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Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

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Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
DKC3 cover art.jpg
Developer Rareware
Publisher Nintendo
Platforms Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy Advance, Virtual Console (Wii, Wii U, New Nintendo 3DS)
Release date SNES:
USA November 18, 1996
Japan November 23, 1996
Europe November 1996[1]
Australia November 1996[2]
Game Boy Advance:
Europe November 4, 2005
USA November 7, 2005
Japan December 1, 2005
Virtual Console (Wii):
USA December 24, 2007
Europe December 25, 2007
Australia December 25, 2007
Japan October 21, 2008
Virtual Console (Wii U):
Europe October 30, 2014
Australia October 31, 2014
Japan November 26, 2014
USA February 26, 2015
Virtual Console (New 3DS):
Japan May 9, 2016
USA June 2, 2016
Europe June 2, 2016
Australia June 3, 2016
Genre Platformer
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
PEGI:PEGI 3.svg - Three years and older
CERO:CERO A.png - All ages
ACB:ACB G.svg - General
Mode(s) 1-2 players
Media SNES.png Game Pak
Media DL icon.svg Digital download
Wii U:
Media DL icon.svg Digital download
Game Boy Advance:
Media GBA icon.png Game Pak
Nintendo 3DS:
Media DL icon.svg Digital download
Super Nintendo:
Wii U:
Game Boy Advance:
Nintendo 3DS:

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, known in Japanese as Super Donkey Kong 3: Nazo no Kremis Tō, is the third installment of the Donkey Kong Country series. It was developed by Rareware and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is the direct follow-up to Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. The game stars Dixie Kong and her toddler cousin, Kiddy Kong, as they travel through Northern Kremisphere on an adventure to rescue Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong from the Kremling Krew and their new leader, KAOS.

In 2005, a remake of the game was released for Game Boy Advance. It features a new world and new soundtrack composed by David Wise. The Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! subtitle was omitted from the remake, thus simplifying the title to Donkey Kong Country 3.

In 2007, the original version was ported to the Wii's Virtual Console. On November 25, 2012, for reasons unknown, Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! and the previous two Donkey Kong Country games were delisted from the Wii Virtual Console;[3] on October 30, 2014, the games were relisted in Europe and Australia. Around the same time, Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! was released for the Wii U Virtual Console in Europe and Australia in October 2014, and in the United States and Canada in February 2015. For handhelds, the game was ported exclusively to the New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in 2016.

A similar game was released for Game Boy in 1997, Donkey Kong Land III, and it has the same characters and settings.


The letter written by Diddy, as shown from the instruction booklet

Months after the events of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, the Kongs were back at DK Island, still celebrating their victory over the K. Rool and the Kremlings. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong often slung up a hammock, played some music, and drank banana milkshakes while soaking up the sun. Dixie often joined alongside them.

One morning, Dixie found that Diddy was not in his room. This surprised her as it was unusual for Diddy to be up so early. She found a note on a table that read:

Dear Dixie, Gone exploring the islands with DK, Back tomorrow! --Diddy

Dixie recalled a few other times where Donkey Kong and Diddy had the same plan, and every time the two Kongs would never travel farther than the beach. Dixie went to look for them at the beach, soon realizing that it was too quiet for them to be nearby. As the sun set, Dixie went to bed. The next morning, Dixie checked Diddy's place and found that he had still not returned. She began worrying over what trouble that Donkey Kong and Diddy got into. The entire day passed and the Kongs still did not return. The third morning, Donkey Kong and Diddy had still not returned, so Dixie went to the southern shores of DK Island and swam to the nearest mainland at the Northern Kremisphere, looking for them.

Dixie briefly visited Wrinkly Kong confirmed that she saw Donkey Kong and Diddy pass, but Wrinkly did not know where they went. She suggested that Donkey Kong and Diddy visited Funky's beach shop. As Dixie left, Wrinkly asked her to search for Banana Birds along the way.

When Dixie visited Funky, he was busy working on an invention, making use of the various unusual items in the shop. Funky explained to Dixie that Kiddy was the only visitor that he had all week. He pointed across to Kiddy, who was chewing on an old spare tire. Dixie agreed to take Kiddy along with him, and they left. Funky told them to look out for any random items which he can make use of, and he also told them to visit the Brothers Bears for help.1

As they traveled through the worlds, Dixie and Kiddy encounter different Kremlings than before. At the end of Mekanos, the Kongs first encounter KAOS, who was believed to be the new leader of the Kremling Krew at the time. Later during their adventure, Dixie and Kiddy encounter KAOS again at Kastle Kaos, which is at the end of Kaos Kore. During the battle, it is revealed that KAOS was a puppet of Baron K. Roolenstein all along. After defeating Baron K. Roolenstein, KAOS breaks down and releases Donkey Kong and Diddy. It is revealed that they were trapped to be used as a power source.

The Banana Queen is freed.

The Kongs eventually discover the lost world, Krematoa, where they meet the local Brothers Bear, Boomer. Dixie and Kiddy must recover the five cogs found in each level of Krematoa and return them to Boomer's Bomb Shelter. Boomer inserts them on a machine, which causes the Knautilus to rise from the center lake. Dixie and Kiddy enter it and engage in a second boss fight against Baron K. Roolenstein. The Kongs defeat him again, but Baron K. Roolenstein manages to escape again.

After acquiring every DK Coin, the Kongs return to Funky's Rentals, and he builds the Gyrocopter for them. With the Gyrocopter, the Kongs can access the remaining few secret caves to the last of the Banana Birds. After freeing every Banana Bird, they carry the Kongs up in the sky to the Banana Queen. All of the Banana Birds sing to destroy the evil barrier that imprisoned the Banana Queen. Dixie and Kiddy's adventure ends with the Banana Queen chasing after Baron K. Roolenstein and dropping a large eggshell on him.

Unlike the first two Donkey Kong Country games, the Game Boy Advance remake has no opening sequence, a distinction of which is shared with Super Mario Advance. The whole backstory is described from the manual in both versions. The Game Boy Advance version's start-up sequence might show how Donkey Kong and Diddy were kidnapped, because it starts underwater from the perspective of a diving mask; the Knautilus suddenly charges into the Nintendo logo, then the Rare logo, and closes in and "swallows" the camera. The next shot shows the title screen and the Knautilus partially submerged in the waters of the Northern Kremisphere.

1 - At the very start of the game itself, Dixie goes to Wrinkly's Save Cave (or Wrinkly's Retreat in the Game Boy Advance remake). During the start of the game, neither Wrinkly nor Funky mention Donkey Kong and Diddy. During the first interaction with Funky, he does not mention for Dixie to be on the lookout for random items, nor does he mention the Brothers Bears.


Dixie runs on a rolling barrel.

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! combines elements from both Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. As a platformer, the objective is for the two playable characters, Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong, to reach the end of every level. Each world has either five or six levels and a boss level at the end. The boss level must be completed to unlock the next world.

The game retains the tag-team system, where two Kongs appear on-screen and follow each other through a level at the same time. Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong are the playable characters, and the Kong in front is the one controlled by the player. If the lead Kong is hit by an enemy or a hazard, they run away, and the player takes control of the other Kong. If the only Kong in play is also hit, they lose an extra life and are returned to the world map, where they can re-enter the level. If a Kong is missing, they can be recovered from a DK Barrel, a few of which appear in every level. The player can press the Select Button button to switch between Kongs.

Some basic moves shared between Dixie and Kiddy include swimming, jumping, and climbing. The Kongs can jump to defeat enemies or to go over small gaps. Both vertical and horizontal ropes are the objects that the Kongs can climb. Dixie and Kiddy cannot perform either move while swimming. Most enemies can also be defeated if the Kongs roll into them. The Kongs can perform a slightly longer jump by rolling off a ledge and jumping in the air.

Dixie about to throw Kiddy into a Bonus Barrel.

Both Dixie and Kiddy have unique abilities which only they can use. Dixie can use her Helicopter Spin to glide in midair until hitting the ground. She can also use the move on the ground to spin into enemies. Kiddy is slower, stronger, and heavier than Dixie. Kiddy can perform a roll instead of spin. Kiddy holds a barrel in front unlike Dixie, who carries a barrel over her head. By doing so, Kiddy can protect himself from an enemy, which gets defeat upon hitting into the barrel. Kiddy can throw barrels farther than Dixie. In some of the levels, Kiddy can perform a Water Skip to bounce on the water surface, often needed for reaching higher areas.

