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This article is about the released remake of Super Mario 64. For the canceled Nintendo 64DD sequel, see Super Mario 64 2.
Super Mario 64 DS
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Virtual Console (Wii U)
Release date Nintendo DS:
USA November 21, 2004
Japan December 2, 2004
ROC December 2, 2004
Australia February 24, 2005
Europe March 11, 2005
China June 21, 2007
South Korea July 26, 2007
Virtual Console (Wii U):
Europe December 24, 2015[1]
Australia December 25, 2015
Japan January 6, 2016
USA August 25, 2016
Genre Platformer, action-adventure
Rating(s) Original release:
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
PEGI:PEGI 3.svg - Three years and older
CERO:CERO A.png - All ages
ACB:ACB PG.svg - Parental guidance
USK:USK 0.svg - All ages
DEJUS:DEJUS L.png - General audience
VC release:[2]
PEGI:PEGI 12.svg - Twelve years and older
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer (2-4)
Wii U:
Media DL icon.svg Digital download
Nintendo DS:
Wii U:
Nintendo DS:

Super Mario 64 DS (originally known as Super Mario 64 × 4 during development[3]) is a 2004 game from the Super Mario series made for the handheld game system Nintendo DS. It was also the first Mario game to be released on the Nintendo DS and is also the first 3D Mario game for a handheld console. The game is an enhanced remake of the 1996 game Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64, bearing some new features on its storyline, gameplay, and graphics, and like the original, it was released as a launch title.

Unlike in Super Mario 64, Mario is not the only playable character (nor is he even available at the start); Yoshi, Luigi, and Wario become playable characters and can also join the adventure in order to rescue Princess Peach from the hands of Bowser. This is the first and presently only game in the Mario platformer series where Wario is playable, and also one of the two games where Yoshi himself is playable but is neither ridden nor controlled by any of the other characters (the other being Super Mario Run).

Other new features within the game include a wireless multi-player VS. Mode, in which up to four players can play simultaneously on each Nintendo DS connected together locally, though this cannot be done on the Wii U Virtual Console version except for the single-player training, minigames to play with each character, and new additions to the story mode such as new courses, missions, and bosses.



Princess Peach writes a letter to Mario, telling him to come to her castle because she baked a cake for him. This letter is assumed to be a clever forgery from Bowser, who guesses that Mario and his friends would come looking and so employs his minions to capture them beforehand.

Mario arrives outside the castle through a Warp Pipe, followed by Luigi and Wario. The three then make their way to the castle entrance. Yoshi is seen asleep on the roof the entire time, only to be awakened by one of the Lakitu Bros., who reveals that the others have not returned yet; immediately, Yoshi decides to locate them.

Yoshi tries to enter the castle, but the doors are locked. The Lakitu Bro. says that he saw a rabbit with the key in his mouth. After Yoshi grabs the rabbit, the rabbit gives up the key to him. When Yoshi finally goes inside, he hears a voice from Bowser telling him, "Welcome. No one's home! Now scram--and don't come back! Gwa ha ha!" Toad informs Yoshi that Bowser and his army have kidnapped Princess Peach and stolen the Power Stars. He also concludes the last time he saw the heroes is when they jumped into the Bob-omb painting. Yoshi then decides to investigate. Eventually, Yoshi starts collecting Power Stars, rescuing Mario, Luigi, and Wario along the way, and the four continue to collect the Power Stars in order to save Princess Peach from Bowser.

There are alternate endings for Super Mario 64 DS. The first involves the player not rescuing Wario. During the ending, Mario only lands with Yoshi and Luigi. From then on, the cutscene continues, as does the good ending without the attendance of Wario. In the second alternate cutscene, the player will have to not save Luigi, which ultimately leaves Wario to be left behind too. In this ending, Mario lands only with Yoshi and then the cutscene proceeds lacking the other two heroes. For each alternate ending, a different cake is awarded featuring the characters that appeared in the ending as the cake figures. If the player does not drain the moat, then it will not appear as if it was drained. Also, if the player does not finish Snowman's Lost His Head in Cool, Cool Mountain, then the Snowman's head will not be seen in the ending.

From the instruction booklet[edit]

"Please come to the castle. I’ve baked a cake for you."

At the invitation of Princess Peach, Mario, accompanied by party crashers Luigi and Wario, enter the Mushroom Castle.

But when the three don’t come out of the castle for a long time, Yoshi decides to check up on them.

Upon entering the castle, Yoshi discovers that no one is there. According to Toad, Bowser has stolen the Power Stars guarding the castle and locked Princess Peach into the walls and paintings. Maybe Mario and his friends have been captured in the paintings, too!

Now it’s up to Yoshi to rescue Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi, and Wario from the castle’s paintings and walls!


As in Super Mario 64, the courses are accessed by the different paintings on the castle's walls. While up to 120 Power Stars can be collected in the original, the player can collect 150 Power Stars in the DS release, 30 more than in the original game.


Making use of the Nintendo DS's features, the player is offered three different ways to control the character. All three modes are always accessible by pressing the Select button.

  • In Standard Mode, the chosen character is controlled with the Control Pad. The stylus can also be used in Standard Mode. Jumping is B Button; punching, kicking, and sticking out Yoshi's tongue is A Button; and dashing is Y Button. The R Button button is used for crouching, while L Button handles the camera together with the +Control Pad Control Pad. Additionally, if the player presses and holds B Button and presses A Button, the player will wall-kick (if playing as Mario). Compared to Super Mario 64, where Mario was moving as fast as the player tilted the Control Stick of the Nintendo 64 controller, the characters in Super Mario 64 DS move much more slowly when the run button is not pressed.
  • In Touch Mode, the character is controlled by having the player move their thumb or the Stylusstylus across the touch screen. By using the thumb or stylus, the player can adjust the character's speed and direction in a manner similar to what was possible with the Nintendo 64's Control Stick. Jumping, crouching, and kicking are still executed with the buttons.
  • In Dual-Hand Mode, the character is controlled with the stylus, and jumping, kicking, and crouching are done by utilizing either the buttons, for left-handed players, or the +Control Pad Control Pad, for right-handed players. The movement radius is larger with this control option, and all camera adjustments are done with the touch screen as well. The L Button and R Button buttons are not used.

On the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U GamePad, however, the Circle Pad makes for a more authentic feel of using the Control Stick, making for better and easier controls. However, the player will still need to press Y Button to run and can still only move in eight different directions.

Character Selection[edit]

The doors with "M", "L", and "W" above them represent the rooms where the unlockable characters are trapped. After unlocking one, the player can pick and swap characters.

To switch between characters, there are three doors, each symbolizing the character's first letter of their name. To use them, the player must go through the door, and the corresponding character will come out of the door. Switching to Yoshi will mean reentering the door that complements with the same character once more. There are four doors in total. However, only the white door is not a playable character and instead contains a secret Power Star, which can be unlocked if the player is able to catch the eight Glowing Rabbits. Once the Power Star is obtained, the player can re-enter the door, but there is no effect afterwards (Boos will be heard), and the player character will simply exit it and groan.


In order to fully complete the game, the player needs to find three unlockable characters, who were trapped behind the doors by Bowser. The following table below shows how good each character attributes in a certain statistic. Each has their own special abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. The instruction booklet shows each character's stats and indicates their abilities with stars. However, it omits the rating for swimming speed and does not account for differences in physics that affect the stats. Luigi, for example, while having a higher top running speed than Mario, has a lower acceleration (making him worse in some timed segments). Additionally, each character has different air speeds; Mario's jump is lower than Yoshi's and Luigi's, but he moves farther forward than Yoshi, while tied with Luigi.

Name Description How to unlock Stats

Yoshi SM64DS.png

The first and default character of the game, Yoshi must find and free Mario, Luigi, and Wario, who have been imprisoned from the clutches of Bowser and his minions. He has average speed, tied with Mario, in terms of running and swimming. His jumping ability is tied with Luigi's, being able to flutter-kick by holding B Button to reach higher places that the others cannot reach. However, he cannot punch or kick (unless he uses a Mushroom), slide-attack, or grab large objects and enemies. His Ground Pound also is not strong enough to break any Brick Blocks or defeat Boos. Instead of normal attacks, he has the ability to swallow most enemies by using A Button and either spit them back out or turn them into eggs with R Button, which he can throw, making him the only character with a projectile attack. Yoshi can only have one egg at a time. His thrown eggs will home in on enemies and defeat multiple enemies nearby in a sequence. Yoshi can also swallow fire and then spit it out as a stream of flame. Some enemies, like the Bully, are only pushed by Yoshi's tongue and cannot be swallowed. Yoshi's Power Flower ability is Fire Power, which fills his mouth with a flame he can use as much as he wants for a limited time. This flame can melt ice blocks and damage enemies. Yoshi is also the tallest character. Default Power 0/3
Speed (run) 2/3
Speed (swim) 2/3
Jump 3/3

Mario SM64DS art.png

Mario is trapped behind a door by Goomboss and is required to complete the game, since he is the only one who can enter the final Bowser level, Bowser in the Sky. Using Yoshi, from the starting point in the castle, the player should go up the stairs and to the right door. The player should go straight to the next door, go through the 8-Star door, and hop into the Mario painting. The player has to locate Goomboss by jumping into a hollowed tree stump at the highest point of the level into a spot marked "X" on the map, and fight him by spitting Goombas at him for the M Key. Then the player has to go back to the room with the stained-glass windows with Peach on them and unlock the "M" room to free Mario. Mario's stats in every category are average, and he plays almost identically to his Super Mario 64 self. He runs slower than his younger brother, Luigi, but accelerates more quickly, making him preferred on certain timed segments. Mario is the only character that can perform the wall jump. His Power Flower ability is Balloon Mario, which lets him float to normally unreachable distances. Mario is also the only character who can access the item called "Wings," turning him into Wing Mario, which also allows him to reach greater heights by flying. Defeat Goomboss in Goomboss Battle as Yoshi. Power 2/3
Speed (run) 2/3
Speed (swim) 2/3
Jump 2/3

Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 64 DS.png

Mario's younger twin brother, Luigi, is optional to find but is required to obtain some Power Stars as well as Wario. The player has to jump into a painting on the top floor of the level Big Boo's Haunt with Mario. There, Mario must go through the door where he hears King Boo's laugh, although some of the doors lead to nowhere. When Mario reaches the end, he has to fight King Boo himself with any attack for the L Key, which is used to open the door to obtain Luigi. Luigi is slightly weaker than Mario; his attacks do the same damage, but he moves more slowly when carrying objects or enemies. His ground acceleration is slower than Mario's, but his top speed is higher. Overall, he is the fastest swimmer of the four heroes. Luigi has the best jumping ability, tied with Yoshi. Luigi, however, is more maneuverable in the air than his comrades. After a normal, double, or triple jump, he can scuttle to briefly slow down his descents. After performing a backflip, he will spin as if he jumped on a Fly Guy and descend slowly, but with much more air speed than usual. Luigi can also briefly run on water, which is especially useful after a charged dash. Luigi is about as tall as Wario. His Power Flower ability is Vanish Luigi, which functions identically to Vanish Mario from the original game and allows Luigi to pass through thin walls for a short time. Defeat King Boo in Big Boo Battle as Mario. Power 1/3
Speed (run) 3/3
Speed (swim) 3/3
Jump 3/3

Wario SM64DS art.png

Like Luigi, Wario is optional to find but is needed to grab Stars that the others cannot retrieve. Once the large door right at the head of the stairs is unlocked, Luigi has to go inside, then get past another door leading to Snowman's Land. There are two Power Flowers, so the player has to use Luigi to go transparent into the mirror by the Snowman's Land wall, and he has to fight Chief Chilly by pushing him into the ice water three times for the W Key, which is used to open the door to find Wario. He has the worst speed stats and jumping capabilities of the four, but he is by far the heaviest and strongest, being able to move faster when carrying objects and enemies and to smash through Black Bricks and other heavy objects. He can also send enemies flying with a single blow, which for the other characters requires a jump kick. In VS. Mode, Wario has the unique ability to pick up stunned opponents, spin, and throw them, in a similar fashion to throwing Bowser. He can also ground-pound objects with twice the strength of the other characters. Wario's height is about the same as Luigi's. His Power Flower ability is Metal Wario, which functions identically to how it did in the original game. This form gives Wario invulnerability to enemy attacks, lava, and icy water, as well as the ability to walk underwater. Wario will still take falling damage, however. Defeat Chief Chilly in Chief Chilly Challenge as Luigi. Power 3/3
Speed (run) 1/3
Speed (swim) 1/3
Jump 1/3

Colored caps[edit]

The essential caps

In the painting worlds and some secret courses, the caps of Mario, Luigi, and Wario can be found and are visible on the touch screen. When a cap is put on, the player's character turns into the corresponding character who owns the cap. He gets all moves of the character who owns the cap, including the Power Flower power-ups, but will keep his original voice. The caps are usually found on the heads of Goombas, Boos, or Dorrie; on land or underwater; or on any other different enemy.

When the player is hit by an enemy, the cap topples off and the character needs to retrieve it in a limited time. When the cap disappears, it reappears on a different, set, random location in the course. If Mario, Luigi, or Wario loses their original cap, they cannot pick up any other characters' caps or use Power Flowers until they retrieve their own. They also take double damage when hurt.

With Yoshi, a player can select the cap when selecting a Star right after jumping into a painting. If a cap is selected, Yoshi will put it on after entering the course. Yoshi is the only character that can use all three caps.

  • Mario's cap – a red cap that allows the player to turn into Mario.
  • Luigi's cap – a green cap that allows the player to turn into Luigi.
  • Wario's cap – a yellow cap that allows the player to turn into Wario.


The three different coins

Coins can be collected by each character. In each course, there are a little over 100 coins, and collecting 100 gives the player 15 extra Stars for the 15 courses. The player gets an extra life if they get more than 50 coins. The highest number of coins that the player can collect is 255. They can be found on land, in the sea, on enemies, etc. They also refill the player's health.


  • Yellow Coins – worth one and are found in most enemies.
  • Red Coins – worth two and have to be collected in the quantity of eight for one episode in each world and some secret courses for a Power Star to appear.
  • Blue Coins – worth five and are often temporary, found in tougher enemies, on slides or invisible until the player hits a Blue Coin Switch.

Power Flower powers[edit]

A Power Flower

Each of the four characters has a special power from the Power Flower found inside a ? Block, replacing the three caps from Super Mario 64. Only Mario can get something other than a Power Flower from the ? Block, which is the "Wings" (a white feather) to transform him into Wing Mario. Once he has taken the flower, a hero uses his new powers for a short time (about 20 seconds). Notwithstanding, Mario's wing form can last a bit longer, about one minute. If the player hits the box without their cap on, a Bob-omb comes out instead. Additionally, Luigi's and Wario's powers last shorter compared to Mario's equivalent forms in Super Mario 64. Except the fire and floating abilities, Mario now shares his moves with the other three characters.

Image Name Description
SM64DS BreathFire.png Fire Power Yoshi's fiery breath has the ability to melt ice and roast enemies with fire blasts. Players use A Button to make Yoshi breathe the fire, which temporarily replaces his lick attack. Yoshi is given a time limit, which restricts the time given to breathe fire. This ability can also be reached with a bonfire, found in the two snowy courses: Cool, Cool Mountain and Snowman's Land. However, this will only give Yoshi one fire breath before the ability is canceled by itself in a short amount of time.
SM64DS FloatingPower.png Balloon Power Balloon Mario has the ability to float in a puffed out formation of the stomach to reach high-up places. The player must press B Button to rise, while moving in a horizontal direction with the D-Pad. Mario will begin to descend when no buttons are pressed. The ability will cancel if the player presses R Button during flight. The effect will wear off by itself after a short amount of time.
The Invisible Plumber.png Invisibility Power In this form, Luigi has the ability to become invisible and is able to pass through almost any solid matter, except ice. The player can control Luigi as normal. Vanish Luigi is not immune to lava, quicksand, or drowning. The ability will wear off within a short amount of time. He cannot get hurt by enemies, like Metal Wario.
SM64DS-Metal Wario.png Metal Power This form gives Wario the ability to become heavy metal, which gives him more power and invincibility. Merely touching an enemy or walking to it will defeat it and will not hurt Metal Wario. He also sinks, and when submerged in water, he can walk on seabeds. However, Metal Wario will sink fairly quicker than normal in quicksand and lava. Normal controls are used in this form. The ability will wear off after a short amount of time.


Main article: Rabbit

In addition, there are many rabbits to catch. The rabbits will give up keys to unlock minigame drawers in the Rec Room. Each character catches seven rabbits. Wario catches orange ones, Luigi catches green ones, Mario catches pink ones, and Yoshi catches yellow ones, for a total of 28 rabbits. Since Yoshi has one key to open up the castle, there are eight yellow rabbits, instead of the regular seven. To make the rabbits appear, the player must talk to Toad in the Rec Room.

Rabbit locations[edit]

The following table displays information pertaining to the whereabouts of each rabbit, which minigame its related key unlocks, and the number of Power Stars that are required to make the rabbits appear. For more information regarding the minigames unlocked, view the section about the Rec Room.

Yoshi's rabbits, color coded yellow
Location Minigame unlocked Power Stars required to unlock
Outside the castle, at the end of the bridge to the left. Puzzle Panel 1 Star
Outside the castle, at the end of the bridge in the middle. Hide and Boo Seek 1 Star
Outside the castle, at the end of the bridge to the right. Boom Box 1 Star
Outside the castle, in a patch of flowers to the right. Tox Box Shuffle 1 Star
Outside the castle, at the bottom of the drained moat. Puzzle Panic 12 Stars
Outside the castle, in the garden, near the small hedge maze. Which Wiggler? 1 Star
In the basement, in front of the entrance to Lethal Lava Land. Mix-a-Mug 12 Stars
Mario's rabbits, color coded pink
Location Minigame unlocked Power Stars required to unlock
Outside the castle, left of the bridge, near the waterfall. Sort or 'Splode 8 Stars
Outside the castle, at the bottom of the moat (but only after it's been drained). Shell Smash 12 Stars
Inside the room with the entrance to Jolly Roger Bay. Trampoline Time 8 Stars
In the basement, in front of the entrance to Lethal Lava Land left. Connect the Characters 12 Stars
In the basement, in front of the entrance to Lethal Lava Land right. Bounce and Trounce 12 Stars
On the second floor of the castle, at the very top of the stairs. Trampoline Terror 31 Stars
On the second floor of the castle, in the Snowman's Land room and with the large mirror wall. Shuffle Shell 31 Stars
Green Rabbit.png
Luigi's rabbits, color coded green
Location Minigame unlocked Power Stars required to unlock
Outside the castle, on the left of the small hedge. Pair-a-Gone and On 15 Stars
On the second floor, right side of the doorway, with the entrance to Wet-Dry World. Memory Master 31 Stars
Behind the castle, in the courtyard with the Boos. Found by back-flipping right outside of the doorway. Picture Poker 15 Stars
In the basement, in the room where the water can be drained from the moat, after doing it. Mushroom Roulette 15 Stars
In the room with the entrance to the Bob-omb Battlefield. Lucky Stars 15 Stars
In the room with the entrance to the Goomboss Battle, behind the Rec Room/Sunshine Isles. Mario Slot 15 Stars
Outside the castle, on top of the roof. Super Mario Slot 150 Stars
Orange Rabbit.png
Wario's rabbits, color coded orange-peach gold
Location Minigame unlocked Power Stars required to unlock
Outside the castle, over the bridge, to the far right. Bingo Ball 31 Stars
In the room with the entrance to Whomp's Fortress. Coincentration 31 Stars
In the courtyard with the Boos, behind the star statue, near the two signs. Slots Shot 31 Stars
In the basement, in the dead end, near Toad. Psyche Out! 31 Stars
On the second floor of the castle, in the halls with the entrance to Tiny-Huge Island. Lakitu Launch 31 Stars
Near the entrances to Tick Tock Clock, Rainbow Ride, and Bowser in the Sky. Intense Coincentration 50 Stars
Near the entrance to Over the Rainbows. Giant Snowball Slalom 50 Stars

However, there will be eight Glowing Rabbits that will be randomly placed where a regular rabbit that has been caught used to be.


