Super Mario Slot

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Super Mario Slot

Super Mario Slot is a single-player minigame in Super Mario 64 DS. It is one of Luigi's minigames.


This game is the similar version of Mario Slot, but players have a higher chance to win because there are more wild Superstars. In this game, there are three spinning wheels (slots). Before the wheels are spun, the slot machine will take one of the player's coins. In order to stop each slot, the player must touch it. If all of the items on each of the slots or if any Superstars are shown, the player will gain more coins. The player can earn extra coins if they get one Superstar and two matching items.

This is how many coins the player will get if they get the following outcomes:

  • Three Superstars: 20 times the player's bet
  • Three Starmen: 15 times the player's bet
  • Three Fire Flowers: 10 times the player's bet
  • Three Super Mushrooms: 10 times the player's bet
  • Three Cape Feathers: five times the player's bet
  • Three Yoshi Eggs: five times the player's bet
  • Two Superstars: four times the player's bet
  • One Superstar: two times the player's bet

In-game instructions[edit]

Touch the spinning slots to stop them. Get 3 items in a row to earn coins! The Superstar is wild. Are you feeling super lucky?

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラッキー・スロット
Rakkī Surotto
Lucky Slot
Chinese 超级马力欧摇奖
Chāojí Mǎlìōu Yáojiǎng
Super Mario Slot Machine
French Super bandit manchot Super one-armed bandit
German Einarmiger Super Mario-Bandit One-Armed Super Mario Bandit
Italian Super Slot Mario Super Mario Slot
Spanish Tragaperras Super Mario Super Mario Slot Machine