List of Donkey Kong Land III quotes

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This is a list of quotes from the game Donkey Kong Land III.

Baron K. Roolenstein[edit]

  • "So, you have found all of my secrets. Come and have a go if you think you're tough enough."
  • "Well done, it seems I underestimated you. Welcome to the Lost World, but you will never catch me."
  • "I don't believe it, you pesky Kongs have beaten me again..."
  • "Take my six Watches and see if you can beat the time trial."


  • "You are quite a way from home. What gives?"
  • "Can I tempt you to spend 2 coins on some useful info?"
  • "Koco Channel, find Squitter and head to the left."
  • "Karbine Kaos, you will need help with this one."
  • "Sorry chimps, your credit won't stretch that far."
  • "I need to see [...] of those Bonus coins!"
  • "Whoa, your pockets are bulging! Want to play cards?"
  • "Great going! Let's see what I can rustle up for you..."
  • "And it only took you [...] seconds!"
  • "Ouch! Close, but no banana. Bad luck!"
  • "Uh-oh. Looks like you've blown your bank balance."
  • "5 coins to play again. Hey, I gotta make a living too!"
  • "If it isn't my big bad Kong pals! Great to see you!"
  • "5 coins will buy you a test drive in my new teleport..."
  • "Pop in again if you're passing by..."

Wrinkly Kong[edit]

  • "Why, if it isn't Donkey - or is it Funky? No, Diddy!"
  • "Tea's ready - I'll save your game while you drink it."
  • "Keep an eye out for those Kremlings."