Three keys are used to unlock Mario, Luigi, and Wario. They are obtained after boss battles. Mario's key is obtained once Goomboss is defeated, Luigi's key is obtained once King Boo is defeated, and Wario's key is obtained once Chief Chilly is defeated.

Mario Key
Luigi Key
Wario Key
The keys to unlock the M, L, and W doors

Upon catching all of the eight Glowing Rabbits, the player receives a key that opens the white room in the character switch room. The first time to open it and enter, a character finds a Power Star. However, if the character comes back after taking it, Boo laughs can be heard, and the hero comes out from the door, startled.

At the beginning of the game, after catching a rabbit, near the small hedge on the left of the castle, Yoshi gets the key to unlock the castle's front door.

After clearing the first two Bowser levels, the player receives keys to access the basement and second floor, respectively.

Courses and missions[edit]

The following table displays information regarding each course, the Power Stars found within each course, how to get the Stars, and what character is required to obtain the Stars. During some missions, the player can find a cap of another character that will transform them into the character that owns the respective cap. The number of caps in a course varies and is based on which characters have been rescued, with few exceptions. Yoshi does not have a cap but is able to choose from the rescued characters before selecting a mission. When the player's coin meter reaches 100 for the first time in a particular course, a bonus Power Star appears, making a total of eight Power Stars available in each course. If the player receives a Star and redoes the mission, the Power Star will appear as blue and will not count toward the total.

