked! The water cooled things down just in time!
  • I've turned every human being, into a kangaroo, except one.
  • We're throwing a shrimp, on a barbie!

True Colors[edit]

  • Wake up, King Dad. Time to do your midnight sneak attack on the Mushroom Kingdom!
  • We gotta wake him, Kooky! This was HIS sinister scheme!
  • Yours, King Dad! You said the early Koopa gets the Mushroom!
  • You can't go to sleep yet, Pop! I've got a super-devious and nasty plan! We'll divide and conquer!
  • I can make it happen!
  • We've added the colorful ingredients, now let's stir them up!
  • Darn blues! They just don't respect us reds!
  • I'M walking here, you bumpus blue booble! Hahahahahaha!
  • Oh YEAH?!
  • Oh YEAH?!
  • Oh, yeah?! Then how come you pushed back the red guy, and not the blue?!
  • Let's drive those blues out of the kingdom!
  • RUMBLE!!!
  • And with the kingdom split, King Dad can be top banana!
  • Those Mushroom people are so dumb!
  • When everyone knows that Koopa Green is the sneakiest of all! Let's get to that rumble, Kooky, and heat a few Mushrooms to the blowing point!
  • Gotcha, King Dad! We'll get the rumble started!
  • Come on, we're not yellow! We're red! Let's rumble!
  • So what? She's not red! She's not our Princess anymore!
  • {*with Kooky*} RATS!
  • It's a trick, red Mushrooms! Are you going to forget all those horrible things the blues did?
  • I think we better Koop on out of here!


  • Yikes! - Various episodes

Super Mario World[edit]

Gopher Bash[edit]

  • This is badder than bad, Dad! This is baddest!
  • Unless, oh radiant reptile of repulsiveness, we stole all the crops!
  • I will be ever vigilant, oh perfidious parent of peevishness!
  • Rats! If he can't grow crops, I'll have nothing to steal!
  • You'd think these dodos were working for me!
  • At last, my time has come! Let's show those plumbers how much pull we have, boys!
  • Ohhhhh, how mean of us to take away all their food!
  • So we'll leave 'em a little surprise, and see who ends up being dinner!
  • MOVE 'EM IN!!!
  • What's happening up there?!
  • Don't just help him! Stand there!
  • Listen to me, you pathetic pea-brained problem-producing plumbers! You'll never see your crops again!
  • The only way you guys are gonna eat, is by shopping at the Koopamart! So long, suckers!
  • Good work, my bucktoothed battalion! In fact, better than good! This is splendiferous! The cave people will have to buy their crops back from me, or go hungry!
  • Oh, Cheatsy! Is there anyone more despicable than you?
  • ♪ When Koopa sees a chance of real mischief, when there's the blackest of evil to be done, he smiles and then says, 'Cheatsy, go to it!', then Cheatsy's life becomes a lot of fun! ♪ - first line during the "Cheatsy's Life" song
  • ♪ If you want to cheat a family of their mortgage, if you want to put some grandma on the street, then I'm the one that has the plan, I know how to do it. Cheatsy's got the schemes that can't be beat. ♪ - third line during the "Cheatsy's Life" song
  • ♪ If the idea is to take someone's life savings, if ya wanna steal a little boy's last dime, then I'm the one that you should all be calling, I'll do the job no matter what the crime! ♪ - fifth line during the "Cheatsy's Life" song
  • I hate those plumbers...

The Yoshi Shuffle[edit]

  • Football? So THAT'S their little game! We'd better tell King Dad!
  • Wow! Luigi's been turned into an egg! Let's grab it!
  • (with Bully) Mario?!
  • I can't believe they jumped in the Warp Pipe that leads right to the Neon Castle!
  • Take these prisoners to the dungeon! While WE decide decide what to do with Luigi the Egg!
  • Yup! In fact, I'm going to go tell King Dad, right now!
  • Oh, King Daaaaaad! I have a big surprise for you! How does Eggs Luigi sound for lunch?
  • Maybe the fact that I have captured the Super Mario Bros., will wake you up?
  • What was that? You say that as long as you're asleep, I'M in charge? I can do whatever I want with Mario and Luigi? Hahahahaha! Thanks, King Dad!
  • It's time to have a little fun in the great Koopa tradition! We're challenging Mario and the dino-dweeb to a game of football! Also making his first appearance as a football, and probably his last, will be Luigi the Egg!
  • I am the emperor of eavesdropping!
  • Objection overruled!
  • Aww, who cares? You didn't get a first down. So it's the Koopas's egg!
  • Get back here! That's a 5-yard penalty for excessive demonstration!


  • 「マヌケな国王からげた全部で7。オレ兄弟が1ずつってるってさ。オヤジに怒鳴られるのはイヤだから、そうにはいかないぜ。」 (We stole a total of seven wands from the stupid kings. Each one of us siblings has one. We can't give them up so easily because we don't want to get yelled at by our dad.) - Super Mario Bros. 3 Japanese instruction booklet, page 4.
  • We took 7 wands from the 7 kings. Each of us has one. Our father has instructed us to protect the wands. - Super Mario Bros. 3 English instruction booklet, page 5.
  • Yo, Mario - you made it dis far! Well, I'm gonna make sure you don't get past me! (Mario'll never think dat he has to stomp me on da head three times ta knock me out! With my quick jumping skills, he won't have any room to leap himself! And da easiest way to avoid me, running underneath when I jump - he'll never figure that out!) - The Super Mario Bros. 3 Nintendo Power Strategy Guide