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Artwork of Mario's head for Super Mario 64
“I'm-a bet you can't-a do this! WHEEEEEEEEE! Ahahaha!”
Mario's face, Mario Teaches Typing 2

Mario's face, also referred to as the Mario face, is a floating disembodied head of Mario. The gameplay element of an interactive floating head of Mario (along with other disembodied character heads) has appeared in many games.


The Super Mario Bros. Super Show![edit]

Mario's floating head first appears in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Mario's head appears during The Mario Rap and as a transition during live-action segments.

Mario Teaches Typing / Mario Teaches Typing 2[edit]

Mario's floating head (animated with VActor technology) later appears in Mario Teaches Typing and its sequel, Mario Teaches Typing 2. He narrates players' lessons and actions as they learn to type, while also making random small talk, sometimes invoking jokes and comments about his lack of body.

Super Mario series[edit]

Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS[edit]

Mario's head later appears on the title screen of Super Mario 64, where players can tug and stretch his facial features (his nose, ears, cheeks, chin, and cap) to humorous positions. The model originates from a demo for real-time vertex calculations by ex-Nintendo programmer Giles Goddard, which featured a primitive Mario head controlled via movement from a camera on an SGI Indy workstation.[1] As Super Mario 64 was Nintendo's first title for the Nintendo 64, an interactive Mario face served to familiarize the player with the Nintendo 64 Controller without worrying about the actual gameplay. Additionally, Mario's head appears dazed and worn out on the Game Over screen.

In the remake Super Mario 64 DS, Mario's head appears along with a Yoshi head. In this game, Mario's face can turn into an ink outline version of itself, which can be distorted with the stylus or various buttons. The player can also erase the face and draw their own creations.

Mario's face is also a feature in some of the minigames in Super Mario 64 DS. When the player opens a treasure chest in Boom Box, the chest makes a sound, astonishing Mario's face on the top screen. If the player makes a mistake, Mario's face frowns, while if the player succeeds, Mario's face beams joyously at the player. Mario's face yells and looks dazed if the player gets a Game Over in any minigame. When the player clears any minigame round or beats a high score, Mario's face is astonished, then bursts out laughing. In Tox Box Shuffle, if the player finds Yoshi in the right Tox Box, Mario's head bursts into laughter like how the player succeeds in Boom Box; if the player loses twice in a round, Mario's head yells.

Super Mario Sunshine[edit]

Although a floating Mario head does not appear in Super Mario Sunshine, it has appeared in website advertisements for certain events that promoted the game. In the Guide Book, an icon of Mario's face represents the area on the map of Isle Delfino he is in. The game's save data icon in the Nintendo GameCube main menu is additionally an animation of Mario's disembodied head.

Super Mario Galaxy / Super Mario Galaxy 2[edit]

The heads of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, and Toad, along with Mii heads, have appeared in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 as file icons. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, a Rosalina head can be unlocked as a file icon when the player collects 120 Stars and unlocks the Green Comets. Also, the Peach head has her neck removed unlike in the predecessor, allowing more of a disembodied feature.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 features a spaceship modeled after Mario's head, Starship Mario.

Super Mario-kun[edit]

Mario's face is also spoofed in a beginning chapter of volume 16 of Super Mario-kun. This volume also follows Super Mario 64's story. Later in the volume, there is a 4-koma that involves Yoshi playing the game and not only moving Mario's face to bizarre positions but also drawing on it.

Mario Party series[edit]

Mario's face later appears in the Mario Party 2 version of Face Lift (also in Mario Party, Mario Party: The Top 100, and Mario Party Superstars but with Bowser's face and no other faces), where the player has to alter the face of Mario or other characters in the game. The more accurately the face is changed to match a picture, the more points the player receives. The player who earns the most points wins, although two players can win if they earn the same number of points. Mario's head, along with a Luigi head, Peach head, Yoshi head, Wario head, and Donkey Kong head, appears in the 1-vs-3 minigame Look Away, where each head has to dance along to the music, and the team of three heads must avoid looking in the same direction as the single player head. In Mario Party 3, Mario's face is one of the faces (alongside Wiggler and Toad) to appear in the minigame Picture Imperfect. The player must get his M on his hat right, nose right, mustache right, mouth right, and eyes right. In Super Mario Party, the minigame Making Faces involves players recreating Mario's or Bowser's face as accurately as possible.