A few of the moves involve both Kongs. The team up move involves Dixie or Kiddy carrying the other Kong on their shoulders, whom they can throw at another enemy or area. The team up works differently depending on which Kong is held. Dixie cannot move fast by carrying Kiddy due to his weight. She can throw Kiddy at a crack in the ground to break it open, allowing them to enter a small area. Dixie can throw Kiddy to a wall and ride onto him to perform a Roll Attack involving both Kongs. Kiddy can carry Dixie around with ease. He can throw Dixie farther, although she is not heavy enough to break parts of the ground. If Kiddy throws Dixie to a higher platform, both Kongs can move up to there.


Most of the characters and enemies in the game are shown under Dixie Kong's Photo Album, which appears in the end credits after the Kongs complete Kastle Kaos.

Playable characters[edit]

Image Name Description
Dixie Kong DKC2 sprite.png Dixie Kong Dixie is the girlfriend of Diddy and is the main character of the game. Dixie's main attribute is her ponytail, which she can use to glide across the air.
Kiddy Kong DKC3 sprite.png Kiddy Kong Kiddy is the toddler and sidekick of Dixie. He is both stronger and heavier than Dixie, and can throw her to higher areas.

Supporting characters[edit]

Image Name Description
Queen Banana Bird DKC3.png Banana Queen The Banana Queen is the mother of the Banana Birds. She can only be encountered once Dixie and Kiddy earn the Gyrocopter and fly into the clouds, where she was sealed away by Baron K. Roolenstein. Once the Kongs return with every Banana Bird, they sing and free the Banana Queen from her barrier.
Funky Kong DKC3 sprite.png Funky Kong Funky runs a vehicle rental service, Funky's Rentals, where Dixie and Kiddy can lease a vehicle to travel around the main Northern Kremisphere map. At first, the Kongs can only rent the Motor Boat from Funky, but as they obtain certain items, Funky uses them to construct more vehicles, allowing Dixie and Kiddy to access more worlds.
Swanky Kong DKC3 sprite.png Swanky Kong Swanky runs a ball-throwing minigame at Swanky's Sideshow, where the Kongs' opponent is Cranky Kong. In the Game Boy Advance remake, Swanky runs a virtual reality-type game for Dixie (he does not allow Kiddy to participate).
Wrinkly Kong DKC3 sprite.png Wrinkly Kong Wrinkly resides in a cave, titled Wrinkly's Save Cave, where she saves the Kongs' adventure progress and provides refuge for the rescued Banana Birds. In the Game Boy Advance remake, Wrinkly only operates a single location, Wrinkly's Retreat, which is located on the main Northern Kremisphere map, and she no longer offers to save the Kongs' game progress.
Cranky Kong DKC3 sprite.png Cranky Kong Cranky Kong is the original Donkey Kong from the arcade games. Unlike the previous two games, Cranky is not a supporting character but instead rivals Dixie or Kiddy in Swanky's Sideshow. In the Game Boy Advance version, Cranky runs his own personal dojo to train himself for a new adventure. There, the Kongs can play a minigame in which Cranky must deflect curled-up Bristles that bounce toward him. If successful, the Kongs are rewarded a Banana Bird.
DK DKC3 sprite.png Diddy Kong DKC3 sprite.png Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong Donkey Kong and Diddy have the same role. During a fishing trip, they get kidnapped and become a power source for KAOS. Dixie and Kiddy go on an adventure to rescue both of them.

Animal Friends[edit]

The Animal Friends return to help the Kongs along their journey. There are a few returning Animal Friends, such as Enguarde, Squawks, and Squitter, but a few others, such as Ellie and Parry, make their debut. Every Animal Friend has their own set of abilities.

Image Name Description First level appearance Last level appearance
Ellie DKC3 sprite.png Ellie the Elephant Ellie the Elephant is a new Animal Friend that replaces Rambi from the first two games. Although she is not as strong, Ellie is able to pick up barrels with her trunk and draw them toward her. She can also use her trunk to draw in water and shoot water projectiles at enemies. Ellie is afraid of Sneeks and runs away whenever she sees one. Ellie is used in the boss fight against Squirt. Lakeside Limbo Stampede Sprint
Enguarde DKC sprite.png Enguarde the Swordfish Enguarde returns from the first two Donkey Kong Country games and retains his role and supercharge attack from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. Enguarde can defeat most underwater enemies with his pointed bill. He is encountered in most levels with a body of water, even ones that take place on a boardwalk. Enguarde is used in the boss fight against Barbos. Tidal Trouble Poisonous Pipeline
Nibbla-Red-DKC3.png Nibbla Although usually an enemy, there is a Nibbla in Fish Food Frenzy which somewhat has the role of being an Animal Friend. Nibbla's mood is represented by its color. As Dixie and Kiddy go through the level, they must keep Nibbla fed with Kocos, otherwise it slowly becomes angrier until becoming bright red and biting the lead Kong. Fish Food Frenzy Fish Food Frenzy
Parry DKC3 sprite.png Parry the Parallel Bird Parry is a small bird who flies directly above Dixie and Kiddy. It can defeat Booty Birds by flying into them, although any other enemy, especially Buzzes, instantly defeat Parry upon contact with it. If Dixie and Kiddy pass the No Animal Sign with Parry, they earn a large reward, such as a Blue Balloon or a Bonus Barrel. Squeals on Wheels Stampede Sprint
Quawks DKC3 sprite.png Quawks Quawks is the purple counterpart of Squawks. Unlike him, Quawks cannot spit coconuts but is able to carry a barrel in its talons. Low-G Labyrinth Buzzer Barrage
Squawks DKC3 sprite.png Squawks the Parrot Squawks can fly the Kongs through a level. Most enemies, including green Buzzes, can be defeated from Squawks's coconuts. Squawks is often required to reach high areas where the Kongs cannot go by themselves. Springin' Spiders Swoopy Salvo
Squitter DKC2 sprite.png Squitter the Spider Squitter can shoot web projectiles to attack enemies and create temporary web platforms and jump from them to reach hidden areas. Squitter appears in every factory level, and is prominently featured throughout Krack Shot Kroc. Fire-Ball Frenzy Tyrant Twin Tussle

Brothers Bears[edit]

Throughout their adventure, Dixie and Kiddy come across several cabins, each having a Brothers Bear. Each world has a Brothers Bear, usually no more than one. Most Brothers Bears either are facing an issue, and ask the Kongs for their help, or they help them access a Banana Bird Cave. In the Game Boy Advance remake, every Brothers Bear and their locations have been redesigned entirely.

Image Name Description
Bachelor DKC3 GBA.png
(Game Boy Advance version only)
This Brother Bear lives on a small island in the center of Lake Orangatanga (where Barnacle is found in the original version). He wants a Rose and a Box of Chocolates for his girlfriend, but needs Dixie and Kiddy's help to get them. In doing so, the Kongs are rewarded with a Banana Bird.
Baffle DKC3 sprite.png
Baffle DKC3 GBA.png
Baffle This code-breaker resides in Kaos Kore. The Kongs can help him solve a puzzle by giving the Mirror to him. The code reveals the location of Kaos Kore's Banana Bird Cave.
Barnacle DKC3 sprite.png
Barnacle DKC3 GBA.png
Barnacle Barnacle is a shell collector who lives in Lake Orangatanga (Pacifica in the Game Boy Advance version). The Kongs can trade him a Shell for his Banana Bird.
Barter DKC3 sprite.png
Barter DKC3 GBA.png
Barter Barter is a Brother Bear who lives in a swap shop near K3. The Kongs can trade the Mirror to him for a No. 6 Wrench, which Björn needs to repair his chairlifts.
Bazaar DKC3 sprite.png
Bazaar DKC3 GBA.png
Bazaar Bazaar runs a general store to the left of Funky's Rentals. He sells a few items, including a Shell, a Box of Chocolates, and a Mirror.
Bazooka DKC3 sprite.png
Bazooka DKC3 GBA.png
Bazooka Bazooka is a war veteran who lives in Mekanos. He owns a cannon named Big Bessie, which can be loaded with a Bowling Ball to blast the Kongs up to a Banana Bird Cave.
Benny DKC3 sprite.png
Benny DKC3 GBA.png
Benny The twin brother of Björn, Benny runs the chairlifts in Razor Ridge. He allows the Kongs to freely use his chairlifts to cross to the other side of the world.
Bjorn DKC3 sprite.png
Bjorn DKC3 GBA.png
Björn The twin brother of Benny, Björn runs the second set of chairlifts in Razor Ridge. When the Kongs visit Björn, they find that his chairlifts are not operational. With the No. 6 Wrench, Björn is able to fix his chairlifts, and the Kongs can go up to a Banana Bird Cave.
Blizzard DKC3 sprite.png
Blizzard DKC3 GBA.png
Blizzard Blizzard lives in the snowy mountains of K3. Because he lives far away, Blizzard cannot make it to Blue's birthday party, so he gives a Present for the Kongs to deliver to Blue.
Blue DKC3 sprite.png
Blue DKC3 GBA.png
Blue Blue lives in a beach house in Cotton Top Cove. He is depressed because nobody came to his birthday party, so when they Kongs arrive to his house with Blizzard's Present, he cheers up and unwraps it, only to find a Bowling Ball. Having no use for it, Blue returns it to Dixie and Kiddy.
Blunder DKC3 sprite.png
Blunder DKC3 GBA.png
Blunder Blunder is found in a cabin to the west of the Kremwood Forest. Like Baffle, visiting him is optional, although Blunder provides hints of where Krematoa is located.
Boomer DKC3 sprite.png
Boomer DKC3 GBA.png
Boomer Boomer is found at a bomb shelter in Krematoa. Each time the Kongs pay a certain number of Bonus Coins to Boomer, he detonates a pile of boulders that blocks the path to one of the levels.
Bramble DKC3 sprite.png
Bramble DKC3 GBA.png
Bramble Bramble is a botanist found on the main Northern Kremisphere map, near Cotton-Top Cove. He is not happy about the air pollution caused from Mekanos' factories, but after defeating KAOS the first time, the factories are shut down. If the Kongs give Bramble a Flupperius Petallus Pongus, he gives them a Banana Bird. In the Game Boy Advance remake, Bramble gives them a Rose instead.
Brash DKC3 sprite.png
Brash DKC3 GBA.png
Brash Brash is an athletic jock who lives in Kremwood Forest, and boasts a record of completing Riverside Race in the fastest time. When Dixie and Kiddy beat Brash's time, he becomes furious and starts throwing a tantrum, causing a log to fall into the riverbank and form a bridge to a Banana Bird Cave.


