Bowser Gate

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The Bowser Gate at the end of Toad Road
“But be careful! One of Bowser's minions is guarding the Mini Stars beyond the Bowser Gate.”
Toad, Mario Party 9

Bowser Gates are giant gates that appear in Mario Party 9 in front of the final Boss Battle Space at the end of each board, except for DK's Jungle Ruins. On most boards with few exceptions, the gate can be passed through regularly, and once that is done, the players must face a boss. The gate in Boo's Horror Castle, however, has a blockade blocking access through the gate that has the number six on it. If that number or higher is rolled, the blockade crumbles and the players can go through. If not, the number decreases by two and the players have to make another loop around the board's final section to try again. In Bowser Station, the Bowser Gate does not initially appear until after Bowser Jr. is defeated. When that happens, Bowser creates a Boss Battle Space at the start of the board and summons a Bowser Gate.