Wondrous Dice Block

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Wondrous Dice Block
The Wondrous Dice Block from Mario Party: Star Rush
Rosalina's Dice Block
First appearance Mario Party: Star Rush (2016)
Effect Adds 5, 6, ?, ?, ?, ? to the team's roll, where ? = current ranking

The Wondrous Dice Block is Rosalina's special, light blue Dice Block from Mario Party: Star Rush. In Toad Scramble, when players have Rosalina in the party, she can roll either a 5, a 6, or a number corresponding the player's overall ranking to add to the player's total roll. 4th place players roll a 4, 1st place players roll a 1 and so on. This Dice Block, alongside Princess Daisy's Friendly Dice Block are the only Dice Blocks where there are slots for variable numbers dependent on the player's current status.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Dado meraviglioso
Wonderful dice