DK's Jungle Ruins

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Not to be confused with DK's Jungle Adventure.
DK's Jungle Ruins
DK's Jungle Ruins
Appears in Mario Party 9
Availability Unlockable by purchasing it for 500 Party Points in the Museum
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DK's Jungle Ruins is the seventh board featured in Mario Party 9, and can be unlocked by purchasing it from the Museum for 500 Party Points. This board is not playable in Solo mode, and is considerably different from the other six boards. This board appears to be heavily inspired by the game Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Instead of Mini Stars, players compete to acquire the most Bananas, and instead of Mini Ztars, players lose Bananas if they collect Z-Bananas.

Since this board is operated by Donkey Kong, games are played with the Kongs instead of boss battles happening. Diddy Kong has his own game instead of a mid-boss battle, and DK himself also has his instead of a final boss battle. However, Bowser will still enter the scene to add Bowser Spaces after the players meet with the green Toad. No Bowser Jr. Spaces are present, even if three or four players are playing. The Barrel Roller is the starting vehicle. The Jungle Junker and the DK's Banana Slider are unlockable.


This board is a circle with no branching paths, much like Bowser Station. It is different in that the players complete two laps around the board, stopping at the same Boss Space to play games with both Diddy Kong and later Donkey Kong.

To further set it apart from other boards, in DK's Jungle Ruins Bananas, Banana Bunches worth three Bananas, Z-Bananas, and Z-Banana Bunches hover over each space instead of between spaces where Mini Stars and Mini Ztars tend to reside.

This is the only board to feature DK Spaces in Mario Party 9. Here, they activate the Banana Spin Wheel, which causes the Bananas and Z-Bananas in the board to spin around in a circle, and the captain who landed on the space can jump to collect Bananas as they pass.

The Captain Event here is Barrel Choice, which is played twice since the players make two laps.

The characters ride a car on this board. The vehicle available when the board is unlocked is the Barrel Roller. The Jungle Junker and DK's Banana Slider can be purchased from the Museum for 200 Party Points each.

This is the only board to not feature Green Spaces, as well as the only one along with Bowser Station to not feature Event Spaces.

Barrel Choice[edit]

In this Captain Event the players watch as barrels are filled with varying amounts of Bananas and then shuffled. The captain then chooses which player claims which barrel.

The first time this Captain Event is played, Diddy Kong attempts to distract the captain from watching as the barrels are shuffled. During the second time, both Diddy and Donkey Kong play this role, and one of the barrels is filled with Z-Bananas.

Diddy Kong Minigame[edit]

Although this is not a fight, Diddy Kong asks the players to play a game with him. This game is Diddy's Banana Blast, in which the players launch themselves out of swaying Barrel Cannons that surround an area filled with Bananas in an attempt to collect the most. Unlike most Mario Party 9 minigames, in which the number of Mini Stars awarded for each place is predetermined, players earn as many Bananas as they collect. If players crash into each other, they fall back into a nearby Barrel Cannon and are momentarily stunned.

Donkey Kong Minigame[edit]

Like Diddy, Donkey Kong presents the players with a challenge rather than engage them in battle. This minigame, called DK's Banana Bonus, is somewhat similar to Diddy's, although the players must launch themselves from Barrel Cannons on the bottom of the field to collect Bananas in the air. DK throws floating Barrel Cannons into the area that the players can use to launch themselves even higher into in order to reach Bananas hovering there.


Type Number
Dice Space
Special Dice Block Spaces
Forward Space
Dash Spaces
Back Space
Back Spaces
Shuffle Space
Shuffle Spaces
Lucky Space
Lucky Spaces
Bowser Space
Bowser Spaces
Free-for-All Space
Free-for-All Spaces
1-Vs-3 Space
1-Vs-3 Spaces
MP9 DK Space.png
DK Space
Captain Event Space
Captain Event Spaces
Boss Space
Boss Battle Spaces
Total 27


Mario Party 9[edit]

  • North American website bio: "Explore an ancient temple as you collect bananas in this secret stage that features Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong."


Names in other languages[edit]

DK's Jungle Ruins[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese DKジャングル
Dīkē Janguru
DK Jungle

Chinese (simplified) DK 森林废墟
DK sēnlín fèixū
DK Jungle Ruins

Chinese (traditional) DK 森林廢墟
DK sēnlín fèixū
DK Jungle Ruins

French Jungle DK
DK Jungle
German Donkey Kongs Dschungelruinen
Donkey Kong's Jungle Ruins
Italian Le rovine nella giungla di DK
The ruins in the jungle of DK
Korean DK 정글
DK Jeongeul
DK Jungle

Spanish Jungla Kong
Kong Jungle

Barrel Roller[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タルカー
Taru Kā
Barrel Car

Jungle Junker[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サバイバルカー
Sabaibaru Kā
Survival Car

DK's Banana Slider[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese DKバナナカー
Dīkē Banana Kā
DK Banana Car


  • The starting vehicle for this board (the Barrel Roller) is similar in appearance to the DK Jumbo, a kart from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. The Jungle Junker also bears a resemblance to the Wildlife kart from Mario Kart DS, except that it is brown instead of green and has an emblem of a Banana Bunch on the hood instead of Donkey Kong's initials.
  • If a player gets zero bananas whether from their move or the spin, they will do their sad pose but the counter will do the positive jingle.