Make Wiggler Squirm

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Make Wiggler Squirm
Tiny-Huge Island Star 6
The boss Wiggler of Tiny-Huge Island
Location Tiny-Huge Island
Mission # 6
Game Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS
Boss(es) Wiggler
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Make Wiggler Squirm is the sixth mission of Tiny-Huge Island in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. In Super Mario 64, this is the course's final mission. Its objective is to defeat Wiggler.


Map of the Wiggler battle area in Tiny-Huge Island
Wiggler's arena

To get to Wiggler, the player has to first reach the top of the Tiny Island. At the top is a small hole underwater, and ground-pounding it drains the water. Once that is done, the player needs to climb down the mountain to the Shrinker Pipe at the base and jump in, bringing the player to the Huge Island. Afterward, the player has to climb back up the mountain and fall into the now-exposed hole. If the water is not drained on the Tiny Island, the player cannot enter the hole.

Once the player is inside Wiggler's cave, Wiggler begins a dialogue complaining about the water drained into his home. Once the dialogue ends, the battle with him begins. To defeat him, the player needs to jump on him a total of three times. After each hit, Wiggler complains and moves faster, beginning the next phase of the fight. On the third phase, he begins to charge at the player, and he turns red in the DS version, which is a trait other Wigglers have. If Wiggler rams into the player character or the player runs into Wiggler's body, they lose three health wedges. In the DS version, only Wiggler's head deals damage. After three hits, he is defeated and shrinks, dropping the Power Star and falling into the chasm below.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese イカリの ハナチャン
Ikari no Hanachan
Wiggler's Fury
Chinese 蠕动的花之子[1]
Rúdòng de Huāzhīzǐ
Squirming Wiggler
French Énervez le gigoteur (SM64)
Que Wiggler se torde (SM64 DS)
Annoy the Wiggler
Wiggler Shall Squirm (DS)
German Drehe Wiggler im Kreis! (SM64)
Wigglers Pech (SM64 DS)
Spin Wiggler in a Circle!
Wiggler's Bad Luck
Italian Filo da Torcere per Torcibruco A Hard Time for Wiggler
Korean 열받은꽃충이
Yeolbadeun Kkotchungi
Angry Wiggler
Spanish Dale a Floruga una lección Teach Wiggler a Lesson


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