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The K3 incomplete.
View of K3
Map in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! before (top) and after completion (bottom)
The world map of K3 in Donkey Kong Country 3 for the Game Boy Advance.
A view of K3 in Donkey Kong Country 3 for Game Boy Advance
Game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
Level(s) 5
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“I've been up here for weeks getting ready for my attempt to conquer K3.”
Blizzard, Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

K3 is a snowy, frigid mountain and the fifth world of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. Like any mountain in high altitude, K3 is covered in snow and ice and constantly wracked by blizzards and snowstorms. Because of the setting, most areas, including the boss level, take place in the snow. Due to the slippery surface, sledding is used as a means of traveling through K3: there is one level where the Kongs use a Toboggan and a later level featuring Lemguins, who move around by sliding on their bellies. K3 also has rocky cliffs and crevices, some of which the Kongs have to go up. A large waterfall runs through K3, appearing to be flowing into the main Northern Kremisphere map. Right next to the waterfall peak is a factory that the Kremlings have relocated to following KAOS's defeat in Mekanos.[1] The boss of K3 is an evil snowman named Bleak, who is fought at the northeast corner of the world map, which appears to give off a sinister frowning face.

Aside from levels, K3 has some unique areas. The secret cave of K3 is Glacial Grotto, which is located to the left of Blizzard's Basecamp. The Brother Bear of K3 is Blizzard, who resides in Blizzard's Basecamp, where he asks Dixie and Kiddy Kong to deliver a present to Blue.

K3's comes from either K2, the second highest mountain on Earth, or Broad Peak, the twelfth highest mountain formerly known as "K-3". Either way, such a namesake may have been chosen because it begins with a "K," similarly to Kremling names.


Level Description Enemies Animal Friends
Krevice Kreepers.png
Krevice Kreepers
The first level of K3, which has a cliffside setting. Here, Dixie and Kiddy must climb up both vertical and horizontal ropes to reach the top. The main enemy of Krevice Kreepers are the large number of Klasps appearing throughout. Klasp
Tearaway Toboggan.png
Tearaway Toboggan
Tearaway Toboggan is the game's second snow-themed level, after Skidda's Row. As suggested by the level name, Dixie and Kiddy travel through the level in a Toboggan, similar to Demolition Drain-Pipe. The vehicle moves at fast speed, and the Kongs must prevent it from crashing into objects, including walls and cabins, and enemies, mainly Skiddas. Buzz
Booty Bird
Barrel Drop Bounce.png
Barrel Drop Bounce
This is the final waterfall-themed level in the game. Despite being in K3, the level does not feature any snow or ice. The Kongs must reach the top of the level by jumping on tumbling barrels that are sliding down the waterfall. Krimp
Booty Bird
Krack Shot Kroc DKC3.png
Krack Shot Kroc
This level takes place in a factory, which is guarded by an off-screen enemy named Kroc. The Kongs are required to be Squitter for a majority of the level, and must avoid being blasted from the fireballs shot by Kroc, which is indicated from a cursor following him around in the level. Aside from Kroc, some small lava pits also appear in the area. Bristles
Lemguin Lunge
Lemguin Lunge
The final regular level of K3, Lemguin Lunge is a snow-themed level that, like Skidda's Row, requires Dixie and Kiddy to venture the level on the slippery, icy surface. As its name suggests, Lemguin Lunge features numerous Lemguins, who indefinitely spawn out of holes and then attempt sliding into the Kongs. Buzz
Bleak's House in the SNES version of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
Boss level: Bleak's House
Here, the Kongs fight the world boss, Bleak. This involves both the lead Kong and Bleak in a snowball fight. To attack Bleak, Dixie or Kiddy must throw at his glowing necklace, but avoid snowballs thrown by him, including large ones that he blasted out from his hat. None None


Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble![edit]

  • Player's Guide (page 5): The frozen wastes of K3 never see any season except winter. It's tough for hairy toes to maintain a steady footing on the ice, especially when you have to jump over sliding Lemguins or dodge the polar projectiles hurled by a sinister snowman.
  • Nintendo Power vol. 89 (page 37): Winter always has an icy grip on the slick summit of K3. This is the hunting ground of Bleak the Snowman, the most ruthless righthander to ever chuck a dirty snowball. Watch you step on the slick slopes or you might slide into a bottomless crevasse. And be sure to warm your frozen toes at Blizzard Bear's Base Camp.
  • Nintendo Power vol. 91 (page 59): Welcome to the steeps and deeps of icy K3, the highest pointed peak in Donkey Kong Country. Few warm-blooded creatures actually brave these winter environs. Be sure to warm your hairy toes at Blizzard Bear's Basecamp. An avalanche wiped out the trail to his cabin, but you might find another route somewhere near Lemguin Lunge.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 雪山K3[2]
Yukiyama K3
Snow Mountain K3
French K3 -
German K3 -
Italian K3 -
Spanish K3 -


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