Klepto the Condor

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This article is about the mission in Super Mario 64 DS. For the bird enemy, see Klepto.
Klepto the Condor
Klepto the Condor.PNG
Location Tiny-Huge Island
Mission # 4
Game Super Mario 64 DS
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Klepto the Condor is the fourth mission of Tiny-Huge Island, exclusive to Super Mario 64 DS. The mission's objective is to take the Power Star from Klepto, similar to that of the mission In the Talons of the Big Bird from Shifting Sand Land. This mission replaces Five Itty Bitty Secrets from Super Mario 64. However, the Star spawns in the same location.


For this mission, Klepto moves from his spot at the lake and circles the island with a Power Star in his talons. Klepto circles specific areas of the course, including the floating island in the distance and the steps to the top of the mountain. The player has to jump at Klepto when he gets nearby. If the jump connects, Klepto will drop the Power Star and it will move to the floating island. To get to the island, the player has to use the block bridge created by the Purple Switch near the course's first Shrinker Pipe.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かいちょうジャンゴ
Kaichō Jango
Strange Bird Klepto

Chinese 怪鸟强哥[1]
Guàiniǎo Qiánggē
Strange Bird Klepto

French Klepto le condor
Klepto the Condor
German Klepto, der Kondor
Klepto, the Condor
Italian Klepto il condor
Klepto the condor
Korean 괴조장고!
Goejo Janggo!
Diabolic Klepto!

Spanish El cóndor cleptómano
The Kleptomaniac Condor


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