Bloo Bay Beach

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Bloo Bay Beach
PMCS Bloo Bay Beach Mario and Huey relaxing.png

Mario and Huey resting.

How to access Obtain the blue Mini Paint Star from Cherry Lake or Indigo Underground
Paint Stars MiniYellowPaintStarIcon.png
Colorless spots 38
Things None
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“Do you smell that salty breeze? We must be close to the sea.”
Huey, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Bloo Bay Beach is a location from Paper Mario: Color Splash. The path leading here is unlocked after getting the blue Mini Paint Star from either Cherry Lake or Indigo Underground, and completing it unlocks a path to Sunglow Ridge. Collecting the blue Mini Paint Star in Plum Park also leads to this level, but since it cannot be accessed without having completed Bloo Bay Beach, this path's only purpose is to serve as a shortcut on the world map. Surfing Kinopio can be found here.


After entering Bloo Bay Beach, a Toad tells Mario about Oceanfest. Huey is surprised that the Toads are partying when the Big Paint Stars are missing, and tells Mario to look for the Mini Paint Star. Mario can then explore the outskirts of the beach, which has many Koopa Troopas. Inside a cave, a Toad is looking for a secret pirate treasure, which Mario can reveal by hammering a vine and pulling on it. Exiting the cave, Huey admires the view. Mario can also talk to Surfing Kinopio, a blue Toad in a boat who is preparing to sail to the edge of the world.

Oceanfest begins, and by going south, Mario enters an area with many Cheep Cheeps jumping out of the water. When Mario arrives at Oceanfest, he can go behind the cafe to find Luigi in the shower, and use Cutout for a coin bonus. He must participate in the Toad and Go Seek game and find the Five Fun Guys. They are located behind the cafe barista, in a tree, buried in the sand, in a shell, and in a lump of sand. Once all Five Fun Guys have been found, Mario can play Toad Shuffle, in which a key is given to one of the five. Mario must use his Paint Hammer and paint the Toad with the key, making them easier to keep track of. However, Mario's guess is still incorrect, and Huey calls out the Toad organizing the event, who apologizes and gives Mario the key.

Mario is allowed access to Blissful Beach. He and Huey can relax on two beach chairs while the Five Fun Guys dance, restoring Mario's HP. Mario then must hop across beach umbrellas to reach the yellow Mini Paint Star. Before getting it, he can use Cutout to go even further to the right, and recruit the third Toad of the purple Rescue Squad. Collecting the Mini Paint Star grants access to Sunglow Ridge.

When Mario returns to Bloo Bay Beach, he finds that Surfing Kinopio has been shipwrecked. He can use Cutout on a nearby rock and insert the Fan Thing, which creates a large wave. Surfing Kinopio's ship is sunk and he starts surfing using a single plank of wood, making it back to shore. He decides to be a "surfing legend" until the wave approaches, and he uses his powers to freeze it. Surfing Kinopio then wonders what to do with his powers. If Mario has previously visited the Crimson Tower, he can tell Surfing Kinopio about the gateway, and he will accept his destiny as a Chosen Toad, then leave Bloo Bay Beach and go to the tower.


Required Thing(s)[edit]

  • Fan (to help Surfing Kinopio get back to shore during Mario's second visit)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アイキキビーチ
Aikiki Bīchi
Aikiki Beach. 「アイ」 derives from 「藍」, meaning "indigo".
Spanish Playa Tintañil Indigo-Ink Beach (Tintañil is a pun; tinta means ink while añil means indigo)
French Plage Lapilazuli Lapis-lazuli Beach
Dutch Blauwbaai Blue Bay
German Azurbucht Azure Bay
Portuguese Praia da Baía Azul Blue Bay Beach
Russian Лазурная лагуна
Lazurnaya laguna
Azure Lagoon


  • The "Toad-and-Go-Seek" event shares its name with a certain minigame from Mario Party 9. It is unknown whether this was an intended reference or a mere coincidence.