SM64DS-Course Icon1.PNG
# Mission How to get the Star Character(s) required
1 Big Bob-omb on the Summit Yoshi has to go to the top of the mountain and fight King Bob-omb to obtain the Power Star. To do this, Yoshi must slurp Bob-ombs and spit them at him, while the others must pick them up and throw them back at him. Anyone
2 Footrace with Koopa the Quick The player has to race up the mountain against Koopa the Quick. If the player uses the cannons, Koopa will consider that cheating, and the player will not receive the Power Star. However, using the warps will not be considered cheating. Mario
3 5 Silver Stars! The player must collect the five Silver Stars scattered around the battlefield. In this mission, a Chain Chomp is running loose with one of the Stars at the end of its chain. This Star does not appear in the original. Anyone
4 Big Bob-omb's Revenge The player has to fight King Bob-omb one last time, but this time the player must pick him up and throw him. Yoshi cannot fight him this time, unless he uses caps. If the player throws King Bob-omb out of the ring, he will not allow it. Anyone but Yoshi
5 Mario Wings to the Sky The player has to fly straight through the middle of the coin circles in the sky, collecting all five middle coins. If the player is not playing as Mario, the coins can still be collected via cannon. Anyone
6 Find the 8 Red Coins The player has to collect all eight Red Coins scattered around the battlefield. Anyone
7 Behind Chain Chomp's Gate The player has to unleash the Chain Chomp by ground-pounding the stake it is chained to. If played as Luigi, he can simply run through the cage with his Power Flower power to get the Star without having to do anything to the Chain Chomp, and the peg can be ground-pounded only once as Wario or if any character eats a Mushroom, which is inside a Brick Block. Anyone
SM64DS-Course Icon2.PNG
# Mission How to get the Star Character(s) required
1 Chip Off Whomp's Block The player has to defeat the Whomp King at the top of the fortress by ground-pounding his back three times. Anyone
2 To the Top of the Fortress The player has to reach the top of the fortress where the Whomp King had once stood and climb up the big tower. Anyone
3 Shoot into the Wild Blue The player has to shoot out of a cannon onto a narrow ledge under a long pole. If the player is Luigi, he can triple-jump and then dive or backflip up. If the player is Mario, he can also triple-jump or wall-kick up. Anyone
4 Red Coins on the Floating Isle The player has to get onto the floating islands to collect two of the eight Red Coins and get back down on land to collect the rest. It is also possible to use Hoot. Anyone
5 Fall onto the Caged Island The player has to use Hoot the owl to drop onto the island with the caged Power Star. It is also possible to reach it by using the cannon. Anyone
6 Blast Away the Wall The player has to shoot out of a cannon into the top right corner of the brick wall. Anyone
7 Switch Star of the Fortress The player has to activate the switch, which is under a Brick Block, and get the Power Star before the timer runs out. This Star does not appear in the original. Anyone but Yoshi
SM64DS-Course Icon3.PNG
# Mission How to get the Star Character(s) required
1 Plunder in the Sunken Ship The player has to swim down to the sunken ship, lure Unagi the eel out of the ship's window, and climb inside. While inside, the player has to open a Treasure Chest to fully drain the water and make the player climb over ledges and steep grounds to be able to hit the yellow block. Anyone
2 Can the Eel Come Out to Play? The player has to carefully swim down to Unagi the eel and grab the Power Star attached to the end of its tail. Anyone
3 Treasure in the Ocean Cave The player has to unlock the four Treasure Chests in the bay's cave in the correct order to reveal the Star. Anyone
4 Blast to the Stone Pillar The player has to blast from the cannon to the pillar above the ship. Mario can simply use his Power Flower ability to float to the Star. Anyone
5 Red Coins on the Ship Afloat The player has to collect all eight Red Coins from the ship's deck as well as on land and in the depths of the water. Anyone
6 Switch Star of the Bay The player has to get the temporary Power Star under a limited time as transparent Luigi. This Star does not appear in the original. Luigi
7 Through the Jet Stream The player has to get the Power Star that is in the middle of the bay's jet stream by using Wario's metal ability. Wario
SM64DS-Course Icon4.PNG
# Mission How to get the Star Character(s) required
1 Slip Slidin' Away The player has to jump into the cottage's chimney, slide down to the end, and then go outside to get the Star. Anyone
2 Li'l Penguin Lost The player has to carry Tuxie, the baby Penguin, back to her mother. Tuxie is located at the start of the course, where the slide entrance is. The other Penguin is near the chimney and mother Penguin, but she is not her baby. If Yoshi eats the Penguins, he will immediately spit them out. Anyone but Yoshi
3 Big Penguin Race The player has to race down the cottage slide once more, but they should not take any shortcuts: The Penguin's race allows no cheating. Luigi's backflip is also considered cheating. Anyone
4 Frosty Slide for 8 Red Coins The player has to collect all eight Red Coins scattered around the snowy land. Two of them are in ice blocks and require Yoshi's fire breath to melt them. Yoshi
5 Snowman's Lost His Head The player has to lead the Headless Snowman's body back to his disconnected head. Anyone
6 Mario's Super Wall Kick This requires that the player must activate the cannon near the mother Penguin, then use it to blast to a far-away ledge to the tree or jump on a Spindrift to get to the area. Then, Mario must wall-kick twice to reach the Star. Alternatively, Luigi can simply backflip to reach it, Yoshi can flutter-jump, and Wario can triple-jump and dive to reach the platform that Mario is supposed to reach by the second wall kick. Anyone
7 Switch Star of Cool, Cool Mountain The player has to race to get the Power Star under a limited time after breaking the ice water block near the mother Penguin, covering the Power Star. Only Wario can ground-pound the ice. This Star does not appear in the original. Wario
SM64DS-Course Icon5.PNG
# Mission How to get the Star Character(s) required
1 Go on a Ghost Hunt The player has to defeat all the Boos in the Ghost House to fight with the Big Boo in the main hall. After each hit, the Boo gets smaller. After the player defeats him, the staircase will rise. Anyone but Yoshi
2 Ride Big Boo's Merry-Go-Round The player has to defeat every Boo on the Merry-Go-Round and fight the Big Boo once more. It is in the basement this time. Anyone but Yoshi
3 Secret of the Haunted Books The player has to hit the books in the library in the correct order to gain access to the secret door area containing the Power Star. The order of the books is top, right, and then left. Anyone but Yoshi
4 Seek the 8 Red Coins The player has to go from room to room for the eight hidden Red Coins. The last one of the coins is on the ceiling of the main room. Mario can use his Power Flower ability, Luigi can backflip or scuttle, and Wario can triple-jump and dive to get the coin. Anyone but Yoshi
5 Big Boo's Balcony The player has to defeat the Big Boo on the third floor of the balcony one last time and reach the Power Star on the roof by triple-jumping/somersaulting, long-jumping, or using Mario's Power Flower ability. Anyone but Yoshi
6 Eye to Eye in the Secret Room The player has to turn into Vanish Luigi to defeat Big Mr. I in the painting near the balcony. Luigi
7 Switch Star in the Basement The player has to get the Power Star under a limited time as fast as possible. The player can change caps to change into a different and much faster character. This Star does not appear in the original. Wario
SM64DS-Course Icon6.PNG
# Mission How to get the Star Character(s) required
1 Swimming Beast in the Cavern The player has to use Dorrie to get up to the ledge and break the boulder with Wario's strength. Wario
2 Elevate for 8 Red Coins The player has to use the many elevators and lifts in the largest cave to collect all eight Red Coins. Anyone
3 Metal-Head Wario Can Move As Wario, the player has to smack the ? Block in the lower level and snag the Power Flower. Then the player has to go to the ! Switch below the water, press it, and go into the door it opens, and then Wario has to do two long jumps to obtain the Power Star. The player can also somersault to the ledge as Luigi, wall-kick as Mario, or flutter-jump as Yoshi, which makes the long jumps easier. Wario
4 Navigating the Toxic Maze The player has to go through the toxic maze, go to the second door, and get the Power Star above the lift. Luigi can go through the cage with his Power Flower ability. Anyone
5 A-Maze-Ing Emergency Exit The player has to go through the toxic maze once more to get to the door that leads to the room above the falling boulders, then the player has to monkey-bar to the Power Star. Luigi can go through without taking damage with his Power Flower ability, as can Wario. Luigi can backflip up from the Black Brick in the room with the boulders, or Mario can wall-kick off a wall from the right of the brick. Anyone
6 Watch for Rolling Rocks The player has to get the Power Star from falling boulders by punching three or four of them or eating the Mushroom inside the Black Brick. Wario
7 Underground Switch Star The player will have to get the Power Star under a limited time as fast as possible. This Star does not appear in the original. Wario
SM64DS-Course Icon7.PNG
# Mission How to get the Star Character(s) required
1 Boil the Big Bully The player has to tackle and defeat the Big Bully. Anyone
2 Bully the Bullies The player has to defeat all three regular Bullies and then the Big Bully once again. Anyone
3 8-Coin Puzzle with 15 Pieces The player has to collect all eight Red Coins around on a revolving Bowser puzzle. Anyone
4 Red-Hot Log Rolling The player has to ride a floating cage to a structure and roll on the log to the Power Star. Mario can fly to the other side with his Wing Cap ability, and Luigi can go through the cage with his Power Flower ability and backflip at the starting point. The player can also use a Green Shell. Anyone
5 Hot-Foot-It into the Volcano Once inside the volcano in the center of the area, the player will have to climb to the top by using the footholds or riding the lifts. Anyone
6 Inside the Volcano The player has to go inside the volcano again and get the Power Star from a small floating island by using the lifts. Anyone
7 Flaming Silver Stars The player has to use a Green Shell to glide around the lava to collect all five Silver Stars. This Star does not appear in the original. Anyone
SM64DS-Course Icon8.PNG
# Mission How to get the Star Character(s) required
1 In the Talons of the Big Bird The player has to jump under the Klepto to get the Power Star held in its talons. Anyone
2 Shining Atop the Pyramid The player has to climb to the top of the pyramid, avoiding enemies, to get to the Power Star. The player can use a Green Shell, but Mario can simply fly up with his Wing Cap ability, and Luigi can backflip to the top. Anyone
3 Inside the Ancient Pyramid The player has to get the Power Star that sits at the top of the inside scope of the pyramid at the end. Luigi can backflip up throughout the mission. Anyone
4 Stand Tall on the Four Pillars The player will have to stand on all four of the pillars to open the gateway to Eyerok. The player will have to punch the two eyes in its hands, three times each, to defeat them (or two times each, if played as Wario). If played as Yoshi, the player must spit flames at Eyerok. Anyone
5 Tox Box Switch Star The player will have to make it through the Tox Boxes and activate the switch to get the Power Star in the desert's oasis via the Warp Zone at one end of the Tox Box maze, then teleport under a limited time. Wario
6 Pyramid Puzzle The player has to collect all five Silver Stars on the various sand ledges in the pyramid. This Star was in the original, but the Silver Stars replace the coins. Anyone
7 Free Flying for 8 Red Coins The player has to fly and roam for all eight Red Coins throughout the desert. Though harder, the player can also use Luigi's somersault, the cannons, and the tornadoes to get the Red Coins. Anyone
SM64DS-Course Icon9.PNG
# Mission How to get the Star Character(s) required
1 Board Bowser's Sub The player will have to climb the Brick Blocks after pressing a switch to go to the top of the sub to get the Power Star. Mario can float up to the Star with his Power Flower ability. Luigi can stand on top of the Power Flower box and backflip. Anyone
2 Chests in the Current The player will have to open the three Treasure Chests in the correct order to gain the Power Star. Anyone
3 Pole-Jumping for Red Coins The player has to collect all eight Red Coins by hopping from one pole to another over the submarine dock. Anyone
4 Through the Jet Stream The player will have to swim through five air rings in a row and get the Star in the speeding current. Wario
5 Koopa Surfin' Switch Star The player has to punch the middle Black Brick, then use a Koopa Shell to reach the timed Star on the other side. This Star does not appear in the original. Wario
6 Inside the Cage The player has to get the Star huddled in the red cage below the dock, leading to the pond outside of the castle. Luigi
7 The Manta Ray's Reward The player will have to swim through the Manta's air circles five times in a row to get a Power Star. Anyone
SM64DS-Course Icon10.PNG
# Mission How to get the Star Character(s) required
1 Snowman's Big Head The player has to get to the peak of the Giant Snowman by either walking beside the large Penguin or using the cannon to get there directly and not get blown away. If the player is Luigi at the point where the Penguin is, he can simply backflip over the ice. Yoshi can flutter-jump, Mario can triple-jump and then dive safely, and Wario can grab a Power Flower to go in the cannon and walk through the blowing wind. Anyone
2 Chill with the Bully The player will have to defeat the Chill Bully by pushing him into the ice water only once. Wario can use his metal ability and simply walk into the Bully, while Yoshi can spit fire at the Bully. Anyone
3 Yoshi's Ice Sculpture The player has to melt the ice cube blocks to release the Power Star. This Star does not appear in the original. Yoshi
4 Whirl from the Freezing Pond The player has to jump onto a Spindrift to spin across to the other shore, as the Star is inside one of the yellow boxes. Luigi can backflip to the other shore without using a Spindrift. He and Mario can also triple-jump there, and Yoshi can flutter-jump there. Anyone
5 Snowman's Silver Star The player has to use a Koopa Shell to collect all five Silver Stars. This Star does not appear in the original. Anyone
6 Into the Igloo The player has to become transparent and fall into the sealed under-opening to the Power Star inside the igloo, which can be reached by using the green Koopa Shell. Luigi
7 Red Coins in the House The player has to collect all eight Red Coins inside the igloo. Anyone
SM64DS-Course Icon11.PNG
# Mission How to get the Star Character(s) required
1 Shocking Arrow Lifts! The player has to use the lifts to get to the yellow box with a yellow prize. It can also be reached by using a backflip from below or by floating there as Mario. Anyone
2 Top o' the Town The player will need to get to the top ledge of Wet-Dry World to get the Power Star. Mario can float up there. Anyone
3 5 Secrets in the Shallows & Sky The player has to find all five secrets to reveal a Power Star. Anyone
4 Express Elevator--Hurry Up! The player will have to drain the water completely and activate the elevator, then jump on it before it gets too high. However, Luigi can use a Power Flower to go through the grating, with no elevator. Anyone
5 Go to Town for the Red Coins The player will have to go to the world's abandoned town square and collect all eight Red Coins. To do this, the player must completely flood the world, then swim down the chain-guarded tunnel area. Anyone
6 Quick Race Through Downtown! The player has to get to the Star quickly with transparent Luigi in the town square. Some walls can be walked through. Luigi
7 Soaked Silver Stars The player will have to get the five Silver Stars scattered around the water world, with the last one being inside a Brick Block. This Star does not appear in the original. Anyone
SM64DS-Course Icon12.PNG
# Mission How to get the Star Character(s) required
1 Scale the Mountain The player has to climb to the top of the mountain to get a Power Star. Anyone
2 Mystery of the Monkey Cage The player will have to get to the top of the mountain and find the Ukiki. The player will have to grab it/eat it and then let it go/spit it out, and it will break the cage and reveal a Power Star. Anyone
3 Scary 'Shrooms, Red Coins The player will have to collect all eight Red Coins on the Mushrooms and ledges by the Monty Moles, then the player will have to reach the Power Star on a distant Mushroom by jumping onto it. Anyone
4 Mysterious Mountainside The player has to find and go down the mountain's secret slide without falling. Near a Fwoosh, the player will have to leap into the wall where the coins indicate to enter the slide. Once they finish sliding and falling into a hole, they reappear outside in a cage with the Power Star. Alternatively, Luigi can use his invisibility power, then somersault, without using the slide. If the player falls off, they will respawn back at the slide. Anyone
5 Blast to the Lonely Mushroom The player has to blast or use Hoot the owl to fly to the Mushroom with the Power Star on it. They can backflip there with Luigi, fly as Mario, or spin-jump off the Fly Guy near an Ukiki to reach the Star too. Anyone
6 5 Secrets of the Mountain The player has to fly, fall from Hoot repeatedly, or somersault around the peak and get the center coin in each ring of coins. This Star does not appear in the original. Anyone
7 Breathtaking View from the Bridge The player will have to jump behind the long waterfall and break the Black Bricks to reveal the Power Star. Wario
SM64DS-Course Icon13.PNG
# Mission How to get the Star Character(s) required
1 Pluck the Piranha Flower The player will have to start on the tiny island, go left from the starting point, and leap into the pipe on the last island. The player will have to attack and kill every giant Piranha Plant that appears. If the player is Yoshi, they must eat the Mushroom found in one of the logs or spit the fire shot by the Piranha Plants at them. Anyone
2 The Tip Top of the Huge Island The player will have to get to the top of the big island once more and hit the box up there, revealing a Power Star. Anyone
3 Rematch with Koopa the Quick The player has to race with Koopa the Quick in one more race. This time, the race is shorter than the previous one. Mario
4 Klepto the Condor The Klepto has the Power Star once again in its talons, and the player needs to touch it to get the Star. Anyone
5 Wiggler's Red Coins The player has to collect all eight Red Coins in the crypt under Wiggler's small nest. Anyone
6 Make Wiggler Squirm The player will have to unclog the pond above the island. To do this, on the tiny island, the player will have to ground-pound the ground on it. The player will then have to go onto the big island, fall through the exposed opening, and face Wiggler. The player will have to jump onto the Wiggler's head thrice to get its Power Star. Anyone
7 Switch Star on the Island The player will have to get the timed Star under a limited time under Wiggler's small nest. This Star does not appear in the original. Anyone
SM64DS-Cource Icon14.PNG
# Mission How to get the Star Character(s) required
1 Luigi in the Cage The player will have to become transparent and fall through the various floors to the Power Star in the cage. Luigi
2 The Pendulum Switch Star The player needs to get the timed Star under a limited time. This Star does not appear in the original. Anyone
3 Get a Hand The player has to jump to an alcove near a horizontal clock hand, which is the intended method of getting there. Anyone
4 Stomp on the Thwomp The player will have to get to the top of the clock, hop on the Thwomp, and get the Power Star at the top ledge. Mario does not have to stand on the Thwomp. He can float up with his Power Flower ability. Anyone
5 Timed Jumps on Moving Bars The player has to hop up two moving bars, break Black Bricks, and get the Power Star. Luigi can use his Power Flower ability to backflip to the Power Star on a moving bar without breaking the Black Bricks. Luigi or Wario
6 Stop Time for Red Coins The player has to leap into the clock painting with the minute hand at 12 to stop time and objects moving, then collect all eight Red Coins in the frozen clockwork. Anyone
7 Tick Tock Silver Stars At the starting point, the player can just hold still, moving about once in a while. The Silver Stars will automatically fall towards the player. Anyone
SM64DS-Course Icon15.PNG
# Mission How to get the Star Character(s) required
1 Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow The player will need to get up to the flying boat, where high winds roam, and nab the Power Star on the forward bow while using Wario's Power Flower power. But Luigi can spin/backflip to reach it on a carpet. Mario can use a Power Flower to reach it. Very strangely, Yoshi can use his tongue to scoot up to get to the Star. Anyone
2 The Big House in the Sky The player has to use the magic carpets to float among the rainbow strands to get to the roof of the house. Mario can float up to the Power Star without using the carpet inside the Manor. Anyone
3 Coins Amassed in a Maze The player needs to wall-kick, backflip, or flutter-jump various ledges to get all eight Red Coins in the walled maze. Though difficult, the coins can be gotten as Wario by utilizing a quick series of triple jumps. Anyone
4 Swingin' in the Breeze The player has to go onto the many moving ledges and metal swings to reach the tip of the obstacle area. Anyone
5 Tricky Triangles! The player will have to take the same way from the previous Star, then head for a structure with triangular platforms four creeks above seesaws. After pressing the switch, the player has to make it to the top before the triangles reset and become impossible to climb. Luigi can somersault from the top, without using the triangles. Anyone
6 Somewhere Over the Rainbow The player will have to blast to the highest island, where a Chuckya is located. The player will have to grab the Star inside a yellow box as fast as possible. Anyone
7 Switch Star of the Manor The player will have to get the Star as fast as possible by grabbing a Power Flower and going to the roof, where the Star is temporarily placed. This Star does not appear in the original. Mario