Many different enemies appear in Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, each with different ways of attacking and defeating ways of being defeated. The table below list these enemies, their attacks, and their first and last level appearances.

Image Name Description First level appearance Last level appearance
Bazuka DKC3.png Bazuka These Kremlings carry large round bazookas, which they use to fire Barrels out of. Switch Barrels can be used to change what type of barrels they shoot. A vertical firing Bazuka also appears in Criss Kross Cliffs. Bazukas have a level dedicated to themselves, known as Blazing Bazukas. Blazing Bazukas Criss
Bazza DKC3.png Bazza These enemies, similar to Swoopys, always move from one hole to another. They are located underwater, and are only found in one level in the Super Nintendo version of the game, Bazza's Blockade. They are also found in Stormy Seas, Sunken Spruce and Ripcurl Reef in the Game Boy Advance version. Bazza's Blockade Bazza's Blockade
in the GBA version)
Booty Bird DKC3.png Booty Bird A pudgy bird enemy that flies in the air during many levels. It attacks by simply flying around areas and trying to hit the Kongs. When defeated, they usually drop special items, such as Banana Bunches and K-O-N-G Letters. The Kongs can defeat them by jumping on them or by hitting them with a barrel. Animal Friends can also attack them. Lakeside
Bounty Bass DKC3.png Bounty Bass This foe is quite similar to Booty Birds, but only appears underwater. It swims back and forth in the coral reefs and tries to hit the Kongs. When defeated, it drops items for the Kongs to grab, such a bear coins. However, only Enguarde can defeat this plump enemy. Bazza's
Pot Hole Panic
(Ripcurl Reef in the GBA version)
Bristles DKC3.png Bristles This spiky hedgehog enemy can be found commonly in the game. Because of its spikes, it can not be defeated by a jump. Therefore, the only way to defeat it is by using a roll or a barrel attack to hit it. However, the Kongs must watch for his spikes while rolling into them, as it can still hurt them if they attack the foe's backside. Springin'
Buzz DKC3 green.png
Buzz DKC3 red.png
Buzz Buzzes are wasps much like the Zingers from the previous installments in the series, but they appear to be more robotic. These very common foes move around areas, trying to hit the Kongs. If they are touched, one of the Kongs are damaged and run away, only to be found again in a DK Barrel. Buzzes come in both green and red variations. The green Buzzes can be defeated only by a barrel or by an attack from an Animal Friend, while the red Buzzes can only be defeated by a TNT Barrel or an Invincibility Barrel. Doorstop
Gleamin Bream DKC3.png Gleamin' Bream Gleamin' Breams are rare enemies that have a very similar appearance to Bounty Basses. They are plump, yellow, underwater foes that give off a beams of light around them. If Enguarde hits them, they do not flee, but instead light up the dark areas of Floodlit Fish. However, they only appear in the said level. Floodlit
Karbine DKC3.png Karbine Another uncommon enemy that only appears in Fire-Ball Frenzy. They use their cannons to shoot large fireballs at the Kongs. They often follow the Kongs when they are in sight, and they also shoot in a certain pattern. This way, the Kongs can find out when they are going to shoot. Karbines are always attacking from the background, and therefore cannot be defeated. Fire-Ball Frenzy Fire-Ball Frenzy
Klasp DKC3.png Klasp A Kremling that is similar enemy to Krackas, however, they are only found gripping onto long, horizontal ropes. They always try to move with the Kongs, and the Kongs have to climb fast if they want to escape being blown up by this explosive enemy. Kreeping Klasps Criss
Knik Knak DKC3 red.png
Knik Knak DKC3 yellow.png
Knik-Knak These common enemies replace Flitters and Click-Clacks from the previous game. Knik-Knaks can hurt the Kongs if hit on the side. They appears in both red and yellow variations. The red Knik-Knaks can fly, usually remaining stationary in the air. They can often be used as stepping stones for the Kongs to reach higher areas by jumping on them, however, it defeats them. The rarer yellow variety of Knik-Knak are found exclusively on the ground. Tidal
Lightning Lookout
Knocka DKC3.png Knocka These Kremlings in green barrels are the replacements of Klobbers from the previous game. They do the same thing as the Klobbers: trying to knock the Kongs into the water or off a cliff. However, they cannot steal anything in this game when hitting the Kongs. Tidal
Kobble DKC3.png Kobble A generic Kremling enemy that simply walks back and fourth through areas to attack. If the Kongs touch it at the side, they take damage, but if they jump on its head, they can easily defeat it. Any cartwheel attack or Animal Friend attack can also defeat it. Kobbles are very similar to Kritters and Klomps from the first two Donkey Kong Country games. Lakeside Limbo Kreeping Klasps
Koco DKC3 green.png
Koco DKC3 red.png
Koco Kocos are the game's basic underwater enemies. Red and green variations of these foes appear; The green Kocos simply swim in place, serving as an obstacle for the Kongs, while the red kinds swim around, trying to hit them. They are very common underwater enemies, but can only be defeated by Enguarde the Swordfish or by the Nibbla ally. Tidal
Poisonous Pipeline
(Ripcurl Reef in the GBA version)
Koin DKC3.png Koin These Kremlings are one of the most common enemies in the game. One appears in every level, and they are always seen guarding a DK Coin, unless the Kongs have already collected the item. They can only be defeated by Steel Barrels, and their shield can easily protect themselves from all attacks. The Kongs must bounce the barrel off of a wall and trick the Koin to defeat it. Lakeside Limbo Rocket Rush
Koindozer DKC3.png Koindozer Koindozers are Kremlings that are very similar to Koins, although they do not carry any DK Coins. Unlike Koins, they are not stationary; they chase after the Kongs with their shields, trying to knock them into gaps and other foes, much like Knockas. However, they can sometimes be used as a platform to reach higher areas. They only appear in Koindozer Klamber, one of the game's final levels. Koindozer Klamber Koindozer Klamber
Kopter DKC3.png Kopter These Kremling enemies are usually seen propelling around mountainous levels. They attack by spinning downwards with their blades, trying to hit the Kongs. They wear green helmets, and therefore cannot be defeated with a jump. In fact, the Kongs have no way of defeating these uncommon enemies. Buzzer Barrage Pot Hole
Krimp DKC3.png Krimp Similar to Klaptraps and Klampons from the first two Donkey Kong Country games, Krimps are common enemies in the game. They move back and forth through various areas and try to bite the Kongs. While their backside is vulnerable to cartwheel attacks, the Kongs cannot attack them from the front without getting injured. However, a jump can easily defeat them. Skidda's
Tyrant Twin Tussle
Kroc DKC3.png Kroc This is a very rare enemy that only appears in one level, Krack-Shot Kroc. During the level, it tries to target Squitter, the Animal Friend being ridden on during the level. After it does so, it shoots a fireball at the spider, harming the friend if he/she is hit. The Kroc cannot be defeated, and because it cannot be defeat, the Kong must deal with it until the end of the level, where a "No Kroc" sign is present. Krack-Shot Kroc Krack-Shot Kroc
Krumple DKC3.png Krumple These muscular Kremlings replace Krushas and Krunchas from the first two games in the series. When touched on the sides, or on the head by Dixie, they push the Kongs out of the way, possibly hitting them into an obstacle. They can only be defeated by being jumped on by Kiddy Kong or by being hit by a barrel. Animal Friends such as Ellie can also defeat them. Rocket
Kuchuka DKC3 sprite.png Kuchuka A Kremling that is similar in appearance to Knockas and Krackas. Kuchukas only appear in the level Pot Hole Panic. They appear as purple barrels painted with odd faces. They do not move, but instead throw bombs at the Kongs from where they are sitting. Kuchukas cannot be defeated. Pot Hole
Pot Hole
Kuff Klout DKC3.png Kuff 'n' Klout Another muscular type of Kremling, the Kuff 'n' Klouts always appear with a partner Kuff 'n' Klout, and the two jump through the few levels they appear in. Sometimes, they also try to ram into the Kongs. They can be defeated by Squitter's webs, or by throwing a barrel at them, but otherwise, the Kongs have to dodge them, as they cannot be defeated in any other way. Stampede Sprint Tyrant Twin Tussle
Lemguin DKC3.png Lemguin These penguin enemies are found in snow levels, where they slide down slopes on their bellies, trying to run into the Kongs. A jump attack can easily defeat them, but if the Kongs are hit by them without using an attack, they take damage. Likewise, roll attacks are rendered useless, due to their beaks. Lemguins only appear in Lemguin Lunge. Lemguin
Lurchin DKC3.png Lurchin These sea urchin enemies are found inside water. When their shells are closed, they cannot be harmed in any way, however, when their shells open up, they leave their body discovered. Enguarde can use his pointed bill to prickle the Lurchins' body. Tidal
Poisonous Pipeline

