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This article is about the canceled sequel to Super Mario 64. For the released remake, see Super Mario 64 DS.
Super Mario 64 2
Developer Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 64DD
Release date Canceled
Genre Platform
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Nintendo 64DD:
Magneto-optical drive
Nintendo 64:

Super Mario 64 2 (alternatively Super Mario 64 II)[1] was the tentative title for a Mario game in development that served as the direct sequel to Super Mario 64, intended for release in 1999. It was going to be for the Nintendo 64DD, but was canceled early in production due to lack of progress and the commercial failure of the 64DD add-on.[citation needed] Only one demo level was ever made but was never publicly revealed. It is also possible that Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, or Super Mario Galaxy 2 could have elements salvaged from the development of Super Mario 64 2, according to Nintendo during an E3 event.[citation needed] Other characters and concepts discarded from the first game were set to return in this game, such as Luigi[1] and a rideable Yoshi.[2] It can be assumed that Luigi would have been playable, as the game was planned to feature at least two players[1] – in fact, Shigeru Miyamoto's first playable demo level was multiplayer. It is also unknown what power-ups, if any, were going to appear in the game.

While it was canceled, some people believe that it is the prototype disk "Super Mario 64 (Disk Version)".[3]

Another potential sequel would have been Super Mario 128, but that game was developed in private before being ultimately canceled.[4]


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