Castle Secret Stars[edit]

Secret Stars are Power Stars found in hidden locations in and around Peach's Castle. There are thirty Secret Stars in all, fifteen more than in the original game. According to Bowser, he did not know the whereabouts of most of them.

Secret Stars
Stars Location Summary Character(s) required
1–2 The Princess's Secret Slide In the Character Selection room, the player can jump into the Princess Peach stained-glass window on the right, as it will lead to a secret slide. The first Star is inside a yellow box at the end of the slide. The second Star is awarded if the slide is completed in 21 seconds or less. Anyone
3 The Secret Aquarium In the room leading to Jolly Roger Bay, the player has to jump or backwards-somersault into the alcove on the right side of the room. The player will have to swim about and grab all eight Red Coins. Anyone
4 The Secret of Battle Fort In the Boo's Courtyard, the player can find three bricks placed together. The player will have to ground-pound, kick, or punch the bricks to expose a secret entrance to the Battle Fort. In this area, the player has to grab all five Silver Stars while avoiding Heave-Hos, Goombas, Bob-ombs, and a Chuckya. Some Silver Stars may be in bricks or Goombas. Anyone but Yoshi
5 ? Switch With at least 14 Stars and playing as Mario, the player has to go to the starting point in the castle. The player will have to press and hold X Button to enter First Person mode, then look up into the beam of light. Here, the player, now Wing Mario for the first time in the game, can collect the eight Red Coins by flying into them before jumping onto the red ? Switch to make all of the ? Blocks solid. Mario
6–7 Behind the Waterfall The player will need to use Metal Wario to collect the eight Red Coins in the speeding river behind the castle grounds' main waterfall in Hazy Maze Cave. To enter, the player must get down to the bottom section of the cave. The player has to ride on Dorrie to gain access to a door nestled in a nook by the lake. Then the player will have to jump into the pool to enter the area and collect all eight Red Coins to reveal the Power Star. Another Star can be found by using Mario. At the small island at the end of the area, the player will have to jump into the block and grab a Power Flower. Then the player has to float up, following coins, to grab another Star. If the player gets sucked by the strong water current, they will end up in the moat outside the castle. Wario/Mario
8–9 The Secret Under the Moat The player has to collect all eight Red Coins over the obstacles with Wario and the red and green caps. The player enters this area by draining the moat, going out through the new front door, then using Wario to smash the Black Bricks over the entrance there. Wario must use Luigi's cap to turn invisible and get the Red Coin Star in a cage, but Mario's cap can be used to grab a Switch Star. The player will have to grab the cap, then race back to the end of the slope. Then the player has to jump into the block and gain the Power Flower, then float over to a small outcropping to the left. The player then has to stomp onto the switch for the Star. The player then has to either use two Power Flowers or wall-jump to make Wario's way up to the Star. Wario in Mario's and Luigi's caps
10–11 Over the Rainbows The player will have to fly and collect the eight Red Coins from the many clouds. The player enters this area by leaping into the alcove to the right in the room with the entrances to Rainbow Ride/Tick-Tock Clock/Bowser in the Sky. Also, on the island with a cannon, the player has to grab Wario's cap. The player will have to talk to the Bob-omb Buddy, leap into the cannon, and carefully fire Mario/Wario to the island with a Black Block. The player can also get the Star by long-jumping from the start to the Black Brick. The player must then break it and grab the Power Star reward. If the player falls off, they will end up in the lake outside the castle, but they do not lose a life. Mario or Wario
12–13 Bowser in the Dark World The player has to race up the four outcroppings above the seesaws to claim the temporary Star after hitting the switch near the pipe. Luigi can backflip over them. In addition, after the player collects all eight Red Coins, another Star will appear near the tube pipe. Anyone
14–15 Bowser in the Fire Sea The player will have to carefully race up the four outcroppings above the seesaws, avoiding the lava, to claim the timed Star by wall-kicking/spinning/triple-jumping up the various ledges near the Bowser Warp Pipe. The player has to collect the eight Red Coins to earn another Power Star. Mario or Luigi
16–17 Bowser in the Sky The player will have to race up the spinning purple spear with an Amp rotating around it to claim the timed Switch Star after hitting the switch below the Whomp. The player can also collect all eight Red Coins to grab another Power Star. The Star is located near the pipe, around the realms, where the last coin is also located. Mario
18 Red Coins in the Courtyard In the Courtyard, the player will have to ground-pound, kick, or punch every Boo to earn all eight Red Coins to get a Power Star, which will appear in front of the Star statue. Anyone but Yoshi
19 Sunshine Isles In the Rec Room, the player will have to leap into the small painting of a sunny island. Here, the player has to grab all five Silver Stars while avoiding Goombas, Lakitu, Klepto, and a Piranha Plant to earn a Power Star. Anyone
20–21 Goomboss Battle Red Coin/Switch Stars In Goomboss Battle, Mario can cross rickety platforms to stomp a switch and wall-jump up between the fences to grab a Switch Star. To grab all eight Red Coins, the player must use every character's cap to float, smash the regular and black Brick Blocks, triple-jump, turn transparent, and backflip their way up to the Red Coin Star. Anyone (Mario/Luigi/Wario caps required)
22–23 Big Boo Battle Red Coins/Secret Stars In Big Boo Battle, the player can use Wario to snag every Red Coin, smash the Black Brick containing the last Red Coin, and unearth a Star. Luigi must make his way to the end, then grab a Power Flower and race quickly through the Boo painting near the collapsible bridge to get another Star. Luigi/Wario
24–25 Chief Chilly Challenge Red Coin/Secret Stars In Chief Chilly Challenge, Luigi must get a Wario Cap, turn metal, and slowly make his way up a narrow, windy path to smash a Black Brick and earn a Power Star. Then he must grab another Power Flower to get back and not get blown away. Luigi is the best choice for collecting the Red Coins. All are easy to grab, but Luigi must turn transparent to grab the seventh in a cage and use a Mario Cap to float up to the last coin in order to unearth the Star. Then he must use another Power Flower to come back. Luigi with caps
26 Through the Looking Glass In the mirror-filled room leading to Snowman's Land and Chief Chilly Challenge, the player can use Luigi to snag a Power Flower and run through the mirror. The door on the other side leads to a Power Star in a white room. Luigi
27 Eight Glowing Rabbits After eight Power Stars have been obtained, Glowing Rabbits will randomly appear around the castle in place of ordinary ones that have been caught. Eight must be grabbed to earn a Star, but they are so scarce, it is rare to find one. They do not appear in the place of a rabbit unless the rabbit in question has been caught before. When the last one is caught, a key is given that unlocks the last room in the Character Selection area. Inside this room is the Power Star. If the player goes into the room after the Power Star is collected, Boos are heard laughing, and the player character will simply exit the room and groan. Anyone
28–30 Toads' Secured Stars Toads have managed to find three Stars, and they are holding onto them until the player talks to them. The Toads with Stars are near the entrance to the Hazy Maze Cave course, on the castle's second floor under the staircase, and on the third floor to the right of Tick Tock Clock. However, they will not give any Stars until the player has collected at least 20, 40, and 60 Stars, respectively. Anyone

Bowser Boss Battles[edit]

Mario fighting Bowser in Bowser in the Dark World

Bowser is fought in three courses, each of which is behind a Big Star Door, and a certain number of Power Stars are required to open them. Big Star Doors can only be opened with Mario, though once opened, any character can enter the door. The only exception to this is the Big Star Door leading to the final Bowser course; if any character other than Mario enters through it, they will be brought to the Endless Staircase instead.

The following is a list of Bowser's subversive worlds and the number of Power Stars required to access them:


The following table shows all of the major bosses in the game.