in the GBA version)
Minkey DKC3.png Minkey A monkey enemy that sticks its head out of the side of the inside part of trees. It attacks by throwing acorns at the Kongs, which must be avoided at all cost since the Minkies cannot be defeated. Sometimes, Barrel Shields can block the acorns thrown by these foes. They only appear in Barrel Shield Bust-Up in the SNES version. Barrel Shield
Barrel Shield Bust-Up
in the GBA version)
Missile Shell DKC3.png Missile shell This underwater enemy only appears in Barbos's Barrier. It can be defeated only by luring it at the wall, or on a Lurchin, as these smash it. Barbos's Barrier Barbos's Barrier
Nibbla This underwater enemy, serving as a pseudo Animal Friend in Fish Food Frenzy, is much like Snapjaws and Lockjaws from Donkey Kong Country 2. They swim through the water under the Kongs, waiting to attack. If the Kongs land in the same body of water that the Nibbla is in, the fish quickly attacks them. Nibblas cannot be defeated. Bobbing
Nid DKC3 yellow.png
Nid DKC3 purple.png
Nid Nids are spider-like creatures encountered in Barrel Shield Bust-Up and Springin' Spiders. Nids spend most of their time hopping either up and down in place or in arcs and they can not hurt the Kongs. The Kongs can jump on the plank of wood located on the their back to reach greater heights. There are two varieties of Nid, purple and yellow. The yellow Nids hop constantly and the purple ones only start hopping when the Kongs jump on their plank. Barrel Shield Bust-Up Springin' Spiders
Rekoil DKC3.png Re-Koil This species of Kremling bounces through areas, much like Kaboings from Donkey Kong Country 2. If the Kongs run into it, they are damaged, although a simple cartwheel or roll attack can easily defeat the foe. Jumping on the Re-Koil's head can also defeat it. Murky
Skidda DKC3.png Skidda These Kremlings are often seen in snow levels, where they slide all over housetops and on icy hills. They are very similar to Kobbles, and can easily be defeated by a roll or cartwheel attack, as well as a jump. Skidda's
Sneek DKC3.png Sneek These enemies are much like Neeks from the second game in the series. They simply walk back and fourth through areas and try to hit into the Kongs. Additionally, they must be defeated in Squeals on Wheels for the Kongs to progress. Ellie the Elephant is also afraid of these foes, and if she notices them, she quickly dashes away. Lakeside
Swoopy DKC3.png Swoopy Similar to Bazzas, these foes quickly swoop through the trees in tree levels to attack the Kongs. Sometimes, however, they crash into the sides of the trees and can be used as platforms to reach higher areas. Jumping on these foes can defeat them. Springin'
Kracka DKC3 SNES.png Kracka This rare Kremling enemy can only be found in the Game Boy Advance remake. It acts much like Knockas: jumping out of its barrel when the Kongs approach and chasing them. However, instead of simply pushing the Kongs, it explodes when touched, much like Kabooms from Donkey Kong Country 2. The explosion can easily damage a Kong. Stormy


A boss is encountered at the end of each world. Like bosses in the other games, they are much stronger than normal enemies and take longer to defeat. The bosses in Donkey Kong Country 3 all have different weaknesses. The table below shows a list of the game's bosses and a brief description on them.

Image Name Description
Belcha DKC3 sprite.png Belcha This giant barrel resides inside an old barn at the end of Lake Orangatanga. He has a tendency to burp when full, hence his name. His way of attacking is spitting barrels out of his mouth. Inside these barrels are yellow Knik-Knaks, which must be thrown into the boss' mouth to make him burp himself into a pit. However, if this isn't done fast enough, the foe might push the Kongs into a pit first.
Arich DKC3 sprite.png Arich Arich is a large, red spider. He is fought at the end of Kremwood Forest in the level, Arich's Ambush. Arich hangs on a tread of web and he attacks by bouncing up and down and spitting venom at the Kongs. Only the barrels can defeat the colossus arachnid, as if thrown to the arachnid's jaw 4 times, he can fall.
Squirt DKC3 sprite.png Squirt Squirt is a large, rocky slug who lives on a waterfall. He is found in the Cotton-Top Cove in the level, Squirt's Showdown. Squirt's attacks involve him spitting water at Ellie the Elephant to knock her off the cliffs where the battle takes place. Ellie can rebound it by sucking water from the waterfall and blasting it into Squirt's eyes.
KAOS DKC3 sprite.png KAOS KAOS is fought in the island, Mekanos. He attacks by exhausting flames to scorch the Kongs. Eventually, his head floats off of his body, and it fights against the Kongs separately. It can blast them with a quick laser. Eventually, KAOS stops and spins blades around him to hurt the Kongs. However, they can use it to their benefit by jump on them and attacking the robot's head. However, robotic arms try to sweep them away as they try to do so. KAOS is fought a second time in Kastle Kaos, with different tactics and moves. The Kongs must use barrels to defeat him, as he does not use his blades anymore. He reveals a new head during this battle, which uses bomb-launchers in its eye. He is still vulnerable to barrels, though.
Bleak DKC3 sprite.png Bleak Bleak appears in the snowy mountain, K3. His method of attacking is popping up in random areas and throwing snowballs at the Kongs. He can also use his hat as a snow cannon, blasting snow boulders out of it later in the battle. The Kongs can defeat Bleak by throwing snowballs at Bleak's amulet.
Barbos DKC3 sprite.png Barbos Barbos is a large Lurchin who resides in the area, Razor Ridge. However, it is fought in Pacifica in the Game Boy Advance version of the game. The Kongs must use Enguarde the Swordfish to defeat Barbos, as it is underwater in a red lake. It attacks by sending out Lurchins at Enguarde. Enguarde must smash the Lurchins into the spike balls of Barbos. Once Barbos's body is exposed as a result, Enguarde can smash its body. Barbos can also shoot out missile shells, which Enguarde can lead to it to attack. After that, it sends spikes that Enguarde must avoid.
Kroctopus.png Kroctopus (Game Boy Advance version only) Kroctopus replaces Barbos in Razor Ridge in the Game Boy Advance version of the game. The Kongs cannot fight the submerged green creature; instead, they must lead the bombs Kroctopus sends out into the clawed tentacles. After being caught in the bombs several times, Kroctopus gets angrier and attacks faster; however, he can still be defeated the same way.
Baron K Roolenstein DKC3 sprite.png Baron K. Roolenstein The game's final boss, Baron K. Roolenstein, is fought in Kastle Kaos just shortly after KAOS is dispatched by the Kongs. Baron K. Roolenstein uses his jetpack to fly around and using blasts of electricity to attack the Kongs. The Kongs need to pull a pipe on the ceiling to make a barrel appear. The barrel can then be thrown at Baron K. Roolenstein's jetpack several times to defeat him. He can also be fought again at Krematoa using a fireball launching cannon as well as bolts of electricity to battle the Kongs. He is fought in a similar way here.

