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Not to be confused with Mecha-Bowser.
Bowser's mech
Bowser's mech from Bowser's Space Race in Mario Party: Star Rush
First appearance Mario Party: Star Rush (2016)

Bowser's mech[1] is a robot that appears in Mario Party: Star Rush. It is a large mech that takes on Bowser's appearance and is also piloted by Bowser himself.


The mech has two distinct forms: a shell form and a Bowser form.

In its shell form, the mech looks like a giant robotic version of Bowser's shell, complete with spikes. The top part however, is cut off and is instead used as an open cockpit for Bowser to pilot the mech. This makes it similar to the Koopa Clown Car, which Bowser is often seen piloting in other games.

When the mech's true form is revealed, the mech takes on Bowser's appearance. The cockpit closes using a metal shutter with Bowser's emblem on it. It sprouts two arms with two-fingered claws, two legs, and a giant head that resembles Bowser's, though the eyes are yellow instead of white. Inside its mouth, a blue pipe can be seen.


Mario Party: Star Rush[edit]

Bowser's mech makes a prominent appearance in Bowser's three boss battle minigames. In all three minigames, the battles start with the mech in its shell form. When Bowser's health is reduced to half, he gets angry and transforms the mech into its complete form, causing it to have more attacks in an attempt to harm the characters. When Bowser loses all of his health, the mech shuts down, falls apart, and falls downwards before exploding, causing Bowser to fly off into space.

In Bowser's Space Race, the players ride hovering vehicles with a claw carrying a bomb, and they must traverse across a path to transport it to Bowser. As the minigame goes on, the path will get more complicated. During the first half of the battle, Bowser himself will spit fireballs and the mech shoot its spikes like rockets. During the second half, the mech will shoot blue fireballs, spiked balls, and its own hand across the track.

In Bowser's Shocking Slipup, players must hit blocks while they have a lightning bolt icon on it to shock the mech. During the first half of the battle, Bowser shoots fireballs, while in the second half, the mech shoots out spiked balls to roll across the arena as well as lasers out of its eyes.

In Bowser's Hit-or-Missile Mania, the player must block Bowser's attacks while shooting their own missiles back at him. Bowser's mech shoots out its spikes like rockets in the first half of the battle and spiked balls in the second half of the battle.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Shell form[edit]

  • The mech is shown to be able to travel at incredible speeds across space.
  • The mech can shoot its spikes like rockets at its targets.

Bowser form[edit]

  • The mech can summon a cannon from its back (where the cockpit used to be) and shoot out spiked balls.
    • Some of the spiked balls can be red.
  • Similar to Bowser himself, the mech can shoot giant fireballs from its mouth. The pipe where the fireballs come out of can actually be seen. Unlike Bowser, the mech's fireballs are blue, similar to Dry Bowser.
  • The mech can shoot its claws like rockets. This is similar to the spikes of its shell form, but much bigger and easier to get hit by.
  • The mech can shoot lasers out of its eyes. Before they shoot, the eyes glow pink, signaling that it is about to fire.



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