Image Name Description Appears in
BigBob-Omb.PNG King Bob-omb (Big Bob-omb) A giant Bob-omb that attacks by throwing smaller Bob-ombs when faced by Yoshi. He can be defeated by spitting the Bob-ombs back at him three times. If he is faced by Mario, Luigi, or Wario, he attacks by tossing the player around the stage, but can be defeated if the player picks him up and tosses him three times. Bob-omb Battlefield
SM64DS WhompKing.png Whomp King A giant Whomp that tries to crush the player by falling on top of them. They must avoid the attack and ground-pound the king's back as he is about to get up. Doing so three times defeats him. Whomp's Fortress
SM64DS Goomboss.png Goomboss (Goomba King) A giant Goomba that holds the key to Mario's door and walks around the stage with some Goombas. Yoshi can defeat him by spitting a Goomba at him three times; however, Goomboss spawns more Goombas and gets faster after each hit. If fought by Yoshi, the Goombas spawn behind Goomboss. If fought by anyone else, the Goombas spawn in front of him. Goomboss Battle
KingBooSM64DS.png King Boo (Big Boo) A similar foe to Big Boo that guards the key to Luigi's door. He can warp between realities and attack by ramming into the player or spitting blue flames at them. King Boo can be defeated by hitting him three times with any attack other than jumping. Big Boo Battle
Eyerok64.png Eyerok Two disembodied stone hands that attacks by punching the player and slamming down its fists at them while leaving an eye exposed. The player must punch each eye three times (or twice if playing as Wario) to defeat Eyerok. Shifting Sand Land
ChiefChillySM64DS.png Chief Chilly A large Bully encased in ice that guards the key to Wario's door. Luigi must push him into the ice-cold water three times to defeat him; however, Chief Chilly makes the platform he is fought on smaller after each hit. Chief Chilly Challenge
WigglerSM64DS.png Wiggler A Wiggler that is angry at the player for flooding its house. Attacks by charging at the player. When its head is jumped on two times, it turns angry and attacks at a much faster speed. When jumped on once more, it is defeated. Tiny-Huge Island
BowserSM64DS.png Bowser Mario's archenemy and the main villain of the game. Bowser's tactics differ depending on when he is fought, but usually attacks by breathing fire and ramming into the player. He can be defeated by tossing him into a bomb once the first two times he is fought. For the final encounter, the player must throw him into bombs three times to defeat him. Bowser in the Dark World, Bowser in the Fire Sea, Bowser in the Sky


The following table shows all of the mini-bosses in the game.

Image Name Description Appears in
SM64DS BigBoo.png Big Boo A giant Boo that is fought three times in the game in the same course. The Big Boo attacks by ramming the humans if they are not looking at the Big Boo. The player can defeat him by hitting him three times with any attack except jumping when he is not invisible. Big Boo's Haunt
SM64DS BigMr.I.png Big Mr. I A giant Mr. I that hides in a secret room at the top of the mansion along with a Boo. He attacks by shooting blue flames at the player and can be defeated if the they run around him enough times, making him dizzy. Big Boo's Haunt
SM64DS BigBully.png Big Bully A large Bully that is fought two times in the Lethal Lava Land course. It attacks the player by ramming into them, trying to push them into the lava. To defeat the Big Bully, the player must do the same by repeatedly hitting him towards the lava. Lethal Lava Land
ChillbullyDS.png Chill Bully A large Bully encased in ice that has the same fighting style as Big Bully. However, the platform that it is fought on is made of ice as well, making it very slippery. Pushing him into the freezing water once defeats him. Snowman's Land

VS. Mode[edit]

VS Mode

Super Mario 64 DS includes a multiplayer VS. Mode, which can be played with up to four players by using the wireless communication. The host player must press the orange icon labeled "VS", while the other players must press DS Download Play on the main menu. To change settings, the players can press the start and select buttons. When the DS systems are connected, the host player will select a stage. There are 4 stages in total. Once the stage has been selected and the settings are changed, each player will fight and compete to get the most Power Stars and Coins within the time limit. After the round is finished, the results will show the ranks of the players with the most stars and coins. All players in this mode play as a Yoshi; the first player (the host) plays as the default Green Yoshi, the second player plays as Red Yoshi, the third player plays as Blue Yoshi, and the fourth player plays as Yellow Yoshi. Despite the color differences, each Yoshi has identical abilities, and all are able to pick up the caps of Mario, Luigi, and Wario to use the abilities of those characters. All of the characters are able to fly.

Rec Room[edit]

The Rec Room, entrance with Toad standing in front of the open shelves.

Once keys are gained, they can open shelves to unlock minigames. Mario's and (to a lesser extent) Wario's minigames are action-packed, Luigi's are casino (or luck-based) games, and Yoshi's are puzzle-based.

The following table is a complete listing of all the minigames and descriptions, which includes also the unlockables, throughout the game. They are followed by the in-game instructions. Most of these minigames are reused in New Super Mario Bros., and they also have multiplayer, along with some new ones. For information regarding how to unlock the minigames, view the section about Rabbit locations. There are 36 minigames in total. Each character has nine: two are for the characters themselves, while the other seven are from catching rabbits.

Yoshi's minigames
Minigames Description
Wanted! It's easy to get lost in a crowd! Find the one who disappeared and touch him. There he is!
Loves Me...? Play this minigame for advice on your love life! Pluck the petals to find out how your crush feels about you.
Hide and Boo Seek Rub the Touch Screen where the Boos are hiding! For the first 15 levels, you get three seconds to find them. After that, you only get two seconds.
Puzzle Panel Match the Touch Screen picture to the top screen. Touch a panel to turn over the surrounding panels. Harder levels will take more turns to solve.
Boom Box Each time you open a treasure chest, you'll hear a sound. Open 2 chests with the same sound. Win by matching all the pairs.
Tox Box Shuffle Oh, no! Yoshi's trapped in a Tox Box! Find which one he's in to save him!
Which Wiggler? Touch the Wiggler on the Touch Screen that matches the one on the top screen. Choose carefully, though; he has a terrible temper.
Mix-a-Mug Line up the slots on the Touch Screen to form a face. Win more coins by matching the center face in the slots to the one on the top screen.
Puzzle Panic This minigame takes the Puzzle Panel to a whole new level. Put on your thinking cap. You're going to need it.
Mario's minigames
Minigames Description
Mario's Slides Guide Mario down the slides to the Star. Draw lines on the Touch Screen to create new routes for him. Collect 5 Stars to move up a stage.
Bounce and Pounce Mario's in free fall, but he can bounce back if you touch him. Stomp the Fly Guys, but make sure he doesn't fall off the Touch Screen.
Sort or 'Splode Guide Bob-ombs to the black carpet and Bob-omb Buddies to the pink carpet. If you bring in a wrong-colored Bob-omb, it will blow up!
Trampoline Time Draw a line on the Touch Screen to turn it into a trampoline. You can draw up to 3 lines at a time. Help Mario bounce to safety!
Shuffle Shell Use the paddle to push the Koopa shells to the target. The closer the shells land to the center of the target, the more points you will earn.
Bounce and Trounce Mario's surrounded by Fly Guys to trounce. Touch him on his left, right, or center to make him bounce in that direction.
Connect the Characters Draw lines to match the characters' heads to their bodies. Press "GO!" when you're finished to see how you fared!
Shell Smash Hit Koopa shells together to score points. Hit many in a row for even more points. Score even higher points by smashing green shells together.
Trampoline Terror Only players with superb stylus skills will be able to make Mario bounce through the rings.
Luigi's minigames
Minigames Description
Memory Match Pick two matching cards to make them disappear. Clear all the cards to win.
Pair-a-Gone Touch 2 identical cards that are connected vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to make them disappear. Clear them all to win!
Picture Poker Get a better hand than Luigi to win! If you're confident your hand is best, increase the number of coins you bet!
Mushroom Roulette Guess where the ball will land on the roulette wheel. Guess correctly to win coins!
Mario Slot Touch the spinning slots to stop them. Get 3 items in a row to earn coins! The Superstar is wild.
Lucky Stars From a pair of cards, pick the one with more Stars to win coins. Beat Luigi at his own game!
Pair-a-Gone and On This game of Pair-a-Gone goes on forever! Test your skill and see how many cards you can clear. Go for the record!
Memory Master If Memory Match was a piece of cake for you, try out this harder version. You now have more cards to play with.
Super Mario Slot Touch the spinning slots to stop them. Get 3 items in a row to earn coins! The Superstar is wild. Are you feeling super lucky?
Wario's minigames
Minigames Description
Bob-omb Squad The parachuting Bob-ombs are destroying your flowers! Use your slingshot to knock them out of the air. Hit Lakitu to blow them all up.
Snowball Slalom Rub the Touch Screen to roll the snowman's head to the goal before time runs out! Rocks will slow you down, as will touching his head!
Bingo Ball Launch a ball into a numbered slot on the Touch Screen. That number will light up in the top screen. Get 3 numbers in a row to score!
Coincentration Pay attention to where the falling coins land. Touch the blocks to retrieve the coins. But if you choose the wrong block, your game will end.
Psyche Out! Are you psychic? Can you guess what's on the card's other side? Maybe if you stare at it long enough, a vision will come to you.
Slots Shot The bars swing open when a ball goes in a Piranha Plant. Sink the ball into the pipe to trigger the slots Switch. Get 3 items in a row for a bonus!
Lakitu Launch Shoot as many balls as you can into the tubs within the allotted time.
Intense Coincentration There aren't as many falling coins this time around, but that won't stop Wario. Watch the coins carefully!
Giant Snowball Slalom Roll the snowball over a longer course! As before, avoid rocks because they'll slow you down.

List of changes from the original game[edit]

Though Super Mario 64 DS is a clear remake of the Nintendo 64 64-bit game Super Mario 64, there are some elements that were components added in the game that the original game did not have, as well as elements only seen in the first rendition which were taken out in its remake.

