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The Mini Classics are a series of LCD handheld games initially released in 1998, featuring licensed ports of Game & Watch titles. They were created by German company Stadlbauer, and were distributed and published by numerous other manufacturers. They are smaller than the originals and have keychains, increasing their portability. Additionally, the Mini Classics can also serve as a clock. The games are mostly identical to their original (Game & Watch) versions, although there are some subtle differences (such as Super Mario Bros. combining elements from both the New Wide Screen and Crystal series versions). Their appearance is that of a small Game Boy Pocket, only missing the Start, Select and B buttons and the cartridge slot. They also have a stand, but it is missing in the dual-screen Mini Classics such as Donkey Kong.

List of Mario Mini Classics and colors[edit]

The Donkey Kong model was discontinued shortly after its release, but the other three continued production well into the 2000s. U.S. distribution of the handhelds seems to have ended around 2013, although they may still be available in other countries. No elements were changed with the later models, aside from sound improvements, color variations, and packaging.

It appears that there was a planned Mini Classics version of Donkey Kong 3 which was canceled. It can only be seen in an old stock image, in which the game is mislabeled as Donkey Kong Junior.[1]

In addition, there are ports of Game & Watch games that were adapted to the Game & Watch Gallery series. These are Parachute, Fire, Octopus, Zelda, and Oil Panic. The latter was never released outside of Europe.


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