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“That's no ordinary plumber snake! That's Excalibur, the mightiest tool of good deeds in all of the realm!”
Mervin, "King Mario of Cramalot"
Excalibur, being risen from the lake of Forest of Perpetual Night and Terrible Dangers

The Excalibur is a long, golden plumbing snake that was used by Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "King Mario of Cramalot".

The origin of the Excalibur is unknown, though Mervin the magician seems to have some knowledge of it. The Excalibur is located in a lake in the Forest of Perpetual Night and Terrible Dangers. In "King Mario of Cramalot", the Excalibur is summoned when a bolt of lightning struck the lake it is hidden in; this lightning bolt raises a hand out of the lake, which proceeds to toss the Excalibur to Mario.

Later, Mario uses the Excalibur against King Koopa and his Golden Plumber's Helper; in the end, the Excalibur proves to be more powerful than the Golden Plunger and King Koopa is defeated. What becomes of the Excalibur afterwards is unknown.

The Excalibur seems to possess a wide variety of abilities, by simply touching it, Mario is transformed into Super Mario. The Excalibur can also switch between being very flexible to being stiff and sword-like. The Excalibur can also extend and be used like a grappling line.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Excalibur