Items and objects[edit]

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! is filled with many different collectibles and objects for the Kongs to use. Below is a list of the main objects, as well as a brief description on them.

Image Name Description
Banana DKC SNES.png Bananas Bananas are the most commonly found item in the game, and collecting 100 of them gives the Kongs an extra life. Bananas can also help direct the Kongs to their destinations in a level.
Banana Bunch DKC SNES.png Banana Bunches Banana Bunches are similar to normal bananas, however, they are worth ten bananas instead of one and are uncommon. Because of this, collecting the bunches can allow the Kongs to get extra lives much faster.
Red Extra Life Balloon DKC3.pngGreen Extra Life Balloon DKC3.pngBlue Extra Life Balloon DKC3.png Extra-Life Balloons Extra-Life Balloons are important items in the game. When collected, they give the Kongs extra lives. There are three color variations: red, green, and blue. The Red Balloons give the Kongs one extra life, while the uncommon Green Balloons give them two. The rare Blue Balloons give them three extra lives.
DK Coin sprite.png DK Coins These items are found in every level, except for boss levels (not counting Knautilus, since a DK Coin is earned after clearing that level). Each of them are guarded by Koins (except for the Knautilus DK Coin), whom the Kongs must defeat to get the coin. With all the coins, Funky Kong can make a Gyrocopter to take the Kongs to the Banana Queen.
Bonus Coin.png Bonus Coin These items are earned by completing bonuses that are hidden throughout each level of the game, while others are earned by defeating certain bosses. They are vital for accessing the levels in Krematoa.
Cog.png Cogs Each level in Krematoa gives the player a cog when it is completed. There are five cogs total, which are used to operate a machine inside Boomer's cabin. When each one is given to the bear, the Kong can fight Baron K. Roolenstein in his submarine, Knautilus.
Bear Coin.png Bear coins These items replace the Banana Bunch Coins from Donkey Kong Country 2. Their main use is paying for items owned by the Brothers Bears and gaining access to Swanky's Sideshow. In the Game Boy Advance remake, they are needed to play Cranky's Dojo and Swanky's Dash.
Banana Bird DKC3.png Banana Birds Banana Birds are very important creatures in the game that must be collected to free the Banana Queen. They are found in secret caves or with characters residing in the Northern Kremisphere.
Letter K.pngLetter O.pngLetter N.pngLetter G.png K-O-N-G Letters Just like in the previous titles, collecting these four letters awards the player an extra life. All four can be collected in every level, and they appear in order.
EllieCrate.png Animal Crates Like in the previous titles, these crates contain an Animal Friend. The picture shown on the crate clues the player as to which Animal Friend is in it. They are very similar to Animal Barrels, although they do not actually turn the Kongs into the animal.
Crate DKC2.png Crates Crates are very similar to Barrels, but they break as soon as making contact with an enemy or the ground. However, they can be quite useful in defeating enemies. At least one crate appears in this game, in the level Barrel Drop Bounce.
DKC3-GreenBanana.png Green bananas Green bananas are important types of bananas only found in Bonus Levels. In some of these Bonus Levels, the Kongs have to collect fifteen green bananas in order to win a Bonus Coin. However, the bananas appear and disappear at random, making it tougher to grab the objects.
Star DKC3.png Stars Like green bananas, stars can only be found in Bonus Levels. In many bonuses, stars must be collected to earn the Bonus Coin. They are usually scattered around the special stages' obstacles.
DKC3-XmasPresent.png Presents Presents are items that can only be found in Bonus Levels. Presents replace green bananas in Bonus Levels when the "MERRY" cheat is activated.
DKC3-XmasOrnament.png Ornaments Ornaments are items that can only be found in Bonus Levels. Ornaments replace stars in Bonus Levels when the "MERRY" cheat is activated.

Brothers Bear items[edit]

The game features several items that must be traded between the Brothers Bears in order for the Kongs to collect all of the Banana Birds. They are required to trade if the Kongs want to complete their adventure completely. Note that some items are earned from defeating bosses and do not need to be traded with the bears. Some items must also be traded differently in the Game Boy Advance version. Below shows the items and descriptions on them, as well as what the Kongs should do with the objects.

Image Name Description (SNES Version) Description (GBA Version)
Bowling Ball DKC3.png Bowling Ball A gift received by Blue. When Blue is given this gift, he decides he has no use for it and gives it to the Kongs to use. The bowling ball can be used as ammunition for Bazooka's cannon, "Big Bessie," to get to the secret cave of Mekanos.
Box of Chocolates DKC3 GBA.png Box of Chocolates N/A The box of chocolates, an item exclusive to the Game Boy Advance remake of the game, must be purchased from Bazaar for twenty bear coins. After the Kongs buy it, they should give it to Bachelor along with the Rose in exchange for a Banana Bird.
Flower DKC3.png Flupperius Petallus Pongus The Flupperius Petallus Pongus is a rare flower wanted greatly by Bramble. After completing Razor Ridge, this item appears near his cabin. The Kongs can take it and give it to the bear in exchange for a Banana Bird. In the Game Boy Advance version, the Flupperius Petallus Pongus is given to the Kongs from Bachelor after talking to him on his island. The flower must then be traded with Bramble for the rose.
Mirror DKC3.png Mirror This mirror, which was once owned by Cranky Kong's great grandfather, must be bought from Bazaar for fifty bear coins. Once the Kongs have it, they can to give it to Baffle to unscramble his message (which hints towards accessing Kaos Kore's secret cave), or Barter in exchange for a No. 6 Wrench. They can also take back the mirror from either bear for the other's use.
No 6 Wrench DKC3.png No. 6 Wrench The No. 6 Wrench is given to the Kongs by Barter in exchange for a Mirror. It must be given to Björn so he can fix his chairlifts. Once they are fixed, a new secret cave is accessed.
Patch DKC3.png Patch The patch is earned after the Kongs defeat Arich in Kremwood Forest. Once obtained, it must be given to Funky Kong as he can make a Hover Craft.
Present DKC3.png Present A present for Blue. Blue's brother, Blizzard, who is unable to take the gift to him, gives the present for the Kongs to deliver. It contains a bowling ball.
Rose DKC3 GBA.png Rose N/A The rose is obtained after the Kongs give Bramble the Flupperius Petallus Pongus flower from Bachelor. The rose can then be traded with Bachelor in exchange for a Banana Bird.
Shell DKC3.png Shell This shell, found at the bottom of Lake Orangatanga, must be bought by Bazaar for five bear coins. Once owned, the Kongs can give it to Barnacle in exchange for a Banana Bird. Same as in the original. However, Barnacle is in Pacifica, rather than Lake Orangatanga.
Skis DKC3.png Skis The pair of skis are earned once both KAOS and Squirt are defeated. They must be given to Funky in order for him to make a Turbo Ski.


Various barrels appear throughout the game. They are the main objects in the Donkey Kong Country series, and they have many different purposes. Below is a list of each barrel and a brief description on them.

