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VS. Super Mario Bros. in a VS. Table cabinet.

The VS. System is a collection of coin-operated VS. UniSystem or VS. DualSystem arcade systems that first appeared in 1984. As their name implies, the video games are designed for two-player competitive play. The VS. UniSystem is like a conventional upright arcade cabinet with two sets of controls and a single screen. The VS. DualSystem comes with two screens and four sets of controls. The upright type looks like two machines conjoined at an angle while the sit-down type is red and lets players face each other. The latter was renamed VS. Table.[1] The games are mostly ports of Nintendo Entertainment System home console games, although many have notable changes in their graphics, gameplay, and difficulty.

Nintendo's final first party VS. System titles were each released in Japan in 1985[2] and in North America in 1990. The Micro VS. System line of Game & Watch games released in 1984 was named after its arcade counterpart.

List of Mario games[edit]

Arcade game Nintendo Entertainment System game
VS. Wrecking Crew Wrecking Crew
VS. Pinball Pinball
VS. Golf Golf
VS. Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros.
VS. Dr. Mario Dr. Mario

VS. Dr. Mario is the only arcade version that has not been made available on the Arcade Archives.






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