Stalagmite Frights

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Stalagmite Frights
Stalagmite Frights.png
World-Level 5-6
Game Donkey Kong Land III
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Stalagmite Frights is the thirtieth level in the semi-sequel to Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, Donkey Kong Land III. It is also the sixth and last area of the Tin Can Valley.

In this cave level, the Kongs will find a new type of barrel, the Boo Barrel. They must use this kind of barrel many times throughout the level to shoot to higher places, but they'll have to watch out, as the Boo Barrels can shoot them into enemies if they are not careful. A Booster Barrel also makes a brief appearance here, and it can lead the heroes up to a high part of the area. About halfway through Stalagmite Frights, the heroes will encounter the Animal Friend, Squitter the Spider. This helpful friend can defeat foes with his webs, and even build platforms to reach Bonus Levels.

Level layout[edit]

From the start of the level, the heroes must head east and defeat some enemies. Soon, they will come up to a Booster Barrel. It will lead them to a higher area, where the monkeys must begin to travel west. When they see the second Boo Barrel, they should wait until it aims upwards and then shoot up to an even higher area with it. There, the heroes must start to head west again. They will come up to some Re-Koils, a Krumple, a Krimp, and a Bristle until they find a gap with an Animal Barrel in it. The monkeys should get into the barrel and turn into Squitter. From there, the transformed monkeys, now as Squitter, must continue east, beating many Buzzes with webs. Squitter will soon find a barrel, which he should jump into and get to a lower part of the level. There, he will suddenly be forced in the Star Barrel.

Halfway the spider will need to start going west again and, as before, defeat several different kinds of enemies. At some point, the spider will find himself near a No Animal Sign. When this is passed, he will turn into the Kongs again. From there, the group must drop down a ledge and walk more westward. Soon, they will find a barrel. If they jump into it, they will be blasted to an even lower section of Stalagmite Frights. Down there, the heroes must journey to the east. However, this trip is not as easy as the trials that were endured before. This time, the monkeys must watch out for the appearing and disappearing Boo Barrels. If the monkeys are caught in them, they will be shot into a Buzz. Therefore, they should be extra careful in this area. After this part is passed, Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong must shoot up a Boo Barrel to get up a ledge. Up on this ledge, they will come up to an area filled with many Buzzes around a Boo Barrel. When this barrel is aiming to the lower-right corner of the screen, the monkeys must quickly jump into it and continue through the level. After going east and defeating many enemies, the heroes will soon find a flagpole. Once this is hit, the level will end.


Bonus Levels[edit]

  • To find the first Bonus Level, the Kongs, as Squitter, must travel a little farther past the letter O to find a barrel. Normally, they would go in it to progress through the level, but instead, they should ignore it and build a web platform upwards with Squitter. Squitter will notice a gap in the ceiling, which he should climb up with his webs to find a Boo Barrel. The spider should shoot up to a high ledge with it and then head west, defeating some enemies. Soon, he will get to a Bonus Barrel. There, he will need to travel across a cave area, trying to find the Bonus Coin. After dodging several Kopters, the Animal Friend can grab his prize: the coin.
  • To find the second Bonus Level, the heroes must travel past the letter N and continue along the path. Eventually, they will encounter a barrel that will shoot them downwards. Trying not to get in it, the Kongs should jump over the barrel and land on a hidden ledge to the left. If they head more westward from here, they will find another barrel. It will blast them to a second barrel, then to the Bonus Barrel. In its Bonus Level, the group must travel around a cave area and try not to hit any Buzzes. As they go, they will also have to shoot through barrels, including Boo Barrels. Soon, they should reach the Bonus Coin and grab it.

DK Coin[edit]

After the letter N, Squitter should walk along the path, looking for a banana floating at the top of the screen. When he does see one, he should follow it up into a gap in the top of the cave with his web platforms. (Web platforms can be created by pressing B to shoot a web, then pressing Select to turn a web into a platform.) Soon, the spider will find a keg. Since Squitter can not pick up the keg, he must cross a nearby sign and turn back into the Kongs. The Kongs must then get the keg and hop on the Koin to the west. If they throw the barrel into the wall as they stand on the foe, they will be given the DK Coin.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おばけタルの洞窟
Obake Taru no Doukutsu
Cave of the Ghost Barrels