Bloo Bay Beach

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Bloo Bay Beach
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Mario and Huey resting.

How to access Obtain the blue Mini Paint Star from Cherry Lake or Indigo Underground
Paint Stars MiniYellowPaintStarIcon.png
Colorless spots 38
Things None
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Bloo Bay Beach is a location from Paper Mario: Color Splash. The path leading here is unlocked after getting the blue Mini Paint Star from either Cherry Lake or Indigo Underground, and completing it unlocks a path to Sunglow Ridge. Collecting the blue Mini Paint Star in Plum Park also leads to this level, but since it cannot be accessed without having completed Bloo Bay Beach, this path's only purpose is to serve as a shortcut on the world map.


When Mario arrives, a Toad informs him about the big festival going on, Oceanfest. After exploring the outskirts of the beach, someone will announce that Oceanfest is starting, so Mario is let into the path there. When he gets there, he gets involved in the events that are going on. First, Mario has to play "Toad-and-Go Seek" with the festival's quintuplet of supporting hosts, The Five Fun Guys. After Mario beats the first game, he participates in the second game, "Toad Shuffle". Mario has to pick the Fun Guy with the key to Blissful Beach. However, the game is a scam. The Toads will always move the key around. Even when Mario paints the correct Toad's head, the key is still in another Toad's possession. If Mario did paint the correct Toad's head, then Huey will point out that it is obvious that Mario picked the right one. The host will confess, and provide the key. Before getting the yellow Mini Paint Star, Mario has to recruit one of the Purple Rescue Squad Toads on a secluded island to the side.

The next time Mario goes to Bloo Bay Beach, many of the Toads there are worried because a Blue Toad is stranded in the middle of the ocean on a broken boat. After Mario uses the Fan Thing, it blows the water on the Toad. However, he comes up on a wooden plank and surfs his way back. On the way, it is revealed that he has the key-shaped horn on his head, common to all of the Chosen Toads. After the waves are about to swallow Mario, the Blue Toad freezes them in their tracks. He then goes to wait at The Crimson Tower.

Luigi can be found in the outhouse behind the café, with Huey wondering if he was a green cosplayer.


Required Thing(s)[edit]

  • Fan (to help the Blue Toad get back to shore during Mario's second visit)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アイキキビーチ
Aikiki Bīchi
Aikiki Beach. 「アイ」 derives from 「藍」, meaning "indigo".
Spanish Playa Tintañil Indigo-Ink Beach (Tintañil is a pun; tinta means ink while añil means indigo)
French Plage Lapilazuli Lapis-lazuli Beach
Dutch Blauwbaai Blue Bay
German Azurbucht Azure Bay
Portuguese Praia da Baía Azul Blue Bay Beach
Russian Лазурная лагуна
Lazurnaya laguna
Azure Lagoon


  • The "Toad-and-Go-Seek" event shares its name with a certain minigame from Mario Party 9. It is unknown whether this was an intended reference or a mere coincidence.