Image Name Description
DKC2 Barrel.png Normal Barrel The most common barrels of the game, these can be used to defeat enemies and sometimes find hidden Bonus Areas. They can be picked up by Ellie and Quawks, who can then roll them on the ground to hit some enemies. Ellie can also suck the barrels in towards her if the player presses Y.
DK Barrel.png DK Barrel These common barrels returning from the first two games help revive a Kong who has been injured. There are at least two in each level, although some later levels have even more. They are often found at the very beginning of levels and right after the Star Barrel.
Bonus Barrel.png Bonus Barrel Two or three of these special barrels appear in every level, except for Rocket Rush, sending the Kongs to Bonus Levels. They are usually well hidden or hard to reach, due to the fact that their reward is so big. The Kongs also break out of these barrels once they exit the bonus.
Star Barrel.png Star Barrel These barrels return from the first two Donkey Kong Country games, doing exactly as before. They appear at the middle of every level, and when hit, sparkle, signaling that a checkpoint has been activated. If both Kongs are lost, or they fall into a pit, the Kongs are returned to the Star Barrel.
WarpBarrelSprite-DKC3.png Warp Barrel These uncommon, invisible barrels hide in every level in the first two worlds. They can warp the Kongs to the end of some levels. All, but two require a team throw to reach, and most of them require Kiddy to throw Dixie. The ones in Springin' Spiders and Barrel Shield Bust-Up can be reached by both Kiddy and Dixie.
Ellie Barrel sprite.png Animal Barrel These common barrels return from Donkey Kong Country 2, and they have the exact same function. They transform the Kongs into the Animal Friend pictured. The bottom left side of the screen should hold a picture of the Animal Friend, signaling that the helper can take two hits before being defeated.
Barrel Cannon.png Blast Barrel These semi-common barrels are similar to Auto-Fire Barrels, but they only shoot the Kongs upwards, or forwards if the barrel is turned. They are often found in levels taking place by a waterfall and are commonly needed to jump over Buzzes.
TNT Barrel.png TNT Barrel TNT Barrels are similar to normal barrels, however, they are explosive. If they are thrown into a sensitive wall, they can blast it away, creating an opening. They can also defeat powerful enemies like red Buzzes, Bazukas, and Kuff 'n' Klout.
SwitchBarrel.png Switch Barrel These rare barrels only appear in three levels: Blazing Bazukas, Criss Kross Cliffs, and Koindozer Klamber. They must be touched to change the type of barrel that the Bazukas fire. Usually, it turns TNT Barrels into normal barrels, although it sometimes turns into Steel Barrels or TNT Barrels instead, which are needed to defeat Koins and red Buzzes.
Invincibility Barrel.png Invincibility Barrel These uncommon barrels temporarily give the Kongs invincibility and they are often found hidden in hard to reach places. The Kongs can use the effects of the barrel to jump on red Buzzes, Kuff 'n' Klouts, and other invincible enemies.
TrackerBarrel.png Tracker Barrel This uncommon barrel appears in only one level, Tracker Barrel Trek. In this level, the Kongs must use the barrels to traverse the falls. Luckily, the barrels follow the Kongs' movements to ensure that they cannot fall. The only danger of these barrels is that they often lead to Buzzes.
Ghost Barrel.png Boo Barrel These barrels are similar to the arrowed Barrel Cannons, except that they disappear and reappear at various occasions. Sometimes, they appear in different positions, so if the Kongs jump in them at the wrong time, they can be shot into an enemy. These barrels only appears in the level Creepy Caverns.
Booster Barrel.png Booster Barrel These uncommon barrels shoot out flames from the bottom, which send the Kongs upwards. Once the barrel reaches its highest point, it blasts them out. They commonly appear in levels near waterfalls, and are often seen as access to Bonus Areas.
SteelKeg.png Steel Barrel Steel Barrels previously appeared in the original Donkey Kong Country. Unlike the regular barrels, Steel Barrels do not break if they hit a wall. The Kongs can ride a Steel Barrel if they jump on one as it is rolling. Steel Barrels are required to defeat Koins.
RocketBarrel.png Rocket Barrel This special barrel only appear in the level Rocket Rush, where the Kongs must use this barrel to fly up cliffs infested with Buzzes. It can be controlled by maneuvering left and right. As the Kongs use the exhaust, it depletes fuel and it can be replenished by Fuel Barrels. Depletion occurs quicker if the Kongs make contact with the walls. The Kongs can then get out of the Rocket Barrel after they have landed on a landing platform.
Fuel Tank.png Fuel Barrel These uncommon barrels refill the fuel tank for the Rocket Barrel in Rocket Rush. There are only a few in the whole game, but they can replenish a great amount of fuel for the rocket.
IgnitionBarrel.png Ignition Barrel Only one of this barrel exclusively appears in this level, Rocket Rush. Once the Barrel Rocket hits this barrel, the Rocket Barrel ignites, causing the Kongs to soar upwards, and thus enabling them to finish this level.

Supporting locations[edit]

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! is filled with various special areas, where the Kongs can meet the other Kongs and Brothers Bears around the island to help out.

Inside a secret cave in the Game Boy Advance version.
  • Secret caves: Each of these caves contain a Banana Bird. However, the only way to get the bird is to hit a series of crystals in the right order.
  • Brothers Bear cabins: There are several cabins in the game, one for each of the Brothers Bears. In them, the Kongs can talk to the bears and help them complete a trade to earn Banana Birds.
  • Funky's Rentals: This is where the Kongs can rent vehicles made by Funky Kong to travel through the Northern Kremisphere. He allows them to use his Motor Boat at the beginning of the game, but after the Kongs gather up special items for him, he is able to make a Hover Craft, a Turbo Ski, and a Gyrocopter for them to ride in. In the Game Boy Advance remake of the game, Funky hosts Bonus Games with some of those vehicles. If they are all completed, a Banana Bird is earned.
  • Swanky's Sideshow: This is where the Kongs can play another special Bonus Game, exclusively found in the Super Nintendo version of the game. For a few bear coins, the Kongs can face Cranky here in a ball tossing Bonus Game.
  • Wrinkly's Save Cave: This area, only found in the original version of the game, is where the Kongs' game can be saved. One appears in each world, as well as in the overworld. Wrinkly is always found here, and she is either exercising, playing her Nintendo 64, or sleeping.

Every Kong (except Funky) has a different location in the Game Boy Advance version:

  • Cranky's Dojo: Exclusive to the Game Boy Advance remake, Cranky's Dojo replaces Wrinkly's Save Cave from the original version of the game. The Kongs can meet Cranky Kong here and play a special Bonus Game for a Banana Bird at the price of two bear coins. The game involves moving Cranky Kong so that he can block the incoming Bristles.
  • Swanky's Dash: Another area exclusive to the Game Boy Advance remake replaces Swanky's Sideshow from the original game. At Swanky's Dash, Dixie Kong can play a Bonus Game for a few bear coins, where she must run through a pipeline, avoiding obstacles and trying to collect a certain number of stars. If the Bonus Game is completed, the Kongs earn some special collectibles.
  • Wrinkly's Retreat: This area is located just before Funky's Rentals, where Wrinkly resides throughout the game. The Kongs' Banana Birds are kept here.


The game features many levels in which the Kongs must travel through to complete the game. The Kongs have to get to the end of each level, excluding the secret levels in Krematoa, in order to meet Baron K. Roolenstein at Kastle Kaos and rescue Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Every level, excluding boss stages and Rocket Rush, have at least two or three Bonus Levels in them, which are hidden throughout the levels. Note that the following table lists the levels in the original order on the SNES version of the game.

Levels and Bonus Areas
Lake Orangatanga
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
1 Lakeside Limbo 2 Stilt Stilt Village
2 Doorstop Dash 2 Mill Mill Fever
3 Tidal Trouble 2 Stilt Stilt Village
4 Skidda's Row 2 Snow Frosty Frolics
5 Murky Mill 2 Mill Mill Fever
6 BOSS LEVEL: Belcha's Barn 0 Mill Boss Boogie
Kremwood Forest
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
7 10 Barrel Shield Bust-Up 2 Tree Treetop Tumble
8 Riverside Race 2 Riverbank Hot Pursuit (SNES)
Enchanted Riverbank (GBA)
9 Squeals on Wheels 2 Mill Mill Fever
10 7 Springin' Spiders 2 Tree Treetop Tumble
11 Bobbing Barrel Brawl 2 Riverbank Enchanted Riverbank
12 BOSS LEVEL: Arich's Ambush 0 Tree Boss Boogie (SNES)
Arich Boss (GBA)
Cotton-Top Cove
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
13 Bazza's Blockade 2 Coral
Water World (SNES)
Water World & Cavern Caprice (GBA)
14 Rocket Barrel Ride 2 Falls Cascade Capers
15 Kreeping Klasps 2 Stilt Stilt Village
16 Tracker Barrel Trek 2 Falls Cascade Capers
17 Fish Food Frenzy 2 Coral
Water World (SNES)
Water World & Cavern Caprice (GBA)
18 BOSS LEVEL: Squirt's Showdown 0 Falls Boss Boogie
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
19 Fire-Ball Frenzy 2 Machine Nuts and Bolts
20 Demolition Drain-Pipe 2 Tube Hot Pursuit
21 Ripsaw Rage 2 Tree Treetop Tumble
22 Blazing Bazukas 2 Machine Nuts and Bolts
23 Low-G Labyrinth 2 Tube Pokey Pipes
24 BOSS LEVEL: Kaos Karnage 0 Machine Boss Boogie
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
25 Krevice Kreepers 2 Cliff Rockface Rumble
26 Tearaway Toboggan 2 Snow Hot Pursuit
27 Barrel Drop Bounce 2 Falls Cascade Capers
28 Krack-Shot Kroc 2 Machine Nuts and Bolts
29 Lemguin Lunge 2 Snow Frosty Frolics
30 BOSS LEVEL: Bleak's House 0 Snow Boss Boogie
Razor Ridge
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
31 Buzzer Barrage 2 Cave Cavern Caprice
32 Kong-Fused Cliffs 2 Cliff Rockface Rumble
33 Floodlit Fish 2 Coral
Water World (SNES)
Water World & Cavern Caprice (GBA)
34 Pot Hole Panic 2 Cave Cavern Caprice
35 Ropey Rumpus 2 Cliff Rockface Rumble
36 - BOSS LEVEL: Barbos's Barrier 0 Coral Boss Boogie
- 36 BOSS LEVEL: Kroctopus Krush 0 Falls Arich Boss
Pacifica (GBA Version Exclusive)
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
- 37 Dingy Drain-Pipe 2 Tube Pokey Pipes
- 38 Stormy Seas 2 Stilt Stilt Village
- 39 Sunken Spruce 2 Tree Treetop Tumble
- 40 Cliffside Blast 2 Cliff Rockface Rumble
- 41 Ripcurl Reef 2 Coral
Water World & Cavern Caprice
- 42 Surf's Up 2 Tube Hot Pursuit
- 43 BOSS LEVEL: Barbos's Barrier 0 Coral Boss Boogie
Kaos Kore
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
37 44 Konveyor Rope Klash 2 Jungle Jungle Jitter
38 45 Creepy Caverns 2 Cave Cavern Caprice
39 46 Lightning Lookout 2 Riverbank Enchanted Riverbank
40 47 Koindozer Klamber 2 Jungle Jungle Jitter
41 48 Poisonous Pipeline 2 Tube Pokey Pipes
42 49 BOSS LEVEL: Kastle Kaos 0 Kastle Kaos Big Boss Blues (SNES)
Boss Boogie (GBA)
# Level Bonus Areas Type of level Music theme
43 50 Stampede Sprint 3 Jungle Hot Pursuit (SNES)
Jungle Jitter & Chase (GBA)
44 51 Criss Kross Cliffs 2 Cliff Rockface Rumble
45 52 Tyrant Twin Tussle 3 Cave Cavern Caprice
46 53 Swoopy Salvo 3 Tree Treetop Tumble
47 54 Rocket Rush 0 Cliff Rocket Run (SNES)
Hot Pursuit (GBA)
48 55 BOSS LEVEL: Knautilus 0 The Knautilus Big Boss Blues (SNES)
Boss Boogie (GBA)


