Vine Scene

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Vine Scene
DKJ Arcade Stage 1 Screenshot.png
Level code Round 1
Game Donkey Kong Jr.
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The Vine Scene,[1] also called the vines[2] or Round 1,[3] is the first level of the game Donkey Kong Jr. It takes place in the jungle. In the Game Boy Donkey Kong, Stage 2-4 resembles it.


The level has Donkey Kong Jr. climbing to the top of the area using the various vines and platforms strewn around to get to the top and free Donkey Kong from the grasp of Mario. However, Mario throws Snapjaws at him, which can climb vines to get him. There is also water at the bottom of the round, which is an instant death if Donkey Kong Jr. falls into it. Donkey Kong Jr. also dies if he falls off a ledge too far above the ground. After Donkey Kong Jr. arrives at the top of the round, he has to get the key and push it into the keyhole, forcing Mario to push the cage further away.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French les vignes[2] the vines
German die Lianen[2] the vines
Italian le liane[2] the vines
Spanish las parras[2] the vines


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