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A mock advertisement for Koopa-Kola
A mock advertisement for Koopa-Kola

Koopa-Kola (or Koopa Kola) is a recurring product in the Super Mario comics of the Nintendo Comics System. According to a quote by Bowser, it comes in both plain and crunchy variety and is "made from REAL coal."

Koopa-Kola is first shown in the episode "Karate Koopa" of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, where it is drunk by Karate Koopa and his minions at a short celebration party. However, it receives little more than a brief mention and is seen only very briefly.

Additionally, Koopa-Kola is mentioned a few times in the Nintendo Adventure Books series. It is featured prominently in Unjust Desserts, where a shrunken Mario finds a particularly large amount of the substance inside Yoshi's stomach. If he tries to swim across, the Koopa-Kola congeals into sticky crystals all over him.


  • Koopa-Kola is likely based on Coca-Cola. This is supported by the fact the advertisement (right) says it is Koopa-Kola Classik, making it distinct from an (implied) New Koopa-Kola as Coca-Cola Classic was distinguished from New Coke.