Wondrous Dice Block

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Wondrous Dice Block
Rosalina's Dice Block

First appearance

Mario Party: Star Rush (2016)

Effect on player

Adds 5, 6, ?, ?, ?, ? to the team's roll, where ? = current ranking

The Wondrous Dice Block is Rosalina's special, light blue Dice Block from Mario Party: Star Rush. In Toad Scramble, when players have Rosalina in the party, she can roll either a 5, a 6, or a number corresponding the player's overall ranking to add to the player's total roll. 4th place players roll a 4, 1st place players roll a 1 and so on. This Dice Block, alongside Princess Daisy's Friendly Dice Block are the only Dice Blocks where there are slots for variable numbers dependent on the player's current status.