Francis Ford Koopola

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Francis Ford Koopola is a Koopa in Dinosaur Dilemma. His name is a pun on "Francis Ford Coppola," a prolific film director and producer. He is a member of the Snowbell Prize Committee, and he visits Bowser's summer home in the Valley of Bowser, along with the other members of the Snowbell Prize Committee, after being invited by Bowser. He is first seen as the committee hears the fight between Mario, Yoshi, Bowser, and the Slimosaurs, and runs into the room to investigate. The committee members enter right as the Slimosaurs explode, and as a result, the whole group is splattered with goo. Everyone is appalled and immediately turns to leave the room, with Francis saying that he wants to get away from this apocalypse now (a reference to Apocalypse Now, a film directed, produced, and co-written by his namesake).