Yoshi no Cookie: Kuruppon Oven de Cookie

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Yoshi no Cookie: Kuruppon Oven de Cookie
Yoshi no Cookie JP Box.png
Developer National Human Electronics
Publisher Nintendo
Platforms Super Famicom
Release date Japan 1994
Genre Puzzle
Mode(s) 1–2 players
Media SNES.png Game Pak
Super Nintendo:

Yoshi no Cookie: Kuruppon Oven de Cookie (ヨッシーのクッキー クルッポンオーブンでクッキー Yosshī no Kukkī: Kuruppon Ōbun de Kukkī, lit. "Yoshi's Cookie: Cookies in Kuruppon Oven") is a Japan-only edition of Yoshi's Cookie, exclusively for the Super Famicom. It was developed by National Human Electronics and released in 1994[1] to promote their new Kuruppon oven. Only 500 copies of the game were produced, and they are now very expensive collector's items.[2]

While an identical copy of the SNES version of Yoshi's Cookie is included, an additional mode is available in which Yoshi moves around on a map similar to Super Mario World's, navigating a small, unknown island. By surveying around and selecting areas, Yoshi is able to cross bridges, hop over blocks, and swim in river streams. Along his tour, Yoshi teaches recipe tutorials in the local buildings that players can use to bake real versions of the cookies featured in the game, such as Checkerboard Cookies, Heart Cookies, and Flower Cookies.[3][4]


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Audio.svg The Cookie Factory

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Audio.svg Prepare the Oven

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Audio.svg Types of Cookies

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Audio.svg Measuring

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