Players can enter codes in both the Super Nintendo and Game Boy Advance version of the game, resulting in gameplay changes.

Super Nintendo version[edit]

An active MERRY cheat, changing the stars to Christmas ornaments

Players can initiate the code-entering screen by pressing the following sequence at the file selection screen: L Button R Button R Button L Button R Button R Button L Button R Button L Button R Button. Some codes are permanently attached to a file if entered before starting a new game.

  • LIVES – Players are given 50 lives. Entering it before starting a new profile will result in players being ranked "Cheatin' Chump" after beating the final boss.
  • ASAVE – The game automatically saves after each level. Entering it before starting a new profile will result in players being ranked "Cheatin' Chump" after beating the final boss.
  • MERRY – All the bonus levels will have a Christmas theme, turning stars into ornaments and green bananas into presents. Additionally, different bonus level music will play. If entered before starting a new file, the effects will be permanent to that file; if entered before starting an existing file, the effect only lasts until the game is reset.
  • COLOR – Dixie and Kiddy Kong's clothing will turn purple and green, respectively. This also affects the Level Flag. Dixie's gum (seen during her idle animation) will turn from pink to purple. Some enemy artwork seen after entering a Bonus Barrel is changed, and the Mirror is now green. Dixie Kong's Photo Album and the credits remain unaltered. If entered before starting a new file, the effects will be permanent to that file; if entered before starting an existing file, the effect only lasts until the game is reset.
  • MUSIC – Enters Dixie Kong's Music Test, where players can choose any in-game music to listen to.
  • WATER – Allows the player to enter the waterfall left of Bazaar's General Store, where there is a secret cave. If the player wins the game, all 85 Bonus Coins will be earned. If entered before starting a new file, the player will always be allowed to enter the waterfall; if entered after starting an existing file, the player can only enter the waterfall until the game is reset.
  • ERASE – The record time for Riverside Race will be deleted on all the files.
  • HARDR – 29 of the 139 DK Barrels will be removed. This code must be entered before starting a new file to work. If the game is fully beaten with this code activated from the start, the player will have a score of 104% instead of the standard 103%.
  • TUFST – All the Star Barrels are removed. If entered before starting a new file, almost all the DK Barrels will additionally be removed; the effects will be permanent to that file. If entered before starting an existing file, the effect only lasts until the game is reset. If the game is fully beaten with this code activated from the start, the player will have a score of 105% instead of the standard 103%.

Game Boy Advance version[edit]

Players can enter codes by pressing "Enter Cheat" in the "Options" menu.

  • EXTRAS – Players can play all of the minigames included in the game from the main menu.
  • AQUA – Players get all the 98 Bonus Coins for any new game file.
  • MUSIC – The game opens the music test, where players can choose any in-game music to listen to.
  • MONKEY – Players get 50 additional lives when used.
  • HARDERStar Barrels are removed.
  • TUFFERDK Barrels and Star Barrels are removed if the player starts a new game.
  • KREDITS – The credits play.

Differences in the Game Boy Advance version[edit]

A new level seen in Pacifica, known as Stormy Seas.

There are many differences between the Super Nintendo version and the Game Boy Advance version.

Gameplay changes[edit]

The new area, Wrinkly's Retreat.
  • Players are now able to save at any time.
  • The game introduces the new area, Pacifica, which is the seventh world of the game, located between Razor Ridge and Kaos Kore. The world carries six new levels, as well as all new Bonus Level locations. The boss of this area is Barbos, who was the boss of Razor Ridge in the original game and has been replaced with a new boss, Kroctopus, in this version.
  • The Brothers Bear Barnacle has also been relocated to the new Pacifica world, with the replacement Lake Orangatanga bear being a new Brothers Bear named Bachelor. As such, new objects, such as the box of chocolates, have been added to trade amongst the Brothers Bears. Some items must also be traded differently.
  • Wrinkly Kong is now only located in Wrinkly's Retreat, which replaces the first Wrinkly's Save Cave from the original, between Funky's Rentals and Bazaar's General Store. Banana Birds are kept in this area.
  • Dixie's Photo Album was entirely scrapped.
  • Like in the first two Game Boy Advance remakes for the series, the supporting Kongs have Bonus Games for the Kongs to complete, this time for Banana Birds. Funky Kong has four new Bonus Games, all of which must be cleared to get his Banana Bird (although the types of games available depends on how many vehicles the Kongs can rent), while Cranky (whose Dojo replaces all the other Wrinkly's Save Caves from the original Donkey Kong Country 3) and Swanky (whose Bonus Game and locale are replaced) both have a single Bonus Game.
  • After beating Mekanos and Cotton Top Cove, the player has the option of playing through either K3, Razor Ridge, or Pacifica to progress, although they all must be completed to beat the game.
  • There are now five extra Banana Birds to collect, increasing the total to twenty, and five more DK Coins to collect, making that total forty-six.
  • Anytime after completing Mekanos, the player can visit Bramble to earn his Banana Bird. Originally, he would only give it to the Kongs if they gave him the Flupperius Petallus Pongus.
  • Similar to Donkey Kong Land III, when a Koin is defeated, their DK Coin is automatically collected. In addition, when a DK Coin is collected, it tells the player how many out of the total amount they have.
  • In the original version, after defeating each boss (except in Kaos Kore and Krematoa, where this applies after beating Rocket Rush instead), the player can take a one-way trip from those levels back to the world's entrance or the main world map. This is only true in Cotton Top Cove in the GBA version.
  • Squirt has more attacks and has been made harder to defeat.
  • Baron K. Roolenstein's final battle only gives bear coins.
  • The final level, Rocket Rush, has an increased difficulty, as red Buzzes damage the Rocket Barrel when touched, and the Star Barrel is removed.
  • A new enemy, Kracka, appears in this game, exclusively in the Pacifica stage Stormy Seas.

Graphical changes[edit]

  • As with Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, in the original, when Dixie does her Helicopter Spin, Kiddy would float behind her, motionless. In the remake, he somersaults behind her.
  • The last level in Lake Orangatanga, Belcha's Barn, which takes place inside of a mill, had a factory background in the original SNES version for some reason. The background was changed in the Game Boy Advance version to a mill background to match with where the battle takes place.
  • Swanky Kong wears the same attire that he wears in Donkey Kong Country 2, unlike in the original, where his outfit is different.
  • The world maps have been redrawn, and they are zoomed in more than in the original.
    • When Knautilus is unlocked in the Super Nintendo version, the background of areas in Krematoa turns red. However, this does not happen in the Game Boy Advance version.
    • The outside of Kastle Kaos is redesigned, and it no longer has a pink glow emitting from its highest tower.
  • The houses that the Brothers Bears live in, as well as the bears themselves, have been redesigned; the most notable change is Blizzard, who in this version of the game is a grizzly bear as opposed to a polar bear.

