Princess Toadstool's Castle Run

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US packaging for Princess Toadstool's Castle Run
American packaging

Princess Toadstool's Castle Run is one of the three LCD game watches belonging to the Super Mario Bros. Watch line released in 1990 as promotional items by McDonald's in the United States and Japan. It is the first game to feature Princess Toadstool as the sole playable character. The gameplay is identical to that of many LCD racing games such as Super Mario Race.


To enter game mode, the top button on the left must be pressed to select the difficulty level, with GAME A for easy and GAME B for hard. Next, the "move left" button on the bezel starts the game. Princess Toadstool is running towards her castle, but Koopa Troopas try to block her. She can dodge them by moving to the left or right. Each time she succeeds, she is awarded 10 points, and there is a maximum of 9,990 points. It is Game Over if she collides with an enemy three times.

At timed intervals, a Little Toadie travels down the far left side of the screen. If the princess manages to meet him, she gets 30 points. If she successfully escorts him to the far right to meet another Toadie, she is given 50 points. Doing this a third time causes the Bonus Castle to appear on the right. In this minigame, pressing the "move right" button causes a single digit to quickly cycle from one through nine. Pressing the same button stops it and awards bonus points that are equaled to that number multiplied by 10 (10 to 90 bonus points).


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピーチ姫のキャッスルランゲーム[1]
Pīchi-hime no Kyassuru Ran Gēmu
Princess Peach's Castle Run Game


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