Golden Plumber's Helper (King Mario of Cramalot)

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Golden Plunger
King Koopa wielding the Golden Plumber's Helper

The Golden Plumber's Helper[1] is featured in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "King Mario of Cramalot".

The item was originally located in the town square of Cramalot, wedged inside the sacred sink of Cramalot. It is said that whoever removed it from the sacred sink of Cramalot would gain untold power and be crowned the new king of Cramalot.

Mario, in order to defeat King Koopa, manages to pluck the Golden Plumber's Helper from the sacred sink of Cramalot, though he later has it taken from him by King Koopa. Later, when Mario duels a Helper-wielding King Koopa, he manages to free it from King Koopa's grasp with the Excalibur; what happens to it afterward is unknown.

The full extent of the Golden Plumber's Helper's power is unknown, as the only ability of it that is shown is its power to disintegrate objects.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Sturalavandini d'oro
Gold plunger
Portuguese Desentupidor de Ouro
Golden Plunger


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