Navigating the Toxic Maze

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Navigating the Toxic Maze
SM64DS Hazy Maze Cave Star 4.png
Location Hazy Maze Cave
Mission # 4
Game Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS
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Navigating the Toxic Maze is the fourth mission of Hazy Maze Cave in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. The mission involves navigating the toxic Hazy Maze and reaching the Power Star at the end of one of the exits.


From the start of the course, the player needs to take the path on the right and enter the next room. Once there, the player needs to slide down the pole and follow the green path to the center door on the right. The player should then enter the maze through the hole. Most of the maze is covered in a toxic cloud, but the player can use a nearby Metal Cap (or Wario's Power Flower in the DS version) to avoid taking damage for a short time. The player can also transform giant using a mushroom and not take damage in the remake.

From the start of the maze, the player needs to take the path ahead of them, followed by the left path, and then finally climb up the second ledge, taking care not to take too much damage from Snufits or get trapped in small holes. After the player enters the room through the door on the ledge, the elevator at the end of the room will take the player to another room containing the Power Star.

In the DS version, the player can completely skip the maze altogether: As Luigi, the player should use the Power Flower at the start of the stage, move quickly enough past the falling boulders, go into the room with the Star, and go through the cage in Luigi's invisible form.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ケムリめいろを ぬけて
Kemuri Meiro o Nukete
Escape the Smoke Maze
Chinese 通过毒气洞窟[1]
Tōngguò Dúqì Dòngkū
Through the Poison Gas Cave
French Dans le labyrinthe toxique In the Toxic Labyrinth
German Durchsuche das Nebellabyrinth! (SM64)
Vorsicht! Giftig! (SM64 DS)
Search Through the Fog-Labyrinth!
Caution! Poison!
Italian Nel Labirinto Velenoso In the Poisonous Labyrinth
Korean 연기미로를뚫고
Yeongi miro reul ttulko
Go Through the Smoke Maze
Spanish En el laberinto tóxico In the Toxic Labyrinth


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