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Artwork of Kiddy Kong reaching a Level Flag
Not to be confused with Goal Pole.

Level Flags[1][2], also known as End of Level Flags[3], are objects that appear at the end of every level in Donkey Kong Country 3 and Donkey Kong Land III. They are the successor to the End of Level Targets from Donkey Kong Country 2. Level Flags are connected to a flagpole, and can be pulled upward from a rope attached to it. Dixie and Kiddy can pull a Level Flag to end the level and return to the map screen.


Every incomplete level is marked by a black Krem Flag on the map screen. The Kongs can supersede it by completing a level and activating its Level Flag. This involves jumping and pulling at its rope, which ascends its white flag into the air. As it raises, the flag changes color based on which Kong pulled it, either pink for Dixie or light blue for Kiddy. The flag also flies if the Kongs obtain every Bonus Coin of the level.

The Level Flag appears on the map screen as it appeared when being raised. A gold pennant is also displayed if the Kongs defeat Koin and claim its DK Coin. This cannot be seen within a level. The Level Flag artwork shows that "DK" is embedded on the pennant. The status of each Level Flag allows for the player to keep track of which levels were partially or entirely completed.

In the Game Boy Advance remake, the alternate Kong can change the flag's color from the world map if they complete the level. In the original version, if the player enters the COLOR cheat code, the flags of pulled Level Flags are recolored to match Dixie and Kiddy's differently colored clothes, purple and light green respectively.

In Donkey Kong Land III, the End of Level Flag raises automatically if either Dixie or Kiddy walk into it. Because of the Game Boy's limited color palette, the raised End of Level Flag is not color-coded based on which Kong finished the level. End of Level Flags also appear at the end of underwater levels, which does not occur in Donkey Kong Country 3.


Flag type Description
Level Flag Nonflying DX DKC3.pngLevel Flag Nonflying KD DKC3.png
Partially raised
The level is completed but not every Bonus Coin was collected.
Level Flag Flying DX DKC3.pngLevel Flag Flying KD DKC3.png
Fully raised
The level is completed, and every Bonus Coin was collected.
Level Flag Nonflying COLOR DX DKC3.pngLevel Flag Nonflying COLOR KD DKC3.png
Partially raised ("COLOR")
Same as partially raised flags, but are recolored from the "COLOR" cheat. This only occurs in the Super Nintendo version.
Level Flag Flying COLOR DX DKC3.pngLevel Flag Flying COLOR KD DKC3.png
Fully raised ("COLOR")
Same as fully raised flags, but are recolored from the "COLOR" cheat. This only occurs in the Super Nintendo version.
Level Flag Pennant DKC3.png
Gold pennant
A gold pennant that appears on the world map if the player collects the DK Coin of that level.



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