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Not to be confused with Game & Watch or Gamewatch Boy.

The Nelsonic Game Watch is a multi-purpose wristwatch developed by Nelsonic Industries that uses an LCD display. Nelsonic obtained licensing from Nintendo in 1989 to reproduce many of Nintendo's popular games, including various Mario entries; these were done in a much simpler Game & Watch style format, due to the game watch's limitations. All of the Nelsonic Game Watch products were released in North America, and were produced while Nelsonic acted as a division of the watch-making company M. Z. Berger prior to and after their acquisition in 1990. Mario's Egg Catch, Luigi's Hammer Toss, and Princess Toadstool's Castle Run were also given away in Japanese McDonald's chains.[1] The Super Mario Bros. 3 watch was re-released in Europe, along with a couple of other Nelsonic Game Watches, by UK-based timepiece distributor Zeon in late 1992.[2]

This is a list of Mario games that were made for the Nelsonic Game Watch:


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