Slots Shot

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Slots Shot

Slots Shot is one of Wario's minigames in Super Mario 64 DS. Like in Bingo Ball, the player must launch a ball but with a different aim and themed pinball-style board.

The minigame's music is an arrangement of the music that plays in Big Boo's Haunt's merry-go-round, like in Bingo Ball and Lakitu Launch.


At the start to launch the ball, the player has to touch the stylus to the flipper and pull back. A ball rolls on, and then the player must let go to launch it. The power of the launch (the speed at which the flipper is released) determines where the ball flies. The object of the game is to get the ball in a pipe that activates a slot machine. First, the player has to shoot the ball into two Piranha Plants to remove barriers that are blocking the pipe. Then, the player can shoot the ball into the pipe. After the player is awarded 3,000 points, the ball hits a switch that activates a small slot machine. Lining up three symbols on the slot machine can win the player up to 10,000 points (depending on the symbol). If the player misses the pipe, the ball bounces on some mushrooms (for 300 points each) and can land in one of four warp holes. Landing in these holes returns the ball to the player and earns them 2,000 points. After the player launches all eight balls, the game is over. This game does have a record system. Due to the fact that the mushrooms do not disappear (red ones do not disappear at all, while green ones do for a short time), there is no maximum score.

In-game instructions[edit]

The bars swing open when a ball goes in a Piranha Plant. Sink the ball into the pipe to trigger the slots Switch. Get 3 items in a row for a bonus!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スロットショット
Surotto Shotto
Slot Shot
Chinese 弹珠摇奖
Dànzhū Yáojiǎng
Pinball Slot Machine
French Flip-Piranha Flip-Piranha
German Slots Slots Slots Slots Slots Slots
Italian Flipper slot Pinball slot
Spanish Tragabolas From tragar (to swallow) and bolas (balls)