James Fennimore Koopa

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James Fennimore Koopa is an old Koopa in Dinosaur Dilemma. His name is a pun on "James Fenimore Cooper," a notable author of fiction and nonfiction. He is a member of the Snowbell Prize Committee, which was invited to Bowser's summer home in the Valley of Bowser after Bowser was chosen to receive the Snowbell Prize. James is described as being noticeably old and wrinkly, as well as sporting a pair of spectacles. He is introduced by his chauffeur as he exits his vehicle. Eventually, James, along with the other members of the committee, stumbles across the fight between Mario and the Slimosaurs right as the Slimosaurs explode, causing everyone to be coated in a thick layer of goo. Everyone is disgusted, with James muttering that this is the last weekend that he spends here (a reference to The Last of the Mohicans, a novel written by his namesake), and everyone quickly leaves, despite Bowser's plea to make everyone stay. In most of the events in the fortress that end in a Game Over, Mario and Yoshi are captured and offered to the guests as food.