Gamewatch Boy

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Not to be confused with Game & Watch, Game Boy, or Nelsonic Game Watch.
Super Mario Race in its original blister pack (front view)
Super Mario Race
Dr. Mario in its original blister pack (front view)
Dr. Mario

The Gamewatch Boy (or GameWatch Boy) is a wristwatch developed by Mani Industries (万信) of Hong Kong. It resembles a miniature Game Boy and has an LCD display that can play games. Only two games were ever developed, and both are Super Mario games: Super Mario Race and Dr. Mario. Both games have an A (beginner) and B (expert) difficulty setting. Super Mario Race was first released in 1992, followed by Dr. Mario the next year. In 1995, they were reissued in red, green, yellow, and transparent models with colorful straps. Like the Nelsonic Game Watch, they were distributed in Europe by Zeon.