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Tangerino Grill host
A Toad from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)

The Tangerino Grill host is a character in Paper Mario: Color Splash. He resides in the Tangerino Grill as the host and waiter. He speaks in a stereotypical French accent, matching his stereotypical personality. Most of the time, he resides in the dining area rather than the kitchen, claiming it is due to protocol. He depends heavily on Mario as the one to make food for the Toads and later, the VIP customer.

The Tangerino Grill host can be spoken to as soon as the area becomes available. However, he states that he is waiting for a group that has made a reservation. When the Toad passengers arrive at the Tangerino Grill, Mario walks in to see them sitting angrily in front of empty plates, expecting food. The host is seen panicking in the northwest corner, near the doors to the kitchen. He laments over the lack of food and impatient consumers, unsure of why this is so due to their experienced cooks. He asks Mario to go in and check in on them, claiming he is not supposed to leave his station. He remains in the dining area for some time after this.

Once the Mamma Mia Pizza has been fully prepared, the host enters the kitchen to take it into the dining room. Mario enters in time to see the Toads scarf down the pizza. Mario and the host wait expectantly for some type of reaction. If the Toads are disappointed, Mario must return to the kitchen and repeat the process correctly. If the Toads are satisfied, so is the host. However, when they remember a VIP is still waiting on his entrée, the host asks Mario to go in and make him a satisfying meal. The chef reminds Mario he is not allowed to look directly at the VIP before returning to the kitchen. Though Mario is expected to fail the challenge the first time, the host remains optimistic about Mario being the only one with the potential to satiate him.

After the VIP has left, both the host and the Tangerino Grill Chef enter, with the host informing Mario he has departed for the Sunset Express and left an orange Mini Paint Star as a tip, hinting toward the orange Big Paint Star just up ahead. If spoken to after that, he also reveals the VIP brought Slurp Guys in with him, although they did not leave a sufficient tip. The host is seen alongside the chef and a yellow Toad holding a mixing bowl in the "This Here's Paint Country!" dance.


  • "Bonjour, monsieur. Do you 'ave a réservation at zis restaurant? It may look like we 'ave space, but we are expecting a large party who MADE A RÉSERVATION. I'm sure zey will be here any moment now... I heard their train was stopped at Kiwano Temple."
  • "It seems like ze train got held up at Kiwano Temple."
  • "Ze kitchen is off limits right now. Our chef is making le magic happen."
  • "Oh, Monsieur Mario! Zis is bad! Awful! Catastrophic!"
  • "Ze customers finally arrived, but ze food is nowhere to be found!"
  • "I zink not! We have an elite crew of ze most-skilled food preparers working alongside our head chef!"
  • "Perhaps zey are overwhelmed with orders? Or perhaps culinary disaster has struck? A collapsed soufflé or...an unbaked alaska?!"
  • "In any case, proper protocol dictates zat I cannot leave my station!"
  • "Monsieur Mario, please check ze kitchen! I beg of you! Ze future of our establishment depends on you!"
  • "Monsieur Mario, please investigate ze kitchen situation! I beg you!"
  • "Monsieur Mario, ze food...?! WHERE IS ZE VONDERFUL FOOD?!"
  • "Ze Mamma Mia Pizza is ready? Oh, such vonderment!"
  • "I'll get it out zere to ze customers!"
  • "Here goes nussing..."
  • "Bonjour, guests! Zank you for your patience!"
  • "Please enjoy Chef Mario's special...ze Mamma Mia Pizza!"
  • "Zis doesn't look good... NOOOO! Zis is worse than anchovies! You topped ze pizza with failure!"
  • "Mario, you have to remake it! S'il vous plaît!"
  • "Well, everyone... How does it taste?"
  • "Ze VIP customer is waiting not-so-patiently in zis room..."
  • "Is it your belief zat you are capable of creating a meal zat will satisfy our very particular VIP client?"
  • "I see. Well zen, if you don't zink zat you are ready, zen you are not ready! I shall wait 'ere, if you 'appen to change your mind."
  • "Very well zen. I vil show you ze way. Good luck."
  • "Ze VIP is in 'ere. Please talk to him through ze curtain. One of ze VIP services we provide is a complete lack of eye contact."
  • "You are ze only one who has even ze slightest chance of satisfying our VIP customer, monsieur!"
  • "Ze VIP was très satisfied when he finished eating ze food. He is transferring to ze Sunset Express after zis."
  • "Ze big star is waiting for you up ahead, but it looks like zat little star is ready for you right now!"
  • "Zat VIP brought a whole crowd of friends with straws in their mouths, and everyone left satisfied."
  • "I hoped zat zey would leave a...razzer generous top but, eh...not so much. Maybe my landlord will accept a star and half zis month..."
  • "Mario, zank you for all your 'elp. I wish you continued luck in courting Princess Peach..."