Blue Coin Block

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Blue Coin Block
First appearance Super Mario 64 (1996)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)
Effect Makes Blue Coins temporarily appear after being ground-pounded
The second Spinning Heart in Rainbow Ride
A Blue Coin Block in Rainbow Ride in Super Mario 64 DS

A Blue Coin Block,[1] also called a Blue Coin switch[2] (alternatively blue coin switch),[3] Blue Switch[4] (alternatively blue Switch),[5] and Blue Block,[6] is an object found in Super Mario 64 and its remake, Super Mario 64 DS. Blue Coin Blocks are found in most main courses except for the Bob-omb Battlefield, Snowman's Land, and Tall, Tall Mountain. The Blue Coin Block in Lethal Lava Land appears only in Super Mario 64 DS. The Blue Coin Blocks in Jolly Roger Bay and Tick Tock Clock are in different locations in the DS version. Additionally, a Blue Coin Block is also found in the secret level The Princess's Secret Slide.

When Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, or Wario finds a Blue Coin Block and ground-pounds it, Blue Coins show up nearby. The player character has a short time to gather the Blue Coins, after which they disappear. The block cannot be reused. The number of Blue Coins that appear varies with each course, ranging from two to ten; they are often necessary to obtain the 100-Coin Star from the levels they appear in. During the time that Blue Coins appear on the screen, a timer can be heard, and it ticks faster when the time is running out. The Blue Coins also blink faster when they are about to disappear. Due to its role, the Blue Coin Block is comparable to the Switch Block, except that it does not change coins into blocks and vice versa.

Blue Coin quantities[edit]

  • "N/A" signifies that Blue Coin Blocks are not found in the course.
Course # Course name Number of Blue Coins
1 Bob-omb Battlefield N/A
2 Whomp's Fortress 4
3 Jolly Roger Bay 6 (8 in DS version)
4 Cool, Cool Mountain 2
5 Big Boo's Haunt 4
6 Hazy Maze Cave 7
7 Lethal Lava Land 10 (DS version only)
8 Shifting Sand Land 3 (4 in DS version)
9 Dire, Dire Docks 6
10 Snowman's Land N/A
11 Wet-Dry World 6
12 Tall, Tall Mountain N/A
13 Tiny-Huge Island 2
14 Tick Tock Clock 7
15 Rainbow Ride 6

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スイッチ[7]
Ao Koin no Burokku
Ao Koin Burokku

Blue Coin Block

Blue Coin Block
French Bloc bleu (Super Mario 64)
Bloc des pièces bleues (Super Mario 64)
Interrupteur bleu (Super Mario 64 DS)
Blue block
Blue coin's block
Blue switch
German Blauer Münzen-Block Blue Coins Block
Italian Interruttore blu (in-game)
Interruttore Moneta Blu (instruction booklet)
Blue switch
Blue Coin switch


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