Yoshi Demo

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Yoshi Demo
Yoshi Demo
A screenshot of Yoshi Demo
Developer Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance
Release date N/A; developed in 1999
Genre Platformer
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Unknown
Game Boy Advance:

Yoshi Demo is a tech demo[1] that appears to be a Game Boy Advance port of Yoshi's Story. It is also commonly regarded as vaporware, though it is unknown if Nintendo ever had any intentions of releasing it as a full game. The first version of the demo is completely mute, but the second version contains music and sound.[2] The demo's ROM image can be obtained only within the Game Boy Advance SDK.

As stated above, this tech demo seems to be based on Yoshi's Story, though it has a few differences from that game. Yoshi Demo begins by showing Yoshi's Island rotating before cutting to an endless Yoshi's Story-like level.[3] At the beginning of this level, Yoshi is given three Yoshi Eggs. Though IGN claimed that Yoshi can lay more eggs by eating enemies,[4] this is not true and Yoshi's eggs actually appear to act as health in Yoshi Demo, as he loses both a Yoshi Egg and a petal from his Smile Meter when getting hit by an enemy attack and regains three petals upon collecting another egg. Health can also be collected by hitting Message Blocks and ground-pounding the balloon that results. Also, when Yoshi ground-pounds, he does so with his head. Yoshi Demo introduces Toadies that attack Yoshi with spiked balls and Thwomp-like weight enemies.