Diddy's Banana Blast

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Diddy's Banana Blast
MP9 Diddy's Banana Blast.png
Appears in Mario Party 9
Type Boss minigame
Time limit 20 seconds
Music track So Many Bananas!
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Diddy's Banana Blast is a boss minigame in Mario Party 9. Unlike other boss minigames, this and DK's Banana Bonus are more of bonus minigames rather than boss minigames, but they are still categorized as such. Additionally, the players play only this boss minigame and DK's Banana Bonus every time they play on DK's Jungle Ruins, instead of picking between three other boss minigames. The same happens on Bowser Station.


Diddy begins cheering on top of a temple. The players then launch themselves from their current cannons, and the bananas fly in.


The goal of the minigame is to collect as many bananas as possible before the time or bananas themselves run out. Players collect bananas by launching themselves at them using the Barrel Cannons surrounding the stage. Players who run into each other are temporarily dazed and sent falling into one of the Barrel Cannons on the bottom of the area.

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Wait for the right angle, and launch out of the swaying Barrel Cannons to grab as many bananas as you can!"
  • Controls"Hold the Wii Remote sideways. Press Two Button to launch yourself out of the Barrel Cannons."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ディディーコングのパニックバナナバトル
Didī Kongu no Panikku Banana Batoru
Diddy Kong's Panic Banana Battle
Chinese 狄狄剛的驚慌香蕉爭奪戰
Dídí Gāng de jīnghuāng xiāngjiāo zhēngduó zhàn
Diddy Kong's Panic Banana Battle
French (NOA) Bananes au max chez Diddy Diddy's bananas max
French (NOE) Bananes en folie chez Diddy Diddy's bananas folly
Italian Le Banane di Diddy Kong Diddy Kong's Bananas
Spanish (NOA) Los Platanos de Diddy Kong Diddy Kong's Bananas
Spanish (NOE) El templo platanero de Diddy Kong Diddy Kong's Banana Temple