Tail Bowser

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Tail Bowser
Artwork of a Tail Bowser
Artwork of a Tail Bowser in Super Mario 3D Land.
First appearance Super Mario 3D Land (2011)
Latest appearance Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (cameo) (2015)
Variant of Fake Bowser

A Tail Bowser[1] is a fake Bowser powered by a Super Leaf. They first appear in Super Mario 3D Land.


Super Mario 3D Land[edit]

Screenshot of a Tail Bowser from Super Mario 3D Land.

Tail Bowsers first appear in Super Mario 3D Land. They attack much like a fake Bowser from Super Mario Bros., breathing giant fireballs and jumping around the stage, though they do not throw hammers. Only two Tail Bowsers appear: one in World 1-Castle Icon.png and the other in World 5-Castle Icon.png, the latter of which also swings its spiky striped tail to attack and destroy columns. Additionally, they are immune to projectiles. In order to defeat a Tail Bowser, Mario or Luigi has to press a switch at the end of bridge to make it collapse and send the Tail Bowser into the lava. After falling into the lava, Tail Bowsers bounce upwards and show their true forms (a Goomba in World 1, and a Magikoopa in World 5) with a Super Leaf beside them.

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games[edit]

A Tail Bowser as it appears in Mario's Figure Skating Spectacular chasing the real Bowser, Bowser Jr., Dr. Eggman, and Mario.

A Tail Bowser appears as a boss in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, specifically in Mario's Figure Skating Spectacular. The appearances of the stage and its boss are based off Super Mario 3D Land. It chases the team across a giant collapsing bridge, spitting fireballs at them. The team must hit four buttons at the same time to cause the Tail Bowser to fall into lava, where it turns into a Goomba and a Super Leaf.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam[edit]

While a Tail Bowser never appears physically in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, one appears on a Battle Card, taking its design from Super Mario 3D Land.

Game appearances[edit]

Title Description Release Date System/Format
Super Mario 3D Land Boss 2011 Nintendo 3DS
Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Boss 2013 Wii U
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Cameo on Battle Card 2015 Nintendo 3DS

Name in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese しっぽクッパ[2]
Shippo Kuppa
Tail Koopa



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