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The minigame Face Lift.
Mario's head being pulled in Face Lift from Mario Party 2.
Face Lift from Mario Party: The Top 100
Face Lift in Mario Party Superstars
Appears in Mario Party
Mario Party 2
Mario Party: The Top 100
Mario Party Superstars
Type 4-Player minigame (Mario Party, Mario Party: The Top 100, and Mario Party Superstars)
Battle minigame (Mario Party 2)
Bowser minigame (Mario Party Superstars)
Time limit 30 seconds
Music track Can It be Done? (Mario Party, Mario Party: The Top 100, and Mario Party Superstars)
Keepin' on the Path (Mario Party 2)
Music sample
Mario Party:

Mario Party 2:

Mario Party: The Top 100:

Mario Party Superstars:
“Hey, Bowser, why the long face? Stretch, pull, and tug to match the example. Talk about an epic face-off!”
Play Nintendo[1]

Face-Lift is a 4-Player minigame in Mario Party, Mario Party: The Top 100, and Mario Party Superstars; a Battle minigame in Mario Party 2; and a Bowser minigame in Mario Party Superstars. Prior to Superstars, it was formatted as Face Lift, and in Play Nintendo's video "Mario Party Superstars Laugh Till You Pop," it is formatted as Face-lift.[2] The name is a play on "facelift." The minigame is based on the title screen of Super Mario 64, where the player can alter Mario's face. Additionally, the iteration in Mario Party includes a background with a parody title Super Bowser 64.


In Mario Party, Mario Party: The Top 100, and Mario Party Superstars, Bowser's face appears on the screen and is altered. It shrinks to fit in the center, revealing the four splits for each player. Each character's name (in Mario Party) or icon (in The Top 100 and Superstars) appears on each split screen to indicate their quarter. In the latter two games, Bowser can be heard laughing before his face is altered.

In Mario Party 2, a star flies around one of the characters' heads, then their face is altered. The same action above occurs.


The objective of the minigame is to change the character's facial elements (nose, mouth, ears, etc.) to distorted positions as accurately as possible. The player who has the most accurate distorted positions wins.

On Mini-Game Island, the player must score an accuracy of at least 90 points to clear the minigame, regardless of the computer players' scores.

In Mario Party, this minigame also has a Bowser variation, triggered by landing on a Bowser Space. In this variation, players who do not score 90 points or more lose coins. If everyone gets 90 points or more, the player who landed on the Bowser Space loses coins.

The minigame reappears in Mario Party 2 as a Battle minigame. The faces that appear in Mario Party 2 are those of the six playable characters (Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Wario, and Donkey Kong). As this is a Battle minigame, this does not appear in the Mini-Game Coaster. Only Bowser's face is used in Mario Party, The Top 100, and Mario Party Superstars.

In Mario Party Superstars, this minigame is a 4-Player minigame. However, in Party mode, it is one of the possible minigames that can be played if the Bowser Minigame event is triggered when a player lands on a Bowser Space, and the players who do not score 80 points or more lose coins, but unlike in Mario Party, if everyone scores 80 points or more, nobody loses coins. It never appears as an end-of-turn minigame.

In all games except Mario Party Superstars,[3] if a player does not alter their face in any way from the start of the minigame, that player gets a score of zero. Additionally, the minigame ends in a draw if everyone scores zero.


The ending to Face Lift in Mario Party

In Mario Party, the camera zooms in on the winning border with coins around it except in the Bowser variant. In case of a tie or in case of multiple players scoring more than 90 in the Bowser variant, the winning faces stay in the borders while the losing face(s) shrink(s) away with the word "LOSE" in its/their border(s). In the case that all players score zero or less than 90 in the Bowser variant, all the faces shrink away with "LOSE."

In Mario Party 2, a rainbow-colored star floats around the player(s) that had the most points. If a draw occurs, nothing will happen on the screen, though the Draw music will play.

In Mario Party: The Top 100 and Mario Party Superstars, the winner's/winners' face(s) sparkle(s).


Mario Party / Mario Party 2[edit]

  • Control Stick – Move hand
  • A Button – Grab
  • B Button – Reset face

Mario Party: The Top 100[edit]

  • Stylus: Touch to grab and move the facial features
  • B Button: Reset

Mario Party Superstars[edit]

  • Control Stick – Move
  • Hold A Button to Grab/Move Face
  • B Button – Reset

In-game text[edit]

Mario Party[edit]

  • Game Rules"Pull and tug Bowser's face to try to match the example. Press A Button to grab the face, then hold A Button and move Control Stick to pull it."
  • Game Rules (Mini-Game Island)"Make Bowser's face look just like the example. Get 90 or more points to clear the game."
  • Game Rules (Bowser)"If you don't get more than 90 points, Bowser will steal your Coins! Careful, careful!"
  • Advice"Watch the example closely. That's the shortcut to success."

Mario Party 2[edit]

  • Game Rules"Fix that nose! Raise those cheeks! Tug and pull your face to match the example. The closest person wins!"
  • Advice"Watch the hand to see what you can grab. When it quits blinking, you can press the A Button Button to grab."

Mario Party: The Top 100[edit]

  • Description"Look at the guide closely and stretch the face to match!"
  • On-screen"Stretch the face to look like the guide!"

Mario Party Superstars[edit]

  • "Pull and tug Bowser's face to try to match the example."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパひゃくめんそう (Mario Party, The Top 100, and Superstars)
Kuppa Hyakumensō
みんなヒッパレ!(Mario Party 2)
Minna Hippare!

Bowser's Funny Faces

Everyone, Pull!

Dutch Facelift
Face Lift
French (NOA) Visage de Bowser
Bowser's Face
French (NOE) Lifting de Bowser (Mario Party, Mario Party: The Top 100, and Mario Party Superstars)
Lifting (Mario Party 2)
Bowser's Lifting
German Bowsers Grimassen (Mario Party, Mario Party: The Top 100, and Mario Party Superstars)
Verrücktes Lifting (Mario Party 2)
Bowser's grimaces
Crazy Lifting
Italian Face Lift[4] (Mario Party)
Ri-faccia (Mario Party 2 and Mario Party: The Top 100)
Facce tirate (Mario Party Superstars)
Word play on rifaccia (he/she remakes) and faccia ("face")
Stretched/Pulled faces
Korean 천의 얼굴 쿠파
Cheonui Eolgul Kupa
Bowser of Many Faces

Portuguese Puxa-Encolhe
Russian Лицедейство

Spanish Arreglo de cara
Face Adjustment


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