Unused appearances[edit]

Mario Artist: Paint Studio[edit]

Mario's face appears as an icon and on a TV screen during the minigame Gnat Attack in a prototype of Mario Artist: Paint Studio.[2] Additionally, according to an image shared by Nintendo of America's Twitter account on Mar10 Day 2023, Mario's face in Super Mario 64 was taken from a prototype of what eventually became this game,[3] previously referred to by Shigeru Miyamoto as Mario Paint 3D.[4]

Mario's Face[edit]

Main article: Mario's Face (tech demo)

A tech demo for the Nintendo DS involved Mario's face, which could be squeezed and stretched so as to demonstrate to players about the usage of the Touch Screen.


List of appearances[edit]

Title Description Release date System/format
Mario Teaches Typing (CD-ROM version only) Makes small talk with player while playing. 1994 PC
Super Mario 64 Appears on Title Screen, speaks occasionally. Can be altered with hand. 1996 Nintendo 64
Mario Teaches Typing 2 Makes small talk with player while playing. 1996 PC
Mario Party 2 Must be altered in the minigame Face Lift. Also appears in Look Away along with other character heads. 1999 Nintendo 64
Pokémon Stadium 2 Cameo on a TV screen, and appears exactly as in Super Mario 64. 2001 Nintendo 64
Super Mario 64 DS Face appears on Title Screen. If touched with stylus, it becomes a sketch. Also observes several minigames. 2004 Nintendo DS
Mario Superstar Baseball Featured in one of the loading screens, similarly to Peach's, Yoshi's, Wario's, Donkey Kong's, and Bowser's head each having their own loading screen variation. 2005 Nintendo GameCube
Super Mario Galaxy File icon 2007 Wii
Super Mario Galaxy 2 File icon and Starship Mario 2010 Wii
Super Mario 3D All-Stars Appears on title screen, speaks occasionally. Can be altered with hand. (Super Mario 64)
File icon (Super Mario Galaxy)
2020 Nintendo Switch


The following quotes are from the Mario Teaches Typing series.