Gameplay changes[edit]

  • Luigi, Yoshi and Wario are now playable. Only Mario was playable in the original, while Yoshi makes an unplayable cameo appearance on the Castle Roof after the original game is finished and Luigi and Wario did not make any appearances or cameos in the original. There were, however, rumors that Luigi could be unlocked in the original, but those have since been debunked, and he was planned to appear in the original game, but was dropped.
  • Utilizing the stylus and touch screen, the player can now draw and stretch the characters which appear on the title screen.
  • In the original game, Mario (the only character capable of wall jumping in both the original game and the remake) cannot slide down walls. He is able to do so in the remake, making Wall Jumping much easier to perform than in the original.
  • Mario is able to float, Luigi can become invisible, Wario can become a metal version of himself and Yoshi can breathe fire out of his mouth when anyone collects a Power Flower. Mario can also fly by collecting a feather. In the original, Mario was able to collect different caps to use these various abilities (excluding the fire and balloon power-ups) such as the Wing Cap, the Vanish Cap and the Metal Cap.
  • There are eight Power Stars in each world. In the original, there are only seven Power Stars in each world.
  • There are 36 rabbits to catch. In the original, there is only one rabbit which is caught twice in the basement.
  • There are 150 stars in the whole game. There were 120 in the original.
  • Wario is now able to pick up signs and throw them like any other enemy that is picked up. He is also able to jump on signs and ground-pound them into the ground once. In the original version, Mario is not able to pick up signs, nor is he able to ground-pound them. He and the other characters can't pick up signs, but can ground-pound them twice.[4]
  • After collecting all Stars, the player may be shot out of a cannon to the top of Princess Peach's Castle. Three 1-Up Mushrooms can be found there, as well as one of Luigi's rabbits. Also present on the roof is a red ? Box, which gives the player a feather for Mario and a Power Flower for Luigi, Wario and Yoshi. In the original game, Mario will find Yoshi on the Roof. He will award the player with 100 lives, a new animation for his Triple Jump, and jump into the waterfall.
  • The Mushroom power-up was added, mainly found in bricks, and causes the player to grow to an enormous size (and gives Yoshi punching abilities). Within a time limit, one can defeat virtually every enemy, something that couldn't be done in Super Mario 64. After destroying the first seven, the player receives an extra life for anything else they destroy. A 90's Got Milk commercial shows footage from Super Mario 64 featuring a giant Mario, but it was impossible in the original version.
  • Yoshi appears on the title screen if the player returns to it without turning the game off, or if the player touches the Yoshi icon.
  • As the Nintendo DS does not have the analog stick that the Nintendo 64 has, either the D-pad or the stylus can be used (depending on the settings). However, the Circle Pad on the Nintendo 3DS somewhat simulates the classic analog stick.
  • On the title screen, Mario or Yoshi's face can be dragged by the stylus. While being dragged, they become wireframe. The user can also design a custom picture to drag around. In the original, Mario's face can be pulled by the cursor.
  • The L and X buttons on the Nintendo DS control the camera. In the original, the C buttons on the Nintendo 64 control the camera.
  • Rabbits, when caught by the player, can unlock minigames in the Rec Room. In the original, a rabbit provided hints and/or a Star.
  • Silver Stars were added in the remake. During Silver Star missions, the player must collect five Silver Stars to make a Power Star appear.
  • In the original, a glitch can cause Mario to backwards Long Jump. In the remake, backwards long jumping is possible, but will not have the same effect as in the original.
  • The player is given three save files to play on. In the original, the player was given four.
  • Mario couldn't destroy things that Wario could do in this game. He and the other characters also cannot even do it in this game.
  • Star Switches are seen in this game. They make a Power Star appear for a limited time in a Star Sphere.
  • The doors to Peach's Castle are now locked and require a key, which is obtained from a rabbit.
  • Two Power Flowers appear in the mirror room of Peach's Castle (four if the ones through the mirror are counted), but only if Luigi is used. In the original, no power-ups appear whatsoever in the room.
  • In the original game, Mario's cap did not despawn when losing his cap in Snowman's Land. In the DS version, when Mario loses his cap in Snowman's Land, it gets stolen by Mr. Blizzard.

Sound changes[edit]

  • Upon the game's start-up, Mario does not say anything on the Nintendo logo screen and says "It's-a me, Mario!" only on the title screen. In the original, he says "It's-a me! Mario!" on the Nintendo logo screen and "Hello!" on the title screen.
  • When a pipe appears at the start of a new game, Mario pauses before saying "Ha Ha!". In the original, he immediately says "Ha Ha!" after saying "Yahoo!".
  • When the Big Boos are hit in the original, they make the same sound as the Thwomp, but they do not do it in the remake.
  • When Mario goes to sleep after idling for too long, he does not talk in his sleep, though this may be because it would have to be recorded for the other three characters.
  • The penguins in Cool, Cool Mountain have slightly different crying sounds than in the original.
  • When entering Rainbow Ride, the sound effect for entering a mini-course plays; in the original, it plays the sound effect for entering any other main course.

Text changes[edit]

  • When the player first enters Big Boo's Haunt in the original, they are greeted with, "Come on in here... ...heh, heh, heh..." They are not greeted in the remake.
  • In the original version, Big Boo's laughs in the mission Go on a Ghost Hunt are written as "Ka ha ha ha!" In the remake, "Ha ha ha ha!" is written instead.
  • King Bob-omb of Bob-omb Battlefield is obsessed with his mustache. In the original, he is not shown to have any particular interests.
  • In the original game, when Mario throws Bowser, he says "So-long-a-Bowser". He does not say that in this version, instead, he says "Buh-bye", which he also says after closing the DS.
  • After collecting a 1-Up Mushroom, the words "1-UP" appear in orange text. In the original, no on-screen icon appears.

Graphical changes[edit]

  • Princess Peach wears her hair up in her appearances instead of wearing her hair down. This is based on how she appeared in Super Mario Sunshine which was the debut appearance of her ponytail hairstyle.
  • All textures are redone to fit the new capabilities and resolution of the system.
  • The sun and moon found in level skyboxes are now separate objects from them. Additionally, the pyramids seen in the background of Shifting Sand Land are no longer present.
  • In the remake, coins are octagonal, but in the original, they are circular. Additionally, they are 3D objects in the remake, while they were 2D animated sprites in the original game.
  • There are red ? Blocks and yellow ! Blocks. In the original, all item blocks are ! Blocks, and appear in blue and green, with the red ? Block sharing the functionality of the red, green, and blue ! Blocks of the original.
  • Wario, Luigi and Yoshi figures appear on the cake at the end, along with those of Mario and Peach (with Wario and Luigi only appearing if the player has unlocked them). Only Mario and Peach are seen in the original game.
  • Several enemies have updated designs. Many of the designs from this game end up becoming the standard for later games.
    • Cheep Cheeps (or Bubs) were depicted as resembling Blurps with an orange, scale-like texture and plain fins, but have a traditional design in the remake.
    • Bubbas were depicted as a larger version of the aforementioned Cheep Cheeps with shades, but due to the Cheep Cheeps looking on-model, they were revised to look more like Boss Bass.
    • In the original, Boos have blue eyes and are oblong, but in the remake, they have black eyes and are more spherical.
    • Mr. Blizzards have zig-zag mouths and wear buckets like hats, while in the original they have circular mouths and wear nothing on their head. They also die by spinning (similar to Mr. I) instead of falling on their side.
    • Lakitu's Cloud looks less like a real cloud and has a happy face, while in the original it resembles a normal cloud. Additionally, Lakitu is smiling in the remake, while in the original, he looks unhappy.
    • In the original, Thwomps are blue and cube-shaped, while in the remake, they are a gray-green color, spiked, and rectangular. Despite the spikes, the player can still stand on top of them.
    • Whomps now have gray rectangles for hands instead of purple spheres.
    • Heave-Hos have their faces replaced with a pair of digital eyes.
    • Skeeters are now light blue instead of turquoise.
    • Scuttlebugs no longer resemble orange marbles, instead having bee-like stripes.
    • Bob-ombs and Chuckyas now have keys.
    • Moving Bars no longer have eyes in Whomp's Fortress.
    • Pokeys now have their Mario Kart: Double Dash!! appearance.
    • Unagi's markings are now a bright yellow.
    • Large variations of enemies no longer use a scaled version of their smaller counterpart, instead having more detail.
    • Snufits are less spherical and wear black masks instead of white.
    • Fly Guys have visible mouths.
    • Spindel has one row of bandages instead of three.
    • Monty Moles have a new design with a double upper lip.
    • Bullet Bills have a design similar to the old artworks, but silver, without a mouth, and black arms. The original game's version resembled a Banzai Bill.
    • Spindrifts are tan and have closed mouths.
    • Kuromame now resemble active Flame Chomps and have been renamed after their Japanese name, Keronpa.
    • Amps have white lips, yellow eyes, and lack the original design's cross-popping veins.
    • The projectiles Mr. Is shoot is turquoise and glowing, instead of a purple bubble.
    • Swoops no longer have visible teeth, but have yellow, red, and purple details.
    • Big Bob-omb now has white gloves instead of yellow.
    • The Whomp King now has a crown and a more chipped, irregular shape.
    • Big Bullies have spiked rings around their horns and red rings around their eyes.
    • Wiggler now turns red after the second hit, and looks angry throughout. He also has spots and a mouth.
    • Bowser no longer has a disproportionately-large head.
  • The toxic cloud in Hazy Maze Cave is purple; it is green (or yellow) in the original. The toxic cloud also pushes the player back a little in the remake, but not in the original.
  • Bob-omb Buddies now have red feet instead of orange feet. They also have a fuse.

Other changes[edit]

  • The bottom layer of Whomp's Fortress has been expanded significantly, adding space for a Star Switch and its respective Power Star along with several new enemies.
  • The interior of the igloo in Snowman's Land has been entirely changed in the DS version.
  • In the original, during the final scene after the credits (after everyone waves goodbye to the player), the cake awarded to Mario is displayed and the player must reset the system to continue playing. However, in the remake, after the cake is shown, pressing any button takes the player back to the title screen.
  • The door on the top right corner of the lobby only contains two Peach murals (one still leading to The Princess's Secret Slide), as well as five additional doors. The three doors with letters above them allow the player to switch between characters; the remaining door contains a secret Power Star and the door in the back center leads to the Rec Room and Goomboss Battle. In the original, the room is smaller and contains three Peach murals inside it (one leading to the Secret Slide).
  • Klepto appears in three different levels, while in the original he only appears in the level Shifting Sand Land.
  • Whenever Hoot gives his speech, he isn't frozen and still flaps his wings. Additional music is played slower and is similar to the Wing Mario music. When the player flies with Hoot, he flaps slower than the original. In the original, Hoot is frozen when he gives his speech and his wings flap faster.
  • Wario, Luigi and Yoshi figures appear on the cake at the end, along with those of Mario and Peach (with Wario and Luigi only appearing if the player has unlocked them). Only Mario and Peach are seen in the original game.
  • Unlike the remake, in the original game, two Toads accompanied Princess Peach.

