Sunshine Isles

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Sunshine Isles
Sunshine Isles
Stars Super Mario 64 DS:
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Sunshine Isles is an additional level exclusive to Super Mario 64 DS. The entrance to the course is the painting in the Rec Room, which requires one Power Star to access. It is also a selectable stage in the game's multiplayer mode. The course is based on and named after Super Mario Sunshine, with the course's music being an arrangement of the theme "Isle Delfino."


Map of Sunshine Isles
Map of Sunshine Isles

Sunshine Isles consists of five small islands with a larger one in the center located in a large shallow ocean. Several of the islands have palm trees, and some also have grass covering them, though each is made up of sand. Klepto from Shifting Sand Land circles the one area of the course, with two Lakitus hovering over others. On the center island, there is a sleeping Piranha Plant and a Goomba, with another Goomba on one of the other islands. If the player tries to leave the area, they will be stopped by an invisible wall. On the northern island is a yellow block containing a Shiny Shell.

In multiplayer, the music has been changed, there are no enemies, and a VS Item Block containing Wings is in place of the yellow block that had a Shiny Shell.


One Power Star can be collected in this course. Located around the isles are five Silver Stars the player has to collect. The locations of the Silver Stars are:

  • Being held by Klepto.
  • In a cave behind the center island.
  • In the tree on the isle with the lone Goomba.
  • On the southeastern isle.
  • At the top of the center island.

Once all of the Silver Stars are collected, the Power Star appears in the Star Sphere on the island on which the player started.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たからさがしアイランド
Takara Sagashi Airando
Treasure Hunting Island

Chinese 阳光岛屿
Yángguāng Dǎoyǔ
Sunshine Island

French Îles du soleil
Sun Isles
German Im Glanz der Sonne
In the Shine of the Sun
Italian Isole Soleggiate
Sunny Isles
Korean 보물찾기아일랜드
Bomul Chatgi Aillaendeu
Treasure Hunting Island

Spanish Islas Sunshine
Sunshine Isles