Fuzzy Stack

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Color Splash enemy
Fuzzy Stack
A Fuzzy Stack from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Location(s) Toad Trainworks, Sunset Express, Redpepper Volcano
Type Stack
Role Common
HP 2 (per Fuzzy)
Strong None
Weak None
Moves Attack (8 per Fuzzy, (decreases as stack decreases)), Blowback Attack (20)
Enemy class ENEMY_ZAKO_LV1
Card probability 3

A Fuzzy card from Paper Mario: Color Splash


Stack: "Eight is great!" > "Divided we stand!" > "We're still in this thing!" > "So lonely..."

Dropped items
Hammer Scraps 5
Red paint 12
Yellow paint 12
Blue paint 12
Orange paint 6
Green paint 6
Purple paint 6

Fuzzy Stacks are a type of enemy appearing in Paper Mario: Color Splash. A stack of Fuzzies forms when multiple Fuzzies group up, forming a stack. They only appear as a stack of eight Fuzzies, though they can multiply if they are not defeated in one attack. Unlike most stack enemies in the game, Fuzzy Stacks do not have the number of enemies making up the stack in their name. A single Fuzzy Stack appears in Toad Trainworks, and they also appear in Redpepper Volcano.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チョロボン8
Chorobon 8
Fuzzy 8

French (NOE) Pile de Fuzzy
Stack of Fuzzies
German Fuzzy-Stapel
Fuzzy Stack
Italian Mazzo di Stordini
Fuzzies Stack
Portuguese Pilha de Carracitas
Stack of Fuzzies
Russian Пачка лохматиков
Pachka lokhmatikov
Pack of Fuzzies

Spanish (NOA) Mazo de fuzzys
Pack of Fuzzies