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The Spymobile

The Spymobile is a gadget-filled plumber truck that was once used by Mario and Luigi when they became Secret Agents. On the outside, it looks like an ordinary plumbers' truck.

In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "On Her Majesty's Sewer Service", Secret Agent N presented the Spymobile to Mario and Luigi, stating that it packed more firepower than a battleship. However, Mario and Luigi didn't get a demonstration of the Spymobile's capabilities until they drove it to pursue Koopfinger in Spy Land.

While Mario drove, the first feature that Luigi tested was the Plumber Scope, which served as a built-in parascope. Using the plumberscope, Luigi was able to locate Koopfinger's limo.

In order to catch up with Koopfinger, Luigi activated the Plumber Pulsion, which was two shower heads that came out of the back of the Spymobile. By spraying water, the plumber pulsion made the Spymobile move faster.

Although Koopfinger responded by having a Snifit shoot bullets at the Spymobile, Luigi pointed out that the Spymobile's Plumber Windshield is made of Snifit-proof glass. Mario ordered Luigi to fire the Plumber Missiles, which were actually two plungers, at the Snifit, knocking it out.

Koopfinger then sent an Albatoss to blow up the Spymobile with a Bob-omb, but Mario managed Luigi to spray it off with the Plumber Gun, which was a shower head that came out of the roof of the Spymobile.

The Spymobile met its match when Koopfinger ordered an oversized Birdo to pick up the Spymobile, which it took to his hideout. Although Mario and Luigi continued their adventure from that point, the Spymobile was never seen again.