Fall onto the Caged Island

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Fall onto the Caged Island
Whomp's Fortress Star 5
Location Whomp's Fortress
Mission # 5
Game Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS
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Fall onto the Caged Island is the fifth mission of Whomp's Fortress in Super Mario 64 and its remake, Super Mario 64 DS. Its objective is to collect a Power Star inside a cage.


The Power Star is located on one of the floating isles near the tower, which has a large cage on it. In Super Mario 64, the whole island has a large steel fence surrounding the perimeter, and in Super Mario 64 DS, the island has a small wooden fence surrounding it while the Power Star is contained inside a steel cage with only a small doorway for an opening. As the mission's name implies, the player is intended to enter the island from above, which can be accomplished by using Hoot. Hoot is located in the tree next to where the player enters the level. Once he leaves the tree, Hoot starts complaining about how he should be sleeping during the day, but then he offers to give the player a flight. After the player grabs on to Hoot, they must time their descent properly so that they land on the island and then grab the Power Star. This can also be done by using the cannon, activated by the Bob-omb Buddy, or by long-jumping from on top of the fortress.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese とりかごへ ストーン
Torikago e Sutōn
Curling into the Birdcage

Chinese 空降到摇篮岛[2]
Kōngjiàng dào Yáolándǎo
Land from the sky to the cradle island

French Tombez dans la cage perchée (SM64)
Cage de l'îlot flottant (SM64 DS)
Fall into the Perched Cage
Cage of the Floating Island
German Wecke die Eule! (SM64)
Freier Fall (SM64 DS)
Wake the Owl!
Free Fall
Italian Caduta sull'isola ingabbiata (Super Mario 64 DS)
Caduta libera fino all'Isola della Gabbia[1]
Fall on the caged island
Free fall to the Cage Island
Korean 새장으로낙하!!
Saejang euro nakha!!
Fall into the Cage!!

Spanish Caída libre en la Isla de la Jaula
Free Fall on the Cage Island


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