Notable mistakes and errors[edit]

  • When the player puts on the Mario cap for the first time, the game states that the player must press A Button to do a wall jump. This is incorrect, as the player must press B Button to wall jump.
  • Despite the instruction booklet giving Yoshi's jumps a 3-star rating, his long jumps and triple jumps do not go as high and far as Mario and Luigi's do.
  • King Boo is mistakenly referred to as Big Boo.
  • The 50 Star by the third floor has the carpet texture sound instead of the normal floor texture sound.
  • The instruction booklet is written in a vertical format and has a mistake where Mario and Luigi's speed are similar to the rest of the characters, except Wario. In fact, Mario and Luigi are the fastest in running and swimming.
  • Even if the player has collected the Star, a star that has been collected by Unagi, Klepto, or the caged star in Tall, Tall Mountain will show a star that hasn't been collected yet when untouched by the player.
  • If the player enters the Tower of the Wing Cap without Mario's cap, the Wing Cap will still be on Mario. Mario will even have his cap on until he leaves by any method.
  • Even if Yoshi's mouth is full, he can still make sounds.
  • Page 23 of the game's instruction manual shows a screenshot of Mario on Star 3 in Bob-omb Battlefield. The Silver Stars on the Touch Screen are mistaken for actual Power Stars.[5]

References to other games[edit]

References in later games[edit]

  • Mario Kart DS - All the bosses reappear in Mission Mode of this game, with each one fought after every eight missions. Also, some of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario's quotes and sounds are reused here. Tick Tock Clock is now a playable course.
  • New Super Mario Bros. - Most of the minigames and enemy models from Super Mario 64 DS are reused in New Super Mario Bros.. Also, when the DS is closed in both games, Mario will say, "Buh-bye!", and when the DS is opened back up again, he will say, "It's a-me, Mario!".
  • New Super Luigi U - The portrait used to enter Big Boo Battle is reused as a hidden Luigi.
  • Mario Party: Island Tour - The song "Slowly Bubble Up" from this game uses a remix of the song that plays for the minigame Wanted.
  • Mario Kart 8 - Mario Kart DS's race course Tick Tock Clock returns as the first track in the Retro Lightning Cup.


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Pre-release and unused content[edit]

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The game was initially announced as Super Mario 64×4. This iteration featured co-op multiplayer, different graphics and slightly different level layout among other things from its certified release.

A fully functional red Koopa Troopa enemy, as well as additional 3D objects and 2D animated sprites, is present in the game's code and can be accessed with an Action Replay code.


Release Reviewer, Publication Score Verdict
Nintendo DS Carig Harris, IGN 8.9/10 "At the very least, you can depend on at least one game in the system's launch line-up to bring hours, days, and weeks of great fun on the new hardware, even if it may not exactly be the system seller people are expecting out of the Nintendo DS' launch window. While I would have loved to experience a brand new Super Mario game that incorporated and integrated the system's capabilities, it's at least great to experience a well-produced and expanded version of a tried-and-true formula."
Nintendo DS Jeff Gerstmann, GameSpot 8.4/10 "All things considered, Super Mario 64 DS is a great update of a classic game. While some portions of the game have aged better than others, and while the control could've been a little tighter, the game is done right enough to make it a faithful update for fans of the original; new players will certainly find a lot to like here, as well. This is clearly and deservedly the flagship game for the Nintendo DS launch."
Nintendo DS Kristan Reed, Eurogamer 9/10 "On the whole, in this reviewer's estimation, the DS more than lives up to expectations. If anything, there was little excitement about it in this corner of the EG camp in the run-up to release, and although it'll be interesting to see whether the presence of a second screen will make any real difference, it's the touch-screen gaming that has really made the difference - although it's telling to note that so far it's only been genuinely useful in games actually designed around this input, as opposed to shoehorned into accommodating it as with the main portion of SM64DS. You've got to hand it to Nintendo, though; it's moved the gaming goalposts again. Or rather it lets the players do it themselves this time."
Nintendo DS Jeremy Parish, 1UP 7.5/10 "So what we ultimately have in Mario 64 DS is a poorly-conceived port of an otherwise good game. It pains me as a Mario fan to hand out a less-than-superlative score to any version of such a classic, but the simple fact is that all of Mario 64 DS's new additions can't overcome its problems. If I want to play Mario 64 again, I'll do it on the system it was designed for (and at about a tenth of the cost of a new DS). In the meantime, I'll hold out hope that the mysterious New Super Mario Bros. title teased at E3 is the game that Mario 64 DS should have been."
Compiler Platform / Score
Metacritic 85
GameRankings 86.31%


Following its release in Japan, Super Mario 64 DS sold over 241,000 copies in December 2004. Super Mario 64 DS is the 10th best selling game for the Nintendo DS, and as of March 31, 2014, the game has sold 11.03 million copies worldwide.[6]


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The game was produced by Shigeru Miyamoto, who also served as the supervising director, and directed by Shinichi Ikematsu. The main system programmer was Toshio Iwawaki, the other system programmers were Kenzo Hayakawa, Yuichi Yamamoto, Kenji Matsutani and Hiroshi Umemiya.


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Amp Death Glitch[edit]

The player must lose all but one wedge of their health, then touch an Amp. When they fall down to the ground in the death cutscene, one third of the body will be submerged in the ground. As Bowser's face comes onto the screen, the character's body will disappear

Falling Pillar glitch[edit]

Sometimes, when the player long jumps under a falling pillar in Jolly Roger Bay, the pillar will be destroyed, and the player stay squished until the player loses a life. Note that this only works in Version 2 of the game.

Hatless Power Flower Abilities[edit]

The player should enter Tall, Tall Mountain as Mario, Luigi, or Wario. Mario, Luigi, or Wario should obtain the Power Flower (or the Wing Cap in Mario's case) atop the mountain, and then grab Ukiki, while the Power Flower is still in effect. He should wait for it to wear off and, while he is flashing back to normal, he should hop into the water, but should be back to normal by the time he hits it. When in the water, Mario, Luigi, or Wario should head back on land via the waterfall (if he goes on land normally, Ukiki will give his speech, causing Mario, Luigi, or Wario to return to normal). When he has climbed the waterfall slightly, then he can get on land. Mario, Luigi, or Wario can then go to the top of the mountain via the owl and obtain the Power Flower. Depending on which cap he has, the following effects will happen:

  • Luigi: His body will be invisible, but his head will remain the same.
  • Mario: Everything will be normal, but he will have wings growing out of his head.
  • Wario: The game will freeze the instant the Power Flower is touched. It can also be used to find the debug screen.

Clipping Glitch on Bob-omb Battlefield[edit]

This glitch can be performed with any character (although Mario should not have wings). First, to perform this glitch, the character would have to go to Bob-omb Battlefield. Once he is on the mountain trail, he should enter the first cannon by a Goomba, a Brick, and a tree. Then, the character should aim so that the tip of the bottom arrow aligns with the tip of the bottom of the floating island. Then once the character fires, he makes a glitchy movement going back and forth and then passes through the fence at a certain angle and will end up on top of the mountain instantly.[7]


Main article: List of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS quotes


  • (caught by Yoshi) "You...can't...EAT...ghosts! Eee hee hee!"

King Boo[edit]

  • (to Wario) "Eee hee hee...I am Big Boo, the scariest of the spirits. Eek! What's this?! Your face...It would even scare a ghost. How horrible! You've got it backwards...I do the scaring around here! All right, now I'll put some real fear in that frightening face of yours! Eee hee hee!"
  • (defeated) "Augh! The scariest one wins, and your face is flesh-creepingly frightening. Good thing I don't have any flesh! Eee hee hee! This is not the end. See you again."


  • (to Yoshi) "Yoshi...Yoshi... (pops Yoshi's bubble, waking him up) Listen... Mario hasn't returned yet..."


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Regional differences[edit]

The title screen of the Korean release, which doesn't have "Rec Room".
  • The minigames, and by extension the rabbits that have the keys to unlock extra minigames and the Toad that appears in the Rec Room inside Peach's Castle, are removed in the Korean version.[8]
  • The Japanese and Korean version colors the word "Super" in many colors rather than just one color, making it look a lot like the original game's title screen.
  • There is an orange ! Block along the red ? Block on the roof of Peach's Castle in the Korean version, rather than only the ? Block in the other releases. This ! Block gives the heroes to an extra life: the block doesn't disappear, so that they can easily earn up to 100 lives.[9]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーマリオ64DS[10]
Sūpā Mario 64 DS
Super Mario 64 DS
Korean 슈퍼 마리오 64 DS[11]
Syupeo Mario 64 DS
Super Mario 64 DS
Chinese 神游马力欧DS[12]
Shényóu Mǎlìōu DS
iQue Mario DS


  • The artwork of the castle on the box art is different from the design in-game. The design on the box art is actually based off the castle that appears in Mario Circuit from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. This also applies to the Power Star seen on the box art.
  • In the title screen, if the player taps Mario or Yoshi's face, a drawing of Mario or Yoshi (respectively) appears. The third time the player taps Mario's face, a Luigi drawing will appear instead.
  • The UK version of the game's manual mistakenly reads, "Thank you for selecting the SUPER MARIO™ Game Card for Nintendo DS™ systems." instead of the full name.[13]
  • The original European version of Super Mario 64 DS got a PEGI 3+ rating, however due to content regulations in Europe growing stricter over the years, the European Virtual Console re-release instead got a PEGI 12+ rating because of the gambling in Luigi's minigames. This also applies to New Super Mario Bros..


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