Lake Orangatanga

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Lake Orangatanga
Lake Orangatanga.png
Appearance Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
Levels 5
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Lake Orangatanga is the first world of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. This world takes place at a large lake, and has fertile land and pine trees seen from the overworld. Lake Orangatanga has numerous boardwalks, along with a few mills. Its lake has numerous Kocos. In the north-eastern area of the lake, there is a snowy region with several wooden cabins. The world's boss is the giant barrel Belcha, who is located inside a mill in the south-east region.

The world's Brothers Bear is Barnacle, who has his own island in the middle of the lake, Barnacle's Island. He was replaced with Bachelor in Game Boy Advance, and the location was renamed to "Bachelor Pad".

The Banana Bird Cave of this world, named "Smuggler's Cove", is located west of the snowy region. Dixie and Kiddy Kong are able to freely swim in the overworld's lake, and can access the Banana Bird Cave by swimming under a dock.


Name Description Enemies
Lakeside Limbo.png
Lakeside Limbo
This level takes place on a boardwalk. Kongs can use team-up early in the level to reach the above area for bonuses. This level is pretty basic, it is a long walk across the boardwalk, with a few enemies to defying them. There are a few swimming areas as well. Dixie and Kiddy Kong can their Animal Friend, Ellie the Elephant, in an Animal Crate in the second half of the level. Sneek
Booty Bird
Doorstop Dash.png
Doorstop Dash
The second level of Lake Orangatanga is set inside a mill. At the beginning of the level, a metal, unbreakable door greets the Kongs. Jump onto the nearby lever to lower it, and quickly run through the opened door before it closes. The rest of the level is fairly the same, with Dixie/Kiddy needing to jump onto the levers and dash to the temporarily opened door, they having to race to the door, with different obstacles trying to prevent them. Sneek
Tidal Trouble.png
Tidal Trouble
The third level, Tidal Trouble, is another boardwalk level, and it begins with a Koin at the start of the page. This level, as the name suggests, has strong tide in the water areas. The tide is going to the left, the opposite direction in which the Kongs go to the end. Koin
Lurchin (bonus game)
Booty Bird
Skiddas Row.png
Skidda's Row
The first snow level of the game, Skidda's Row features icy, slippery terrain, and numerous Skiddas. There are slopes and a few pits located in parts of the level as well. Bonus Barrels are fairly easy to find, as they are in plain sight in the level. Skidda
Murky Mill.png
Murky Mill
Like Doorstop Dash, this level takes place inside a mill. Dixie and Kiddy are required to enter an Ellie Barrel to transform into Ellie the Elephant for most of the level. Sneeks are common here. As the Kongs are going through the level, they will notice lights in the factory. If Ellie so much as sees a Sneek under the light, he will get very scared and run, in fear. Use the respawning barrels to defeat the Sneeks, before they come within sight. Most of the level is like this, with Ellie needing to carry a barrel to defeat the Sneeks. It is impossible to advance without getting rid of the Sneek's threat. Sneek
Belcha DKC3 battle.png
Boss level: Belcha's Barn
The first boss level of the game, where the Kongs face against Belcha. Contrary to its name, Belcha's Barn takes place inside a mill. Belcha is a giant barrel, apparently living and angry working for Baron K. Roolenstein. He often burps out a yellow Knik-Knak, which can be jumped on and thrown inside his open mouth. This causes him to burp backward, and he falls down the other end if done a few times. Knik-Knak


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オランガタンガ湖
Lake Orangatanga
Spanish Lago Orangatanga Literal translation
French Lac Orangatanga Literal translation
German Orangatanga-See Literal translation