Sound changes[edit]

  • The original soundtrack of the game, which is notably darker in tone in most of the levels, has been replaced by a completely new, lighter-toned soundtrack composed by David Wise, who composed the soundtrack of the first two Donkey Kong Country games, but only had a limited involvement with the soundtrack of the third on the Super Nintendo, which was in majority composed by Eveline Fischer.
    • Arich now has a different battle theme than the other bosses. He shares this theme with Kroctopus. Both K. Rool battles use the same battle theme as the other bosses.
    • The same track now plays for all of the Brothers Bear houses, meaning that Blue no longer has a unique theme. This same track plays in Funky's shop, Wrinkly's Retreat, Swanky's Dash, and when meeting the mother Banana Bird.
  • The death and end-of-level music are removed. Music which is heard when the player loses a life only plays in the original SNES version, depending on the level.
  • Sneeks now make the same sound as Neeks from Donkey Kong Country 2 as opposed to their own sound in the original SNES version.
  • Most enemies have reused sound effects from the two previous Game Boy Advance remakes, such as Kobbles having the same voice as Kritters from Donkey Kong Country.

Other changes[edit]

  • A completely new intro sequence and title screen have been created for this game.
  • In the original, the Bonus Barrels either shoot the Kongs upward or make a warp sound and the "B" shrinks. In the GBA version, similar to the other two game ports, only the latter happens.


Main article: List of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! glitches

Lose a Life and Continue[edit]

The Kongs should go to Koindozer Klamber. They need to stay at the right of the Bazuka near the Koin. Kiddy must throw Dixie above the Bazuka's cannon, making her hop and fall in the abyss. The player can move Dixie and after this, Kiddy will appear.

Rickety Koin[edit]

In many levels, it is possible to attack Koin even with the DK Coin in front it. The player must grab a Steel Barrel and take it to a place where Koin is not visible in the screen and throw it in Koin's direction. The player needs to move after the Steel Barrel as soon as it rolls offscreen. The Steel Barrel will be seen defeating Koin.


Main article: List of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! quotes

Baron K. Roolenstein[edit]

  • "NOOO! What have you done? My wife's going to kill me! I used all of her best pots and pans to make him... And then you just cast him aside as if he were a stack of empty tins!"
  • "WHAT!? How dare you! KAOS was my ticket to world domination... And I'd have gotten away with it, if it weren't for you meddling kids!"
  • "Well, you may have roasted my robot, but I'M the master chef around here, and I reckon it's about time your goose was cooked!"
  • "What the blazes!? So, YOU'RE the one who's been scuttling my super secret submarine! This is the LAST time you'll spoil my plans! I'm gonna bash you good!"
  • "Right!!! Look out, you cheeky monkeys!"


  • "H-h-hello there, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs, how are you? My name's Blue, p-p-pleased to meet you.
  • "You wouldn't have brought... Oh, I can see you haven't. Never mind.
  • "I-I'm afraid you're a little early for the party, Dixie/Kiddy/Kongs. That's if anybody bothers to come at all."
  • "I get lots of post you know, but it's all bills - not a single card."
  • "What's that red circle on the calendar? Oh - sigh - It's nothing of importance."

References to other games[edit]

  • Donkey Kong Country: This is one of the games to which Donkey Kong Country 3 is a sequel. It has many similar gameplay elements and items. Enguarde and Squawks are the only Animal Friends reappearing from this game. Steel Barrels and hidden item caches also return.
    • Also, the GBA version of Donkey Kong Country 3's underwater theme is an arrangement of the one from this game, the Game Over theme is an arrangement of this game's main theme, and the SNES version of Donkey Kong Country 3's theme music is an arrangement of this game's bonus stage theme.
  • Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest: This game is a sequel to Donkey Kong Country and the other game to which Donkey Kong Country 3 is a sequel. Many items and moves from this game are featured in its sequel.
    • The "Chase" theme in the GBA version of Donkey Kong Country 3 is a rearrangement of the bonus stage theme from this game.
    • The GBA version of Donkey Kong Country 3's "Cavern Caprice" theme briefly riffs "Stickerbush Symphony".
  • Super Mario 64: Wrinkly Kong can sometimes be seen playing this game, as a rearrangement of the Mushroom Castle theme is heard when entering her save cave.
  • Donkey Kong 64: Some Kongs first appearing in this game, such as Lanky Kong and Tiny Kong, are seen in Funky's Bonus Games in the Game Boy Advance version.

References in later games[edit]


For Donkey Kong Country 3, Rareware's management decided to hand the game to a new set of developers. The game's graphics benefited from new compression techniques and advancements done to the ACM process.[4]

Game Boy Advance version[edit]

As with the other Donkey Kong Country remakes on the Game Boy Advance, the Donkey Kong Country 3 remake was coded from scratch.[5] Though the developers tried to be as true to the original version as possible, some changes were made to improve some mechanics and the level design. Ellie the Elephant's and the toboggan controls were specifically cited by Rare employee Paul Rahme as elements the team tried to improve.[5]

At one point, Eveline Fischer's original soundtrack was meant to be included alongside David Wise's score. However, time and space limitations prevented it from being included.[5]

An online, Flash powered game, Barrel-Blastapalooza, was released on the Nintendo-hosted website to promote the Game Boy Advance release of Donkey Kong Country 3. The website's servers were eventually shut down along with the Flash game.

Pre-release and unused content[edit]

Main article: List of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! pre-release and unused content

There are unused sprites in the game. They are sprites of Kracka (which were eventually used in the Game Boy Advance version) and unused sprites of Kopter (some similar sprites are used in Donkey Kong Land III).


Release Reviewer, Publication Score Comment
Wii Marcel van Duyn, Nintendo Life 9/10 "Aside from the few new features, DKC3 is pretty much just like the second game. Many people haven't played this one, but if you liked the previous two, you won't be disappointed. One would argue that it's slightly worse than DKC2, but it is still very much worthy of your attention."
Wii Lucas M.Thomas, IGN 8.5/10 "Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble holds up very well as a great SNES side-scrolling platformer adventure, even 11 years after its original release. And while its predecessor, Diddy's Kong Quest, is likely a better game overall, DKC3 probably holds more value as a Virtual Console download for the large amount of Nintendo fans who early-adopted with the N64 and therefore missed this final installment in the Country trilogy in its first mid-'90s appearance. If you enjoyed the first two Donkey Kong Country games and never got around to this one, confidently put down 800 Wii Points and give it a download. If you're completely new to the DKC series, start with either the original or DKC2 and see what you think there. Then, if you like what you see, come back here and then confidently put down 800 Wii Points to give DKC3 a download. It's a game that deserves to now be noticed, where once it was overlooked."
SNES Frank Provo, GameSpot 7.8/10 "On the whole, Donkey Kong Country 3 doesn't make the same leap that Donkey Kong Country 2 did over the first Donkey Kong Country. Nonetheless, people who enjoy DKC's unique blend of platforming and bonus games will appreciate the subtle improvements that this latest game introduces."
Compiler Platform / Score
GameRankings 83.24%


Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! had fewer sales than the previous Donkey Kong Country games because it was released at the end of the Super Nintendo's lifespan, and the Nintendo 64 released the same year. The game was positively received although the soundtrack received a mixed reception.[6]


Main article: List of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! staff

For the SNES version, David Wise composed the tracks "Dixie Beat", "Crazy Calypso", "Wrinkly's Save Cave", "Get Fit A-Go-Go", "Wrinkly 64", "Brothers Bear", "Bonus Time", "Bonus Win", and "Bonus Lose" while Eveline Novakovic did the rest[7]. David Wise composed the whole GBA soundtrack.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパードンキーコング3 謎のクレミス島
Sūpā Donkī Kongu Surī Nazo no Kuremisu Tō
Super Donkey Kong 3: Mysterious Kremis Island


  • The game was placed 23rd in the 100th issue of Nintendo Power's "100 best Nintendo games of all time" in 1997.
  • This is the only Donkey Kong Country game not to have a Time Attack mode in any version, despite Riverside Race being the only time attack level of the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy.
  • After defeating KAOS for the first time, Dixie and Kiddy use pipes as a short-cut to leave Mekanos, similar to the way pipes are used in the Super Mario Bros. series.
  • Even though the lives counter stops at 99, players can collect more than 99 lives. The counter remains at 99 until the player has fewer than 99 lives. This carries over from the previous game.

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