Bowser in the Fire Sea

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Bowser in the Fire Sea
Bowser in the Fire Sea
Super Mario 64
Mario in Bowser in the Fire Sea
Super Mario 64 DS
How to unlock Complete Board Bowser's Sub.
Boss(es) Bowser
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Super Mario 64 DS:
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Bowser in the Fire Sea, also called Bowser's Lava Sea[1] or simply the Fire Sea,[2] is the second Bowser level in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS, located in the basement of the Mushroom Castle. This level is made of concrete and mesh platforms above a huge lake of lava, sharing Lethal Lava Land's background of a vast lava ocean with a fiery sky. Several Bullies and Goombas guard these platforms and the route to Bowser's arena. This level is unlocked by completing Board Bowser's Sub in Dire, Dire Docks, and its own completion unlocks the Mushroom Castle's second floor, which leads to Snowman's Land; Wet-Dry World; Tall, Tall Mountain; Tiny-Huge Island; and Chief Chilly Challenge (DS version only).

The entrance to Bowser in the Fire Sea is found in the same room of the Mushroom Castle as the entrance to Dire, Dire Docks, which requires 30 Power Stars to enter. Before the player obtains the first Power Star from Dire, Dire Docks, the blue portal to the water level is in front of the entrance to Bowser in the Fire Sea. Once the first Power Star of Dire, Dire Docks is obtained, the blue portal moves to the back of the room, allowing access to Bowser in the Fire Sea. One Power Star can be found in the Nintendo 64 version of the game, while two can be found in the Nintendo DS remake.


Map of Bowser in the Fire Sea in Super Mario 64 DS

The player starts on a small platform with a metal platform near it. Stepping onto the metal platform causes it to move. At certain points, the platform dives under the lava, so the player needs to jump to nearby tilting platforms in order to avoid taking damage. After the moving platform's stopping point is a series of blue platforms that constantly go under the lava, then resurface. Beyond those is a Bully followed by three Goombas situated around a Spinning Heart. A rising pole, circled by an Amp, helps the player reach the tilting platforms above. To the right of the platforms is an area with a yellow block containing three coins, and the pole to the left at the end of the platforms leads to a cage with an elevator that brings the player up to the next level.

The second level first contains a moving platform that goes through a flamethrower, which leads to a sloping mound. After the slope is a hanging grate the player can use to climb to the other side of the lava pool. Beyond that are two moving platforms, followed by a couple of Bullies and a tall set of moving interconnected platforms that lead the player to the next level.

The final level starts with a stone slope containing a flame thrower, a Bob-omb, and a yellow block. After the stone slope is a row of sinking and rising platforms that are protected by flamethrowers and Amps. Beyond those is a stone structure containing rising and falling poles. Finally, a falling bridge leads to the warp that sends the player to the Bowser fight.

Bowser battle[edit]

Fight with Bowser in the N64 version (left and center) and the DS version (right)
Fight with Bowser in the N64 version (left and center) and the DS version (right)
Fight with Bowser in the N64 version (left and center) and the DS version (right)
Fight with Bowser in the N64 version (left and center) and the DS version (right)
Map of the battle area

The tactic to defeat Bowser is the same as that for the fight in Bowser in the Dark World, though he has some additional moves. Bowser immediately starts the battle by jumping up and landing, causing the stage to tilt toward him. The same happens if the player throws Bowser off the stage but misses a spiked orb, making Bowser land and cause the stage to tilt. Bowser can also warp to a different spot if the player is close and charge at the player if they are far away. Throwing Bowser into a spiked orb defeats him, granting the player the Big Key to the castle's upper floors.


Two Power Stars can be collected in this course, with one being exclusive to the DS version of the game.

8 Red Coins[edit]

Like in Bowser in the Dark World, there are eight Red Coins to be collected. These are the locations of the Red Coins:

  • Floating above a central hole in a square metal floor with regular coins, found at the end of the metal floor path before the first Spinning Heart
  • Floating above a side of the first tilting platform after the pole circled by an Amp
  • Floating above in a corner of the cage with the elevator
  • Floating below the elevator in the cage. The player must get on the elevator, quickly get off it, and then fall down the hole to get this coin.
  • Floating above the octagonal floor with a Bully on it at the end of the narrow path next to the top of the sloping mound
  • Floating above the third moving purple interconnected platform, indicated by a small shadow. The player must wait for the platforms to rise enough to get this coin.
  • Right next to the last flamethrower in the area with sinking and rising platforms on the third level
  • Floating above the last sinking and rising pole before the falling bridge leading to Bowser

After the player collects all eight Red Coins, the Power Star appears atop a wall shortly before the warp that leads to Bowser. The player must wall-jump, triple-jump, or use Luigi's Backward Somersault to reach it.

Switch Star (DS only)[edit]

Near the first Star is a Star Switch. Upon the player pressing the switch, the Power Star appears on the far side of a lava pool that the player must quickly backtrack across in order to reach it before it disappears. If playing as Luigi, the player can backward-somersault over the lava to the Star.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほのおの うみの クッパ
Honō no Umi no Kuppa
Bowser of the Flame Sea
Chinese 火海中的酷霸王[3]
Huǒhǎi zhōng de Kùbàwáng
Bowser of the Fire Sea
French Bowser des laves Bowser of the Lava
German Bowsers Lavasee Bowser's Lava Sea
Italian Bowser nel Lago di Lava Bowser in the Lava Lake
Korean 불바다의 쿠파
Bulbada ui Kupa
Bowser of the Fire Sea
Spanish Bowser en la lava Bowser in the Lava


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