George Washingtoad

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George Washingtoad

George Washingtoad is a Toad in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, making an appearance during The Koopas are Coming! The Koopas are Coming!. He is a general fighting against Redcoat Koopa for the freedom of the Thirteen Mushroom Colonies and the Mushroom people. He is also a spoof of George Washington, a revolutionary war general and the first president of the United States of America. The episode contains many quotes said by him that are modified to fit the context, as well as nods to actions that he took during the American Revolutionary War, such as his crossing of the Delaware River.

According to Washingtoad, the war against Redcoat is going terribly for his side, leading him to invite Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad to help him. After the group enters Washingtoad's tent, Redcoat Koopa arrives and freezes everyone, including the rest of Washingtoad's army, using his Ice Scepter. Washingtoad is eventually freed once Mario melts the ice block containing him, and Mario then uses a Fire Flower to free the army.

Washingtoad predicts that Redcoat will attack the area at dawn, and advises for someone to go warn the Mushroom citizens about it. He asks Luigi to ride out on a horse, asking if he is a patriot or a coward when he attempts to avoid the responsibility, though the horse immediately drags him away anyways. Luigi is soon kidnapped by Beezos, and Washingtoad reads out a letter demanding for him to surrender in exchange for Luigi. Though Mario suggests attacking immediately, Washingtoad states that they would be outnumbered if they attempted to attack now, which leads to a plan based around crossing the Delawide River striking Redcoat's army from behind. As they cross the river, Toad gives Washingtoad a coin to throw to the other side of the river, giving them the motivation they need to reach it. They then reach Redcoat Koopa's army and wage battle against him, handily defeating Redcoat's army. During the battle, Washingtoad stops Redcoat as he attempts to attack Luigi, letting Mario use the Ice Scepter and putting an end to the war.

After the war, Washingtoad (having caught a cold during the series of events) declares that Mario and Luigi are "official uncles" of the country.