Super Mario Bros. (Nelsonic Game Watch)

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The Super Mario Bros. game watch

Super Mario Bros. is an LCD game watch based on the NES original. It was released in 1989 as the first of four Mario Nelsonic Game Watches. The game received a direct sequel in the Super Mario Bros. 3 game watch.


The watch has six buttons: two on the right side (for "Mode" and "Set"), and four grey ones on the bezel (for left, right, jump, and start game). At certain points of the screen, jump works only in combination with left or right. To enter game mode, "Mode" must be pressed twice followed by the start game button.


Mario must rescue the princess, who has been captured by an evil witch that is never seen. The princess is guarded at the top left corner of the castle by the fire-breathing Koopa Dragon.[1]


The castle is divided into three tiers. Mario starts off with four lives on the bottom right corner and must advance left by jumping over a brick wall. He has to move adeptly through platforms that appear and disappear while dodging Poison Mushrooms. After going to the tunnel on the right, he will enter the middle tier. While similar to on the bottom tier, the controls on the middle tier are different: Right is left and vice versa. Mario must collect either the flower on the bottom tier or the star on the middle tier to activate a moving platform over the Koopa Dragon's head. These items appear only periodically but always in the same location. Collecting the star also grants ten seconds of invincibility, while the flower awards only points. There is also a hidden Coin Block in the middle tier that grants an extra life if Mario collects 30 coins. At the top tier, he must use the moving platforms to jump over the Koopa Dragon to vanquish him and rescue the princess. The game then restarts with a higher difficulty by introducing cannon balls and pirana plants.[sic] There are four difficulty levels. The highest possible score is 1,999 points.


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