Toad and Go Seek

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This article is about the minigame in Mario Party 9. For the Five Fun Guys' challenge in Paper Mario: Color Splash, see Five Fun Guys § History.
Toad and Go Seek
Toad and Go Seek
Appears in Mario Party 9
Type Free-for-All minigame
Music track Fun Times
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Toad and Go Seek is a Free-for-All minigame featured in Mario Party 9. The minigame's name and gameplay are based on the children's game hide and go seek, also known as hide-and-seek.


The players stand in a square, turning their heads as if they are looking around. Then, a video of a blue Toad running into a Toad House is played.


Birdo finding the Toad

Players try to be the first to successfully find the house with the Toad in it, with the rest of the houses being occupied by Goombas. Players run around, knocking on doors. If players carefully watched the video of the Toad, there is little to no guesswork involved.

There is a two-minute time limit for this minigame. If the players do not find the right Toad House within a minute, a map appears to help them out.

In the Step It Up version of this minigame, the camera zooms into the player who found the Toad first.

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Remember which house Toad enters, then be the first to pay him a visit!"
  • Controls"Hold the Wii Remote sideways. Press +Control Pad to move and Two Button to knock on a door while standing in front of a Toad House."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さがしてキノピオ
Sagashite kinopio
Search Toad
Chinese 奇諾比奧躲貓貓
Qínuòbǐ'ào duǒ māo māo
Toad Hide-and-Seek
French Toc, toc, Toad ! Knock, knock, Toad!
German Toad-Versteckspiel Toad Hide-and-seek
Italian A casa di Toad To Toad's house
Spanish Escondite Toad Toad Hide-and-Seek