  • "Oh! That's the file menu. Hmm."
  • "Oooh! That's-a the student's menu."
  • "That's-a the lesson's menu."
  • "You're fantastic! I know you're going to be a great typist one day."
  • "I'm-a going to fly for you. Mmmmmph. Mmmmmmmph. Mmmmmmmmph. Mmmmmmmph. KRSH! Ow! ... I hit my nose."
  • "Oh no! I'm-a fallen, and I can't-a get up! That is my impression of American advertising! Thank you very much! Thank you! Thank you!"
  • "Hmmm... Oh! Nice computer you've got here. Can I have it?"
  • "Look, I'm a video game. Pong...pong pong...pong pong...pong... Thank you very much, thank you, thank you."
  • "Hey, you got a good joke for Mario?"
  • "My nose-a feels-a funny against this screen. Hmm."
  • "Have you seen Luigi? Hmm."
  • "Have you seen the Princess? PRINCESS! Hmm."
  • "Thank you for choosing Mario Teaches Typing, from Nintendo and Interplay."
  • "Have you seen the Princess? PRINCESS! Hmm, I'm-a can't find her."[5]
  • "Say, I'm-a thirsty. You got something to drinky?"
  • "Hey, I'm-a hungry. Have you got any food?"
  • "Okey-dokey. Let's do the next lesson."
  • "Oh, boy, finally! I'm-a get to move on the ground! Here we go! Movin' on the ground, movin' on the ground! Hee hee hee hee! Hey, where'd everybody go? Oh, there you are! Hahaha!"
  • "Hey! Are you ready to Mariocise? Okey-dokey. You do just like Mario, OK? One... Very good! Two... And three! Wheeeeee! Oh. Sorry. That's hard for you, but easy for me. You know why? (in sing-song voice) I ain't got no body! (in normal voice) Get it? No body? Heeheeheeheehee! Eeheeheehee! Wheeee haha!"
  • "Hey, can you tell me what the back of my head looks like? Oops! I'm-a disappeared for a minute. Hey, why are you upside-down? Oh, sorry. Heeheehee! It was me."
  • "Can I sing a song for you? When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that's amore; when an eel lunges out, and he takes a bite of your snout, that's a moray! Get it? The moray eel? Heeheeheeheehee! I said-a funny!"
  • "Hey, wait a minute. Where's all my furniture? Hey, somebody must've brought a moving van in here! Hmm."
  • "Oh, boy! That-a makes me so happy, I'm-a lightheaded! Wee!"
  • "Hey, what are you doing upside-down anyway? What's-a matter for you? Oh, wait a minute... Hmm... Oh, it's me, sorry. Heehee!"[6]
  • "Oh boy, look at that keyboard! I'll bet you're going to learn how to type on it! Heehee!"
  • "Hoo hoo! Hello! It's me, Mario! And I'm-a want to thank you for choosing Mario Teaches Typing. I know you're gonna be a great typist. Hee hee."
  • "I'm-a bet you can't do this! WHEEEEEEEEEE! Ahahaha!"
  • "Hello! It's me, Mario! Thank you for starting me up!"
  • "Hmm, Mario's Smash and Dash."
  • "Mario's Wet World Challenge."
  • "Ooh! Mario's Tunnel of Doom! Very scary!"
  • "Oh, look! It's-a Mario's Expert Express!"
  • "Oh, look! Hmm... It's Mario's Expert Express! I'll bet you're an expert, too."
  • "Oh, you're doing great!"
  • "Ooh! You're getting faster. Keep it up."
  • "Hey, who's that behind you? Made you look! Made you look! Heeheehee!"
  • "Look I don't got no tonsils! Aaaah..."
  • "Hoo hoo! I always want to type."
  • "Hoo hoo! You're getting better with each lesson."
  • "Oh, boy! That was a tough lesson! But I bet, if we do it again, it's-a gonna be easier!"
  • "Hmm... Guess what time it is? It's time for you to type! Let's do this!"
  • "Hey, Luigi! It's-a time for you to try!"
  • "Hello there, are you ready to type? Good! Then let's go."
  • "Hey, are you ready to type? Gooooooooooood!"
  • "So, you want to type, eh? Well, there's no better time than now. Go for it."
  • "If you’re ready, go for it."
  • "Okey-dokey! I'm-a ready to run!"
  • "Okey-dokey! Begin typing now!"
  • "Okey-dokey! Get ready to move your fingers!"
  • "Hey, that was pretty good. But I know you can do even better."
  • "Hey, that was pretty good. Let's see if we can go even faster next lesson, eh?"
  • "Okey-dokey. It's time to type now, so go for it."
  • "That was great! Want to try again?"
  • "Oh oh! That wasn't as fast as last time. Let's try again, okay?"
  • "Uh-oh. That wasn't quite as-a fast as the last time. Hmm... Are your fingers getting tired? Mine would be by now...if I had any! Hehehehehe!"
  • "Uh-oh, we slipped a little bit. Now let's get back in there and try real hard to get better, eh?"
  • "That was fantastic! See you next time! Okay, bye-bye! ... Peekaboo!"
  • "Hey, don't leave me all alone! Hey, where is everybody? Come back!"
  • "Get ready to show those rock heads what you can do!"
  • "Okey-dokey, it's time to type now, so go for it."
  • "Hmm, you have a nice PC here. Hmm, very nice. Hmm, nice keyboard, too."
  • "Hey! Anybody got a diving board?"
  • "Hey! I wonder there's hidden treasure down there?"
  • "Oooh! I can swim very fast when someone is chasing me!"
  • "Welcome to the outside world. You going to be typing one letter at a time. I know you can do it."
  • "Welcome to the intermediate level. You going to be typing whole words now. Hoo hoo!"
  • "Okey-dokey. Now we go to advanced level. Watch out for falling rocks! Heeheehee, scary!"
  • "On your mark...get set...go!"
  • "Typing is fun. Try it!"
  • "Hey, I got something in my eye. Can you help me get it out?"
  • "I'm-a look better when I standing still. Hmm!"
  • "When I kiss-a the Princess, I'm-a get lightheaded. Hee!"
  • "Hey, you must be pretty ready to type now, so do it!"
  • "Hoo hoo! Good job!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Chinese (simplified) 马力欧的脑袋[7]
Mǎlì'ōu de Nǎodai
Mǎlì'ōu Tóuxiàng

Mario's Head

Mario Head Portrait


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