Cloud House

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Cloud House
Squared screenshot of the Cloud House from Super Mario 64.
The Cloud House in Super Mario 64
First appearance Super Mario 64 (1996)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)

The Cloud House,[1] also referred to as the Big House,[2] is a large floating manor that appears in Rainbow Ride in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. It can be reached by riding the magic carpet to the right of the course's starting point, then riding the carpet to the right of the spinning platforms, and then riding the carpet to the right at the end of the second carpet's path. On the Cloud House balcony is a warp that brings the player to the top of the maze of Rainbow Ride. Beneath the magic carpet's path next to the balcony is a wooden bridge, and a Star Switch is at the end of it in the DS version. Inside the Cloud House are a short stairway, a black-and-white checkerboard floor, a large piece of wood with five coins on it, and a fireplace that acts like a flamethrower, as well as a red block containing a Power Flower in the DS version.

The magic carpet that leads to the Cloud House takes the player through it twice. The player can avoid the fireplace flame by staying to the back of the carpet until the flame goes out, then going to the carpet's leading edge. After going through the manor the first time, the carpet takes the player to two large blue blocks around the manor. The player must jump onto the blocks to avoid being pushed off into the abyss and then return to the carpet before it disappears. On top of the first block is a circling Amp, and on top of the second one are five coins. The player can collect five more coins on the carpet's path right before it goes through the Cloud House the second time. As the carpet goes through the Cloud House again, it takes the player to the roof. On the roof are the Power Star for the mission The Big House in the Sky and a yellow block containing a 1-UP Mushroom, as well as a Star Sphere for the mission Switch Star of the Manor in the DS version.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Grande casa (Super Mario 64 DS)
Grande Casa[3]
Big house
Big House


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